How to Get Cash for Your Business – How to Bootstrap Your Business – Finding Money for Your Business

How to Get Cash for Your Business – How to Bootstrap Your Business – Finding Money for Your Business

You can read this summary of this video, well you can watch it as well to get  four times the impact. In fact watch the video 3-4 times to get the full dosage of information.

As we sit here and we talk about this stuff, I see people who accept defeat before the battle even begins.

It’s insane. So many people capable of doing so many things. They don’t believe in the value of hard work. Two good books on the subject are: How Children Are Successful and Helping You with Success


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I see a trend. When I speak of social issues, people want to debate me on social responsibility. People want to debate me on the value of hard work. Typically, you can’t win if you are going to ignore things that are proven. Here’s my story. I am a self-made person. The books, the storage auction business, I bootstrapped it. I’ll tell you that when I started Conundrum Media, it was $289 and a bunch of hard work.

Let’s get in a time machine and go back to 2009. I was meeting people at a favorite lounge called Vino Libro, a bar I hung out at. I’d tell people, “You should start a YouTube channel. Self-publishing is the shit. Hey, you should do this.” People would ask me if I could guarantee results. I’d say “No. That’s part of the fun.” People looked at me like I was crazy. People talked shit about me.

This is the thing. If you’re not feeling technology, you’re putting your family at a disadvantage. It is the great equalizer. This creates so much drive and energy.

Once again, let’s go back to the time machine to 2009. I’m talking to people, trying to educate them, trying to put this together. But, no one is interested because of no definitive payoff in the end. That’s the problem for many people. That kind of mindset will keep you poor. It will keep you disenfranchised.


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Let’s talk about hard work. Let’s talk about working in the dark.

I wrote my first book. I had no clue how it was going to turn out. I had hopes. I had plans. I had ambition. I had a certain mindset of how I wanted it to happen.

I didn’t know I was operating on faith. Not religious faith. I’d say to myself, “I know this stuff is going to be successful, I just don’t know when.”

Stop saying bootstrapping is a nasty word. People hate the fact that I am evidence of many of the things I say.

As long as it is just one theory, we can go back and forth all day.

I am giving you fact.

Bootstrap, this is fact.

Bootstrap Upscale Garage Sale – fact.

Bootstrap GC Solution Furniture Company – Fact

This is what’s going to happen. In the beginning, it is extremely hard work, long hours. You will be poor while working harder that you ever did before.

Many people say, I can’t do it.

I asked them, would you rather do it by force or choice?

Google this guy, Dr. Andrew McAfee. He’s a MIT professor. He and his partner study employment. He’s been on 60 Minutes and has done TED talks. He says there are not going to be jobs for a lot of people in the near future. There will always be jobs, but not nearly as many.

For example, GE at one point employed 1 million people for a billion-dollar company. Delta employs 80,000 worldwide and is a $80 billion company. Uber hires contractors and is a $50 billion company. Airbnb owns no property. You’re having people with the ability to make crazy money. This is the new economy. This is App income.

The guy who owns Uber could probably light up a $100 bill every second and not make a dent in his fortune before he dies.  

This is what the economy is producing. When you’re saying, I can’t bootstrap business, you’re missing some opportunities.

Essentially, you can bootstrap a business. I can’t give you an outcome. You might not make it. But, you take those lessons to the next opportunity. Each failure gives you data for the journey.

You’re delaying your success, if you aren’t willing to fail.

It used to take three to five years for a business to get to a certain level of income. No more. In roughly 24 to 36 months, you can seriously cash in.

When I wrote my first book in the summer of 2009, my trajectory was roughly a year. Some days I’d put up five videos. My partner questioned me. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

I said, “Yes.”


I said I don’t know. That was my answer.

I have tons of faith in myself. I will put something on a sheet of paper for today. Here’s my goals for the day. I’ll execute and it falls flat. Then I’ll say, what did I do wrong. I’m not bitching, moaning, whining or crying. That’s not going to solve a damn thing.

When you hold yourself accountable, you become “God-like” in your power to change your life and in your ability to create change in the lives of other people.

Taking responsibility for my success, that’s what bootstrapping is. I am not borrowing any money. I don’t want anyone to go into debt to buy my course. I think that’s irresponsible. That’s why I changed the pricing.

Let’s talk about working in the dark. I work in the dark a lot, trying new stuff, putting it out there, testing stuff. This is the reason I test so many things. When I put something out and I get feedback, I have numbers to my success. Which is roughly 20 percent, sometimes it’s 30 percent. Or, if I want 90 things to win, I have to do 300 execution points based on my success rate. That’s what I have to do.

Today, I want you to think of ways to bootstrap your idea. Bootstrapping is starting with little or no money. You want to do the unknown. Let’s take a time machine to 2009. I write this book. I had no clue the shows were coming. This was my plan. I’d make 50K and get maybe a book deal. I was operating 100 percent in the dark.

I submitted my manuscript to my first editor. He said this is some “fucked up” shit. I took the shit back to work on it. Then I started hustling, pushing and executing, hustling, pushing and executing. Then I got to the point, I was making some money. Then the show comes on. This isn’t about my good fortune. My point is, when you do stuff that is unknown, you will have a higher level of benefits than doing the safe shit.

There is progress in struggle. You build your struggle number. You don’t give up. Many people are avoiding the struggle.


I thought I’d give you an idea about my consulting business.

I’m not doing any eBay consulting. I hate eBay.

No, I don’t do Amazon consulting. I’m the guy that believes in using your own internet assets, not using someone else’s.

I am a strategist. I am a growth person. I create a growth map to get you from point A to point B.

The Internet is a separate business. It’s a different animal. I help you with answers for what are we going to do and what we can do.

I’m the guy that can show you the way.

This is what you need before you call me. Ask yourself what kind of life you want. If you are more into systems without lifestyle planning, then I can’t work for you. One of the beauties of having a lifestyle plan – I’m going to help you have a better life.

How do I get paid? By hour or by project. Or I can work for an equity split. Currently I am not accepting anymore long term clients.  However, if you want to attend a bootcamps, be part of a live stream get on this Hustler Kung Fu Live email  special offers and much much more!

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