How to Brand Yourself – How to Brand Your Business for Fun and Profit

How to Brand Yourself – How to Brand Your Business for Fun and Profit

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

In this video, I am going to tell you why branding yourself, even if it pisses people off, ain’t nothing but money. You’ve got to decide, who am I selling to? Who is my tribe?

My tribe is 25 to 45-year-old males who are tired of being fucked over by the world, who are disenfranchised, who don’t make enough money, who don’t feel like men. They come here to get politically incorrect language about life from someone who has been there.

I know what it’s like to be hungry. I know what it’s like to be broke. I know what it’s like to have so many people disrespect you because you are not performing at your potential. I know what that feels like, so I can bring that language to you. That’s part of my brand of authenticity.

I’m going to tell you about the power of branding and why pissing off people who aren’t your target audience ain’t nothing but money.

One of the things you have to do to create a business that will beckon for money is you must brand yourself. It’s not something that’s optional. It’s necessary.

Alright, let’s talk about me pissing off a bunch of people when I said you’re trying to fuck with no pussy. This is what that accomplished. It did piss off a lot of people. I want to piss off a lot of people to get rid of them because they aren’t my target audience. They aren’t going to buy in or subscribe to my philosophy. It’s just that simple. It isn’t a hate thing. It’s a practicality thing.

I never intentionally branded myself until I came up with Hustler’s Kung Fu. The we added Hustler’s kung FU Life Skills and Hustler’s DOJO. It works. How does that help you? There are many people seeking mentors. I have a lot of mentors.

The first mentor I have is the marketplace. I look at what you do and what you don’t do. I relentlessly test on my personal Facebook page. I was testing quite a bit on my Facebook fan page.

There are various people in the world. I read their books. I looked at their businesses. They became my virtual mentors. I never met any of these people. I just reverse engineered what I thought they did to the best of my ability and applied those lessons to my business.

And it worked. I teach you what I’m doing. I have no fear of teaching you what I’m doing is because I know most of you are so fucking lazy that you’re not going to put in the hard work to be competitive with me. came onboard last year in August. It’s going to stay onboard because it works and it’s cool. Plus, it alienates a certain group of people intentionally. Yes, I intentionally want to chase people off. I have folks constantly leaving comments and these folks don’t have a business and they’re telling me how to run mine.

I’m running the business. I’m not going to listen to you if you don’t have a business, because you’re just talking out of your ass.

You should start a business. You should start testing, implementing and putting stuff into the marketplace. This is the most important reason why, because you are going to get feedback.

When you have a company and you’re trying to sell the everyone, you’re not selling anyone, because your message isn’t sharp enough. Whether you like me or not, my message is really sharp. It’s really blunt. You’re either going to be highly offended or you are going to be highly turned on. There’s no middle ground with me. That’s by design.

I’m not trying to win every person on the planet over. That’s not my goal. My goal is to help two groups of people. One the one side – there’s going to be my special clients. There’s going to be 30, 40 or 50 people that I want to help in the next four years make a million-dollar business. Then the other group is a few thousand people who are going to go through Hustler’s Kung Fu Life Skills. Then they are going to go to the DOJO and then some are going to trickle out and become high-end clients.

I’m giving you a branding lesson. When I say…you’re trying to fuck without a pussy, you’re never going to forget me. I’m in this for the long game and that’s part of branding. Branding is the long game.

Today I may offend the shit out of you, right? You may go through some lumps. You may have some shit happen to you. Then, two years down the road, you’re like…”Oh, that Motherfucker was talking about fucking with no pussy. I understand. Then they come back to the channel and go through the courses.  All of a sudden, they are a customer.

Branding makes you memorable. If you’re not branded, you’re just a commodity like everybody that sells on EBay and Amazon. When I buy a product from EBay or Amazon, I don’t mention the seller. I say, I just got this off EBay. Why? Because EBay and Amazon are the brand.

Unless you have your own website and you’re selling directly to customers, you have no brand.

To be branded, you’re going to have to have your own website, your own internet properties, your own lingo. I have a lot of lingo. It’s just me. Things like trying to fuck with no pussy, Hustler’s Kung Fu, manage your money or your money will manage you, from the rooter to the tooter. You’re just a scared little bitch. That’s me. That’s the brand, and it’s memorable. It grows and it grows and it starts to build.

You have to make a decision for your brand. Who are you selling to? Who is your tribe?

I know that I have to brand myself. That I have to have certain symbols, certain images. That’s why you’re going to see the quality of the thumbnails and videos go up.

Branding yourself means you have to make a few decisions.

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. Who are you?
  3. What are you trying to sell?
  4. What are you trying to achieve?

You’ve got to know the answers to those questions so well that if someone woke you up in the middle of the night, you could answer the questions on the spot out of a dead sleep.

Brand your business. If you are starting out with YouTube, get the best damn camera you can. Do your thing bigger and better than everyone else.

Brand yourself. Draw out your logo. Decide on company colors. Get yourself from gear. That is going to separate you from everyone else. It is extremely important.

The sooner you make firm decisions, the sooner you get your brand rolling.

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  1. cool stuff, Glendon! in this harsh marketplace, we men have got to be harsh, let alone the fact that you’re a successful African in America, that alone pisses a lot of people, right? Keep moving!

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