Hustler’s Weekend – Going Deep

Hustler’s Weekend – Going Deep

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I was thinking about years ago and what I used to do on Saturdays. I remember for a long time, I didn’t go out on Friday nights, because Saturday was a big day. This weekend I’m going back to what I used to do. I’m just making some changes for this business.

People keep talking about Amazon buying Whole Foods. I don’t think people should be focusing on this story and should be focusing on their own business instead. I had a client who had a product that sold on Amazon’s platform for $28 or $29 in January this year. Now it is going for $21. That is a $7 drop in six months and the price isn’t going back up.

I don’t think you should focus your attention on companies like Amazon because it is a venture type business. It got startup money. It’s very speculative. For you to even try to do something like Amazon, you would need $5 to $10 million. For most people, that is not realistic.


Let me tell you what I’m doing.

We’re having a show every day to teach people things they need in business. It’s going to be like the 30 Days to $2500 course. I will send out the time and other details to the email list. If you show up, you get the lesson free. You’ll have to pay for the recorded versions.

This is what’s going to happen. We’re going to do the training in the recorded version. Then I’m going to download it and make it really tight for training. There are going to be two additional modules in the recorded sessions. Then we are going to get a consistent time and start rockin’ and rollin’ every day with training. We’re going back to the basics.

We’re going to talk about some really different stuff going forward. It’s going to be geared from start to finish on starting a new business. Now I’m an internet dude but before this business, I was a weekend hustler. I had a physical location. I had to set things up. That’s why I didn’t go out on Friday nights.

We’re going to do this like 30 Days to $2500 on steroids. If you’re a small business person, you should be focusing on direct sales. What I mean is get as many sales as you can locally. That will give you the experience to make bigger sales.

In 2009, I started on YouTube. I sold on eBay and Amazon. I didn’t consider that good training for the stuff I do now. What was good training for the stuff I do now was the Saturday Hustle. I’m going to break it down for you.

On Friday nights, I would get ready and run my set of Craigslist ads. I would have one garage sale ad and all the furniture would be posted in the furniture section. I would also post automobile items in the auto section.

On Saturday morning after I picked up the signs, I would delete and refresh, delete and refresh to drive traffic to my ads. What I was training myself to do was to make a lot offers. As a small business owner, the more offers you make, the more money you will make.

The new course coming out is Digital Introductions. It teaches how to email, how to get in on the DMs and how to send a personal email, which is not the same thing as an email on a mailing list.

If you work on your business, you can have a small business like mine. You can win and not be that big. There are five to thirty person companies doing $5 to $100 million in business. Now, that doesn’t make you a millionaire, but you will be very comfortable. You can live a good life.

Let’s say you’ve got a $7 million company that is healthy and you enjoy good margins. You could pull $350K to a million dollars out to live on each year. That type of income affords you a great home in a great neighborhood in most locations, except for maybe New York or San Francisco.  If your kids need private school, you can easily afford to send them. You will be able to take three to six vacation a year. You’ve got the best healthcare.


Let me give you the trajectory for all of my media companies. B School for Hustlers is for people who already have a business. Hustler’s Kung Fu is for beginners and provides important and truthful instruction about starting a business. In fact, I’m going to show you, not tell you. I’m in an office and will be making videos about the process.

One thing that really bothers me is how I get compared to other people online. That’s just insulting because a lot of those folks are lying. Instead of screaming and shouting, it looks a lot better when you are showing people what they need with real-life examples.

In B School for Hustlers, we’re going to go deep. That audience already has a business. They don’t need beginner information. I’ll get into topics like, how to get to $250K if you’re making $100K now. If you are a true business owner, you are interested.

I am developing infrastructure so I can go bigger, easier. We’ll be talking about that. Plus, there’s some more stuff that is coming.

One of the issues we have with hiring is related to the fact that what I do is so unusual. How many people do you know can say, “I know a YouTuber.” So, let’s say we do a show, right? Then we’ll have people come in to watch the show and we can explain that this is what we are hiring for. Until you see it, it is hard to understand because there are no jobs like it. It just seems implausible. Then we can conduct interviews with the people we like from that group.

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