How to Start a Business: Advice – When Should You Give Up on Your Dream

How to Start a Business: Advice – When Should You Give Up on Your Dream

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When should you give up? Sometimes you have to asked yourself, is it worth it?

For the purpose of this conversation, we are going to have to learn to ask better questions. How long should I do this? Should I do it three months or six months? Should I do it a year?

The real issue is: you didn’t ask yourself the right questions. Does this business align with my personal philosophy and with my personal goals? Because, if it doesn’t, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Have you defined your life? Have you defined your success, or have you let people do it for you?

People talk smack. It’s like when people say to me…”You talk about money, but you don’t own a home.” I did the math. A house for the last six or seven years really wasn’t an asset, unless you’re going to buy it and hold it forever. Once it’s paid off and it becomes a source of revenue, only at that point does it become an asset. Once again, my personal philosophy and goals are about content creation.

So, one of the things I did is eliminate distractions. I’m a renter. Yes, I rent an apartment, because I don’t want to worry about shit. I don’t have to cut the grass. When something happens, I pick up the phone and call someone. That suits my lifestyle and the things I want to do.

I am creating assets. The book that I wrote in 2009, How to Make Money from Storage Unit Auctions, paid me income for years. Does your house pay you income? Even if you have a renter in there, does it pay you income? Chances are the answer is, no.

I mean it’s not even paying you the money I make on YouTube every month.

It goes back to my question. Have you defined your success? What’s success to me may be poverty to you. What’s success to me may not be success to you, because it’s your success.

What do you want to do with your life? What is your life plan? Where are you going with this thing? What are your core philosophies? What do you want to leave your kids?

Ask yourself these questions. Have you put that out to the universe?

You are by default, “Get Money Hustlers.” You think…I have to live. I have to get money. It’s not a bad place to be, but a terrible place to stay. You want to become a strategic hustler.

Like you, I was a “Get Money Hustler.” I had to get money. I had to pay bills. I had to do what I had to do. If you stay in a “Get Money Hustler” posture for life, the minute that your hustle skills degrade, and they will; or the minute the market changes, and it will; you are in trouble. So, you need to build some assets. These are things that are worth money or that produce money. This is what I am focusing on doing.

My definition of success is creating assets.

If you don’t define your success, then you don’t know when you should give up, because you don’t know what you are fighting for.

There are many of you out there doing shit, just to do that shit and wondering why it is not working out.

Once you develop a personal philosophy, once you develop some concrete life goals that you want to achieve based in reality, you are going to have so much information about what you should do and not do. You will know what you should engage in and not engage in.

I made this joke that I am going to get into the weed business when it comes to Georgia. The southern states will be the last hold outs. You can believe that.

In my heart of hearts, I knew I’m not going to do it, because I don’t believe in drug consumption. I’ve never been high. I’ve never been drunk. I just don’t believe in it. I’m not going to profit from it, as lucrative as its going to be.

I’m going to work on something else because it doesn’t work with my philosophy. I do believe drugs are harmful. That is my belief.

Once you hammer down who you are and where you want to be, you can make a better decision about when you should give it up.

This YouTube channel was set up to sell my products. That’s the reason for its existence. The purpose of this channel has changed. But, the core mission is the same, freedom of one Glendon Cameron, has not. That’s the core mission. Financial freedom is my core mission.

So, as long as this channel continues to do that or help achieve that aim, whatever it does, it is still on point.

There are many people who have asked me, “Since you were such a resale God, why did you give it up?”

I gave it up because it did not suit my core mission, which changed when I became a writer.

Many people won’t change because they are gutless and don’t know how to do anything else. More importantly, you don’t want to go through the embarrassment of not knowing how to do stuff.

My first few years as a writer were rocky. Lots of mistakes were made. But I embraced the change and kept moving. I had a lot to learn.

I made the change because this business model has less stress. Also, I have never had this much control of my time.

When you have control of your time, you have the most important resource to become wealthy. I didn’t have that in the storage auction business. I didn’t set the auction schedules. The facilities did. I didn’t set the auction days, the storage facilities did. There were many things I had no control over in that business.

Now I don’t have to deal with those constraints because I have 100% control over my time. I can use that to create more freedom.

So, when you are asking yourself when should I give up, the better questions is to ask yourself, is this a business I need to be in? Is this business a proper vehicle to get me to my goals? Those are the important questions.

This channel has changed direction several times, but the core mission has never changed. That is always a constant. That’s carved in stone.

Once you get your core mission together, then you can build a business around it. Do I like everything about the writing and internet marketing lifestyle? There’s a bunch of stuff I don’t like. But I like 90% of it, so I’m in it to win it and you’ve got to get there.

Let’s talk about some critical things. When you start a new business, expect to work very hard for very little. Expect to be compensated for your massive effort much later on. That’s what makes people asked the question, when should I give up.

It’s not really about giving up. It’s about fulfilling the mission.  The mission is the most important thing, not how you get to the mission.

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