Killing The Poverty Mindset

Killing The Poverty Mindset


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What I am going to discuss today is killing and eradicating the poverty mindset. Before we jump into that, I should give you a warning. If you are weak, mentally unstable and scared little bitch in life, you may not want to listen to this podcast because it would offend your little scared bitch sensibilities.

When you speak of poverty, images come to mind. Images of the ghetto, poorly dressed people, people who can’t find a job and others. When I speak of poverty, I speak of the worst poverty of all, mental poverty.

Regardless of their resources, if you have mental poverty, your life will not be that good regardless of your intellect or anything else that is good in your life, because you’re operating from a position of lack. You are moving forward thinking you are going to be slapped back by life at every twist and turn.

Some people think this is pragmatic thinking. They are always saving for a rainy day. Here’s a bit of advice for you. Never, ever use that term in your life. Start saving for a sunny day. Start saving for a great day. Start saving for a wonderful day. You preprogram your mind for bullshit when you say things like that. That is part of the poverty mindset.

When you are living in a poverty mindset, you really just don’t get how great your life could be, because one thing about us as humans is that we crave control. We like comfort and security. We want things to be normal and predictable.

Those things can crush your life.

You have to learn to be open. That’s part of the abundance mindset. When you have a poverty mindset, you look at each situation and how it can harm you with more clarity and angst than how the situation might improve your life.

In 2009, July 17th, I made the decision to become a writer and publish a book. I did not really do a great deal of research. I said to myself… “This is the third time I’ve tried this.” I gave myself two years to make it work. The first year I had to get to a level of income. The second year, I had to really push it. Both years were successful, in spite of the fact that I made several massive mistakes in the world of publishing.

This is the “Abundant Mindset.” In the “Abundant Mindset,” when you don’t have something, you feel you can get it because it’s out there. With the poverty mindset, you feel that what you have is all you’re going to get. You try to be very judicious about how you use it or share it.

So, I was going along writing books, and it was just an accomplishment to get that first book done. It wasn’t pretty. It had this stinking green cover. I was really proud of it, because I set a goal and I finished it.

Aside from some editing and typos, the content was golden for the time. There was nothing like it on the market and the book did very well in spite of its flaws. The “Abundant Mindset” allowed me to put that book out there and deal with the critical feedback that came.

The content was so good that the people that bought my first book also bought the second, third, fourth and fifth book.

If I had the poverty mindset, that book would have never come out. I would have sat in the basement, grooming and working and twisting myself into a pretzel trying to make it perfect for an audience that I didn’t know or understand.

Because of the “Abundant Mindset,” I actually put it out there and got feedback. That feedback helped me write two other books that I had no intention of writing.

When you have the “Abundant Mindset” versus the poverty mindset, you can grow beauty, wealth and good things out of disaster. That’s the power.

But with the poverty mindset. It’s always about holding back. You try not to expose yourself or put too much out there.

The poverty mindset rears its ugly head in entrepreneurship a lot. You want to be an entrepreneur and you are a scared little bitch. Let me make sure you understand me. When I wrote my first book, I was scared. I was terrified. I could not sleep the night before it was to appear on Amazon. It was a mixture of excitement and worry.

Fear is a natural emotion. But when you allow the little bitch in you to keep you from moving forward, from daring to be different, from taking a chance – there’s plenty wrong with that.

It can change your life, if you go out on a limb.

I’ve started ten businesses. The first four were abject failures. On the fifth business, I learned some things and broke even. Businesses six through ten were profitable. The reason is because I never gave up.

You can’t allow failure to impede your progress in becoming the person you want to be.

You will fail. You will look bad. People will talk about you. They will laugh and point. You’ve got to deal with it. You have to become emotionally strong.

If you want to become an abundant mindset warrior, you have to make a few changes in your life. You have to stop allowing fear to hold you back.

Another way to kill the poverty mindset is to create a bold list of things you want to do. Some people call this a bucket list. I call it a “do list.” Instead of later, make it sooner.

Put a list together of everything you want to do. Once you get it together, prioritize it. Then take action. Make a plan on how to achieve that #1 thing and work down your list. No excuses.

Stop putting limitations on yourself. Too many people in this world will do it for you.

You must always continue to take action with all the bullshit that’s going to pop up in your life.

I want to explain something to you and it’s going to scare you. Whenever you do something new in your life, you stir up a different level of energy. The energy is so powerful, all types of shit starts to happen. Things just come out of the blue. When you do these energy changes, expect chaos. It’s a good thing. It’s a sign you’re moving in the right direction.

You can change your life in a matter of weeks if you have the courage to stick with it. You have to put some skin in the game.

In each of us, there is a huge power. Many of us have hit the “off” switch out of fear. You have thoughts. You have abilities. You start to use them and they scare you. Because success demands change. There is no way that you are going to be successful and remain the same person that you are.

You don’t have to knock someone else off to rise. In fact, as you rise, you want to bring as many people with you as you can.

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