How to Create Content Online That Makes Money

How to Create Content Online That Makes Money

One of the big things that so many people have a problem with is a lack of patience when making money online. The first rule if you create content, is that you’re looking at three months to a year before it makes money.My content creation process was roughly 4 ½ months and it took a lot of time.I’m going to create a group, a video school.You’re going to get video school and “How to create video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that actually makes money. There are many people coming from the school of thought that creating content is about giving value and you don’t ask for money. If that works for you – fine. I didn’t do any of that. But, there is a better, more comprehensive plan, because I didn’t do any of that. I have been making the majority of my income from video marketing since 2009. I’ve been asking for the money, asking for the sale since 2009. I’m going to teach you how to do that stuff. Plus, you’ll get to see the creation and development of the video school. Now, what is that? It’s for people wanting to start a YouTube channel who don’t know where to start. You’ll get this book – Inbound Video Marketing. You’ll get that information and more.

Then, there are many people who come in asking, how do I write a book? I want to write eBooks. I’ll be talking about that in the creative group. Then there’s blogs – I’ll be talking about that in the creative group. I’ll also talk about creating online courses and YouTube and websites in the creative group. This is a micro launch. After today, all of the Mack Daddy Media content is going through the Mack Daddy channel. I’m building this out for something much bigger.

The YouTube special is $150 per month or $750 for the year. You have two choices. It’s not going to change anytime soon.It’s all about doing what I’ve done with this YouTube channel for various things. There’s so many things that no one else is doing this process with.The Mack Daddy Creative Group is going to be a creative group. We’re going to be talking about all things creative. We’re not going to be talking about any of the Hustler stuff.Tomorrow we will be getting information out for the Business School for Hustler.

One of the things with creating video is the planning aspect which takes a lot of time and research. We’re going to walk everybody through that process because it’s going to be really fun.After today, I’m going to start building out Mack Daddy Media, the YouTube channel. If you want that, you have to go to the Mack Daddy Media channel.I don’t really do 1 on 1 consulting anymore. I’ll do a lot of group training and boot camps. I like the bigger projects. They are more fun. Works better for me.Another thing that is going to happen is that you’ll get to watch me build out Mack Daddy Media.

Media companies are the lobbyists of the Internet. If you know anything about Washington, lobbyists run Washington. All these companies who put out content, they are sharing narratives, creating outcomes and selling billions of dollars’ worth of products.

If you want to be a blogger, a writer, a YouTuber, or one of these people who make money from social media or online assets, the Mack Daddy Creative Groups is going to be for you. If you want to be part of it, the price is $150 per month. I’ll tell you why it costs $150 per month. There is so much that goes on with updates and changes in video if you want to make money with video. If you want to be a speaker, you don’t need this. I don’t want to do that.

Subscribe to Mack Daddy Media in the chat. Then, you’ll get to see a lot of stuff you won’t see in this channel. This channel will get back to pure hustling. Then, there’s going to be another channel on advanced business tactics and some more stuff.

Links are below for those who want to join the school.

If you join the group, if you’re trying to build an online business, I’m going to put out purposeful content that you need to take action on to benefit from.

One of the things you’ll get to see if you’re in the group is how if you build out your Internet properties correctly, you can make a lot of money and you don’t have to travel.

Mack Daddy Media is going to be very local. It’s going to be a physical company with an office. You’ll get to see behind the scenes stuff.

I’m going after local businesses. No one is talking to these people. I’m going to use post cards and say… How would you like to improve your video marketing presence using video?

With the prices I charge, if I get 1 client a month, it works.

I’ll talk about the philosophy of that.

What’s happening is that everybody is running online with false expectations and wondering why they’re not successful. For every 100 people that start doing Facebook, Snapchat, or whatever, 1000 people give up and say, “Fuck it.”

I see so many people trying to make money online without talking to anybody without creating workable solutions.

Tomorrow…we get back to the Business School of Hustling.


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