How to Hustle and Make Money – Developing Your Hustle Bones One deal at a Time

How to Hustle and Make Money - Developing Your Hustle Bones One deal at a Time

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How do you make your hustle bones shake? To develop hustle bones, you have to get out and hustle. When you first start, your hustle bones are pretty fragile. It won’t take much for you to break an arm or a leg. It’s going to happen. When you fall down and hurt yourself, that’s when your hustle bones grow.

I’ll give you an example. When I first got in the storage auction business, the first few months were horrible. They were terrible. Those people tried to run me off.

There is a storage auction grapevine. They all know each other. They would run up the price and try to run off newcomers. I heard this phone conversation where this guy was calling up the other auction people and instructing them to run up the price on this guy. I was standing right next to him and heard the call.

It wasn’t me that time. It was some other dude they were ganging up on. Hey, I had to choose my side. Either you were with them or against them. I was with them. The people who don’t like you in the beginning will all of a sudden warm up to you and become your friend.

Developing those hustle bones takes trial and error. People want to jump past all the dirty, the crazy, the ugly parts; but that’s an unrealistic expectation. People want to leapfrog over all of that messy stuff and go straight to success. There are a group of people who pull it off, but that’s exceptional. I don’t know any of those people myself. I know they exist.   

Everyone I know who has been in business has lost money and made critical errors. Many of them have almost gone out of business because of those errors. While it may not feel like it at the time, it’s the best thing to happen to them because they learn a lot. That’s where the hustle bones come from. For 99.8% of us, it is trial and error that makes you strong. Determination and effort are required to succeed.

One of the first thing you learn early on is that you will begin to get “a feel” for opportunity. You become intuitive. This happens through practice and being out there.

I was in a strange facility years and years ago. There were four of us there. There were four rooms full of shopping carts. Everyone groaned. My hustle bones were going, clack, clack, clack. They were just shaking. So, I am having this private conversation with my hustle bones and other people aren’t interested in the units. They were saying things like, “That’s a lot of stuff. I’m not messing with it.”

The auctioneer looks at me and asked me, “Do you want it?” I said, “Yes, if you’ll give me some time.”

My hustle bones were happy, cheering and doing cartwheels. As I put my lock on, in my head I was questioning my decision. “What did I just do?” I reasoned that trying to resell shopping carts was not a big business because most of them are branded.

As I was leaving the facility, I passed a scrapyard. Then I realized that the shopping carts are metal. The hustle bones started slapping me around. I made a U-turn and went back to the unit and loaded up my truck with carts. I made $300 on just one unit.

The other two units were slightly larger. I made $1000. When you’re out there and you get that feeling or an unexplainable urge, that’s your hustle bones telling you what to do. Part of trusting the hustle bones comes from experience. A lot of times when you’re new and your hustle bones are going crazy, you don’t have the experience and the faith to move forward and to understand what is going on.

Essentially, your hustle bones know more than you do. It takes time for your confidence to catch up with your hustle bones. Everyone has intuition. Men often have an ego that overrides intuition.

I don’t know how many times my hustle bones would warn me not to get on I-285. But, I still would, and then an hour later I’d only be one mile down the road and stuck in traffic. Finally, I started listening and stopped getting on that Interstate. There’s always something happening on I-285. Even late at night, there are no guarantees that traffic won’t be backed up.

You can develop your hustle bones, or instincts. It takes time. You have to put some skin in the game. You have to be out there hustling. You have to go out for the long bomb and fall on your face a few times. Each time you do this, you learn something. The more experiences you have, the better you will be able to relate to your hustle bones.

You’ll have this database of experiences, of deals. You’ll get to the point where you will walk into a situation and know what is going down. It is a process of forward progression.

I remember one time when I was in Dallas, Georgia at this place I’d never been to before. There were like 12 people there. This door goes up and the room looks like hell. My left palm goes crazy and I’m scratching it. This guy notices what I’m doing and tells me, “An itchy palm means you are about to get some money.”

The guy looks at me and wants to know if I want the unit. I got it for $10. I get in there and there are 180 grams of scrap gold plus some other collectibles and stuff. It was a $5K unit that I paid $10 for. My palm knew.

Often in life you get these feelings and you ignore them because you haven’t developed yourself. It’s time today to get your hustle bones together. You have to get started and stick with it. You have to push.

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