How to Use Failure as a Lever for Success – Personal Development

How to Use Failure as a Lever for Success – Personal Development

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Have you ever thought about failure from a different standpoint? Because the thing is: you will fail. But, it’s not that big of a deal.

I had a very interesting conversation this weekend with someone I’m working with. Their problem is having undesired outcomes. Big problem.

We were talking about it and I’m like…”It’s okay to fail.”

They said…”No, it’s not. Not in my family.”

Ah….here comes the tribalism. Here come the issues. Here comes the family tree crashing into the middle of your success.

This is why you’re going to fail. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s part of the grand design. I want you to think about something. Everyone that hears this video has failed on a massive level in their life and didn’t think two shit about it.

Then they’re saying…”Hold on Glendon. No. If I had failed in my life, I would know it.”

You have failed massively in your life. Each and every one of you out there has failed over and over and over again. That’s right.

When you were learning to walk, you failed over and over again. Then one day, those little legs got a little more sure.

What is the difference between failing at that point and failing now? You’ve learned shame. You’ve learned embarrassment. You’ve learned hurt feelings. The failing process hasn’t changed. How you relate to the failing process has changed. That’s the problem.

Right now, my shit is raggedy intentionally. I’m putting out all kinds of stuff. Pushing the envelope. Pushing the comfort zone. {‘m just going for it because I learned from doing 30 Days to $2500 that there’s a great deal of growth in failures.

Now, let’s go back to when you were failing massively as a human being. From when you were an infant until you were 16 years old, an incredible amount of physical and mental growth occurs.

When you’re young, everything is brand new. When you’re young, everything is a challenge. Growth. Growth. Growth. If you weren’t failing, you wouldn’t grow.

Think about that. You can’t grow without failure. It’s impossible.

There are many people who refuse to accept that the path to success is not sexy.

When a diamond is made, it’s under 1000 pounds of rock. It’s dark. It’s cold. That’s when it happens. That’s where that diamond is formed under the harshest conditions. It’s not sexy. It’s not pretty. A diamond in its natural state is actually quite ugly.

Part of failure is taking some chances. One of the reasons you can’t win is because you’re looking for massive change in a minimal amount of time.

Let’s take something that works really fast that requires massive effort, P90X. The guy put it out there years ago and showed people getting results. It works. It’s also very quick, when you think about it.

For three months, you work your ass off and you’re eating right. So, there’s a massive amount of effort that goes into the thing. It works, but it takes an enormous amount of effort.

When I started this YouTube channel, I was trying everything. When you’re doing something new and you’re hungry, you try everything. I tried to get this person to help me with the video channel. What I was going to do was a series of interviews. People wanted to know, how many people are going to see this. People were like…” I’m scared. I don’t want to look bad. I don’t trust you.”

The answers were…No. No. No. I spent weeks trying to get people to help me.

If I can give you any piece of advice, it’s just…keep moving. Keep hustling. Keep pushing. If you keep failing, you’re going to learn how to cope with failure. You’re going to learn how to get up very quickly. If you don’t give up, it’s going to work out for you.

By having your goals, by having your dream, by having your vision – you will shame people by your success and you will never do an ugly or mean thing to them.

This is the thing. There is no such thing as absolute failure until you die. There are guys in prison who killed people who got out of prison in a matter of years and met someone and started a family.

So, if you don’t stop, at some point, it will work out in ways that will blow your mind.

I’ve had more apologies this year than I’ve had in all my fucking life. There’s some shit that went down in my family and other stuff. I said my piece and I walked away. I’ve learned to keep moving, staying busy, having goals, and not allowing those trials and tribulations in life to make me stagnant. When you’re stagnant, you stop moving and stop trying. You just sit back and let life fuck you.

There’s no such thing as an absolute failure if you don’t stop. The only thing that is absolute failure is terminal illness and death. I’ve seen many people live better with terminal illness than folks who were healthy.

Living is not breathing. Living is trying and doing it moving forward. Just getting up every morning is not living.

Failure and pain push you to do something. Success can put your ass to sleep. Pain keeps you sharp. It makes you move forward.

If you spend more time talking about your problem then working on your problem, then you are the problem in spades. It’s never going to get any better until you admit you are the problem and put your big boy or big girl pants on. You have to step up in life and say yes, I’m going to try again.

Like I said, a lot of shit has gone down in the last few years. I’ve had a lot of people step up and say…”the way I treated you was fucked up. I was wrong and I’m sorry.”

I respect the hell out of it because so far everybody has been sincere.

When you fail and you analyze why you failed you ask yourself questions. When you start saying, I fucked up and the reason I fucked up is reason X and Reason Y, then you are no longer a victim. You become your own personal hero.

You have to get past things you did wrong.

When you are trying to be successful, you have to monitor your energy and accept life the way it is and not the way you want it to be.

If you keep trying, you will win someday.

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