How to Make Money in a World Full of Crazy

How to Make Money in a World Full of Crazy

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I’m talking about recent events and how you can deal with the craziness besieging America. Racism is a byproduct for the fight for economics and resources. We’ve got a lot of problems going on in this country. We’re being pushed back to the Stone Ages.

If you’re a business person, focus 100 % on your business. Don’t worry about this stuff. I limit my Facebook fuckery. Align yourself with your audience, your marketplace to the point that when they twitch, you know about it.

The secret sauce in these videos is “Do the Work.”

Pick up your phone and call your customers. Nobody does that.

It is amazing how many people are freaking out now. You have to be focused on your business. If you focus on your business, you will make money.

90 % of business is done offline. You’re going to make money if you serve your customer.

Without the legal structure of an LLC or Corporation, all your personal assets are at risk.

Focus really really hard.

Let’s go back to 2009. We were in a recession. It was the worst recession in history, since the Great Depression. But I thrived. Why? Because I told customers how to make money.

I recommend that you don’t watch the news, but that you read it. Why? Because the print spin is easier to manage.

When there is fuckery, there is money in it.

There was respect for the presidency until Obama. Then it all changed. When you are in Crazy land, Crazy land laws govern.

Like being honorable with someone who is not honorable can cost you your life.

If you’re on your game, you can make so much money.

Question: What kind of focus should I have when the house is burning down?

Answer: First, get out of the burning house. Focus on things that make you money. Let’s say you’re doing Internet Marketing. Forget Facebook. Create a direct response marketing mechanism. You put out content and send it to people. They respond. It’s the quickest way to make money.

Parts of the house are burning down. We do have fires all over the place. Let’s be clear. The country is not in flames yet. This isn’t about racism, although it’s part of it. It’s about a dictatorship. A dictator says if you’re with me you’re cool, if you’re not with me, off with your head. We’re a long way from that.

But seeds are being planted and people are ignoring them. As a business owner, when you have some success, you get to choose a better neighborhood, and choose a better opportunity. Your circle of friends changes. To a degree, you’ll be insulated from all the bullshit.

If you’re the average person barely making it or you have parents on Medicaid, they’re going to get crushed. At some point, you’re going to need money. You’re going to need to prepare yourself. The more money you have, the less this stuff is going to bother you, unless you’re an immigrant. There is a lot of backlash against successful immigrants, because people think they don’t work hard. Some ignorant people think they were given secret government loans.

It’s crazy. These people risk their life to come here. They pool their money to help each other start businesses.

When you allow this level of racism and bigotry and xenophobia, it’s going to get worse and spread. Crazy stuff!

Job security is a myth for real.

Here’s my thing. If you serve your community well and you don’t take advantage of people, push it  as hard as you can.

Statistically, when poverty goes up, crime goes up. They are closely correlated. If you have to steal something to feed your kid, you’re going to do it. It doesn’t make it right. But it will happen.

Question: What are your thoughts of being a real estate agent in this economy?

Answer: Just do it. There are pockets of wealth in certain neighborhoods. They’re building million dollar homes “on spec.” They have enough confidence to build these homes without a buyer lined up. They build it and have it sitting until it sells. There are several million dollar properties in the Atlanta area now.

Question: In just a few days, Trump has destroyed the US reputation. Do you think we will recover?

Answer: It takes a lot of time to build a reputation, but you can destroy a reputation overnight. We already had a problem because we kept the war going on. Like football teams that talk shit about the opposing team before the game. You get people amped up and angry. It’s bad shit. They think, fuck you, I’m going to win.

Part of it is we have the largest military, the largest Air Force in the world. We have more nukes than everybody. That is not the country I grew up in. We had treaties. We had talks. Up until this fool, all of our presidents were somewhat presidential. Some more than others. This guy is not presidential at all. He’s like a child in a sandbox and he wants all the toys. He is disgusting and disturbing.

Question: What free materials do you have to focus?

Answer: Watch a Hustler Kung Fu video every day. I used to listen to Lead the Field Every Day. I listened to it in the background. You can get the CDs on Amazon or EBay. I was programming my mind for success, while ignoring the BS. Limit your time for fuckery and keep focused.

Question: How do you stay consistent?

Answer: You have to have a purpose. Your stuff has to be written down on paper. You need a Big Ass whiteboard so you see that stuff. Do actions that take you there.

Question: What are your thoughts of selling t-shits online?

Answer: Forget the t-shirts. Find your audience and find a marketplace. Find out what someone is not giving them and they want. Then, give it to them. It’s about the audience. Audience is King and Queen.

Question: How can someone run a business part-time when your full-time job stresses you out?

Answer: You have to make a decision. Is your business or your comfort the most important thing? You might need to get a night job. You might need to move in with some folks. Your actions dictate what’s most important to you. You’ve got choices to make.

Question: Can being too comfortable with your life be dangerous?

Answer: Yes. Yes. Hell, to the Yes. When you get too comfortable, you may stop living. You may stop striving and may stop building. You may cease to exist as an interesting person.

Question: What keeps you sane?

Answer: Meditation. I work out. Good friends. I cut back on the number of projects I’m working on. I’m doing stuff that makes me giggle, makes me happy.


I’m going to give you my funnel for a few years. YouTube to a link under the video to a call to action.


I’m going to give you some advice if you have a job and no business. Don’t quit your job. Find something you can do. Get started today. Tonight, sit down and figure out what you can do and get it started.


Question: Do you see Trump getting kicked out?

Answer: If he doesn’t pull out something bad is going to happen. If he doesn’t leave his companies, he’s going to get impeached. He’s still running the companies. That stuff is illegal.

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