Hustling is the Fastest Way to Start a Business

Hustling is the Fastest Way to Start a Business

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A lot of people don’t like the word “hustling.” I thought about it. I wonder how many people are circumventing their success because they are hung up on the word, hustling. Because hustling is the new career. The idea of you starting somewhere and working your way up is gone except for in a few places like the military, the government and a few companies. The workplace is just not like that anymore.

You have to have the hustler’s mindset or you’re not going to make it. The world is changing too quickly to try and climb the ladder of success the traditional way. You have to get your mindset correct.

You could be doing well and then somebody drops a comment saying you’re doing something counter culture. I got those kinds of remarks when I was writing my book. You hear the skepticism or lack of respect in their voice. Many people predicate their life on what others think.

I got over that years ago. I think if you grow up in our culture, certain ideas are imbedded in you. People in this country are told what they should do to be a respectable person. When I was growing up, I got, “Work hard and keep your nose clean. Get a haircut.”

To a degree there is nothing wrong with that, but in another way, there is a lot wrong with that because you’re fed a philosophy that will limit you. Look at all of your friends. Invariably, most of your friends are on the same level with you.

Typically, people of similar mindsets are together. Your mindset is incredibly important. In my opinion, mindset is the most important factor for your success.

I’ll give you a simple example. When I go out, I usually park pretty close to the entrance. People ask me, “How do you do that? How do you get so lucky?”

This is what you do. Instead of speeding over to a space that is a little bit away, I just creep and go slow. I’ve noticed over the years that I often sped past a parking place that opened up as soon as I went by. This observation probably came from being in the military and noticing how road marches worked. If you’re marching in a big group, the guys in the front can be walking and the guys in the back are practically running to keep up because of the way time works and the way some won’t keep up.

Essentially, by having the right mindset, it opens your mind to proper techniques. If you have the wrong mindset, you will prejudge an idea and decide it doesn’t work. Then your actions will cause it not to work.

Your big battle when starting a hustle or business is maintaining the right mindset. You have so many people trying to feed off that energy or in some cases siphon it off. I have family members that I don’t talk to that much because they are extremely negative. A lot of people let their family hold them back.

If you have low expectation or worse, no expectations, then that’s what you will get in life. People will complain about how hard their life is. But then I find out they don’t have a plan or any strategy.

I will tell you, I am proud to be a hustler. I’m proud of my hustler mindset. I’m going to tell you how the hustler mindset saved my soul.

Hustling saved my life. I was at a bar and I was talking to a friend who is a writer. I was just laying out my plans and I showed the person who was a writer my first book. I was told that I absolutely sucked. Her exact words were, “You should spend five or six years working on your craft.” That’s what she told me.

I said, “Thank you, but I’m going to do this.”

I had two major goals when I wrote that book. Number 1 – I wanted to help people. Number 2 – I wanted to make a full-time income as an author.

The person who was telling me this has 30 books. The other person who told me that has a company and 1.5 jobs. They are always hustling. So, both of these people who are well-versed in writing and have way more formal education than me, but in terms of hustling, they can’t hold my jock strap.

I was able to use the Hustler mindset after being told by society that I was a bad writer, to make a full-time income writing. That was something both of my writer friends wanted to do but couldn’t do. They had prepared for it formally, but not mentally.

The hustler mindset will carry you past other people who were ahead of you in certain arenas. Interestingly enough, the writer who had written 30 books and told me what I should do with my writing career had to file bankruptcy. I take no joy in that fact.

Think about that for a second. If you know how to do a certain thing, the results will be reflected in your life. That’s just common sense. Many people do not check results. They check pedigree first.

If you’re a smart cookie, you can really make a lot of money in our society. That’s just how people are geared.

I hear a lot of people in some of my groups making excuses about why they can’t get ahead. They talk about not having a degree or whatever. I tell them to shut that shit off.

If you are still alive and have energy and enthusiasm, you can make a good life for yourself. When you have the hustler mindset, you have the ability to create your own matrix within the matrix. You are the king. You run that shit. That’s what the hustler mindset does for you.

If you’ve got a problem with hustling, you need to get over yourself. In the end, the only thing that matters is results. I want you to chew on that.

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