When the Hustle Goes Wrong

When the Hustle Goes Wrong

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Hustler Porn has a lot of you gassed up. People think they are going to hit it big and it’s going to be great. The thing is when the hustle goes wrong you will actually make more money if you see yourself getting through the trials and tribulations.

I decided to discuss this because I think there are a lot of people who need to hear this, because they are trying to start a business and it’s not going well. What is happening is there are a lot of people who are about to give up. They’re about to say, “Fuck it, I’m done.”

My message to you folks is to keep going because when the hustle goes wrong, the hustle goes right. This is going to be somewhat hard to wrap your mind around. Let’s say you’re trying to start an ecommerce business. You’re looking for products to sell and you learn that everything that is desirable is taken. You’ll find when you start looking where no one else is looking, you’ll find stuff that no one else is finding.

When you go through the trials and tribulations of starting a business and you do not stop, that is when you become a remarkable person. This is when you become a person who can make money, literally print money, but there’s got to be a big path of mistakes. Typically, that’s where a lot of people give up. The failure threshold is really low.

One day around Christmas, I went to bid on storage auctions. It was like my second year in the business. I had only about $30 in my pocket. My partner asked me why I was going out? I told her I felt lucky.

So, I go out and there aren’t a lot of people there to bid. We’re at these locations and there are only four or five people there. There were like 27 or 30 units. I realized nobody was bidding, so I was bidding a dollar on units and winning them. I got over 20 units that day.

The lesson to you is you’ve got to keep showing up. You’ve got to keep digging. I’ll never forget that lesson.

Here’s the thing. The failure threshold of the average person is so low. There are a few reasons that explain this. Number 1 – “Hustler Porn” has people gassed up. People feel like it wasn’t meant to be if they put in three or four weeks of work or even six months of work and it doesn’t work out. I’m here to tell you, success is not like that.

Your business is going to do what it’s going to do when it is going to do it, meaning you’ve got to put a lot of time and effort into your business. It’s like a baby. You have to remember that Bill Gates who is the richest man in the world was a baby at one time. At the time, no one could see that he had the potential to become the richest man in the world by providing value to so many people.

Let’s deconstruct that. Let’s say you are starting your ecommerce business. Your goal is to make money. It’s a good goal but it’s not going to carry you as far as a more definite goal.

Let’s say my goal is to put lipstick on every chick in the world. I know that sounds really strange. Once you think like that then your mind changes. When you are focused on getting more money, that is linear thinking.

But when you have a definite goal like putting lipstick on every girl in the world, you have to ask different questions like how are we going to do that? What girl is going to wear this lipstick? Why is she going to wear it?

You learn more from your failures than you do from your successes. It’s just a fact. When people asked me how I’ve learned so much, I tell them I failed a lot. Failure has made me a better person. It’s also made me very smart.

My first five businesses I was in the military. So, I could go out and do Pictures with your Pooch or I could sell something out of a catalog or start a janitorial service. I could do these things because I had a place in the barracks and a meal ticket. This allowed me to risk all my money, which I did.

Those early business failures were brutally hard and they shaped me, pushing me to do something better. It is important to realize that when I took those risks I always had cover. I had food to eat and a place to stay.

I wanted to be really clear on that point because when it comes to Hustler Porn, this is how those stories go. “Six months ago, or a year ago I was broke. I was on my friend’s sofa. I had no money and then I’m a millionaire one and a half years later.” That story resonates because so many people are struggling.

I am really, really fortunate. I have a maid. I have a chef. I work hard for my clients. As fortunate as I am I know a lot of people are suffering. $500 or $2000 is nothing to me. But I know for some people, $100 can make the difference in a person eating or not eating this month. I keep that in the back of my head because it has been 17 or 18 years since I’ve been in that bad situation.

One of the things I’ve learned on my journey in this life is to accept the truth, learn the truth and live the truth. The truth says everybody is not coming on this journey. The truth says I’m not supposed to mentor to everyone, but I can mentor to some.

If you’ve been watching me, you’ve seen me take Ls. The first L was when I offered some of my courses for free, thinking that these books and courses would help these people so much that they would become successful and then buy my other courses. That simply did not happen. It was a big L and I was so broken up about it.

The reality is I had to learn that lesson. My email list got jacked up. My money got jacked up.

This brings me to the second part. Okay, now what are you going to do with this lesson? So, I took the information and looked at it objectively and realized this is not the way to run a company. Then I put a big price tag on Hustle Camp because it is life-changing information.

I’m changing my message. This is the process. I put out the stuff for free and it didn’t work. Why didn’t it work? I got the wrong people. Why did I get the wrong people? I had the wrong messaging. Where did I get the messaging? I was watching some “Hustler Porn.” That’s how it went down. Now I have a better understanding.  

Here’s the thing. I’m still learning. I’m still taking some Ls. The thing is, they aren’t big Ls.

I was taking Ls for about a year and a half. I was still trying to figure things out. I was still trying to bring value and be real. It took a year and a half for me to figure it out and I did. I had to continue to do and continue to learn.

Take heart. If you stay the course and keep your goals in front of you, you will be able to accomplish what you want. It won’t be easy. But, you can do it.

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