Let’s Talk about Money – The Real Reason You Are Broke – Make Money After You Know

Let’s Talk about Money – The Real Reason You Are Broke – Make Money After You Know

This is a summary of this video Let’s talk about money. One of the reasons you don’t have the money you want is because you believe that in order for you to get money, somebody else must lose money. It’s a very powerful concept when you think about it.How does a country generate wealth? The answer is by creating new stuff. For example, let’s say there were only 8 million cars and the factories were closed. After the Zombie apocalypse, the factories weren’t rebuilt yet. So, we’d be trading these cars. Now that could make some money because cars would be a scarce commodity, but it’s not adding to the overall national production. Nothing is being made.

If you don’t have the money you want in your life, I want you to look at your service. How much are you putting out? How many folks are you serving?

Going back to my storage auction days, that’s like half a decade now, we are getting to a critical point. I looked at when we started making money. It was all about service. As we increased our service, we increased our sales. We increased the number of distribution channels and we increased our money. There are many people out there, who by virtue of fear, are trying not to put that much out. But, they want to get a lot back. It is real common with people in resale, because once you get that first hit, it’s like a drug. You buy something for $2, maybe $50 and then you turn around and sell it for $2000 or $3000. People keep chasing that hit over and over again.

Looking for market inefficiencies is one thing in building your business because the market is very inefficient. But chasing that “high” is what makes people who are otherwise pretty well off get into the thrift business. It’s a modern-day treasure hunt. Finding something at a very low price that you know has value, that is a wonderful way to make a living. But, it has limitations. The reasons are because for you to continue to make money in this way, you must find people who have less information than you have. That window is getting smaller and smaller.

Our country went through a period of extreme lack to a period of extreme abundance. A lot of people think that because they grew up in abundance, they should stay that way. We have peaked. This is as good as it’s going to get. Unless you increase your service to fellow human beings and create your own economy, then your standard of living has no ceiling. It’s a different money tree than someone who works in a job. Things are changing. Name 100 people you know in your town that could pony up $2000 if they had too. There will be some that can, but most won’t be able to. If you don’t have $2000 in cash, you have a negative net worth, which means your liabilities are greater than your cash on hand, which makes you poor. How many of those people could not go to work for 3 months without bad shit happening? I’m talking about foreclosure, repossession of vehicles and no food on the table.

The thing is you don’t have to be rich to pull off not working for three months if you have your finances in order and you understand business. You don’t have to be rich to do that. You just have to have:

  1. Limited outgo
  2. Cash reserves
  3. Income coming in that is not dependent on you going to a job and trading your time for money.

If you don’t have the money you want, you have to examine your thought process about money. I have always looked at money from a spiritual standpoint. I’m not talking about God. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about the spirit of money.

When you have money, it is easier to get money. When you’re broke, it is hard to get money. It’s hard to keep money.This is a challenge today. Start a savings account. Every week, you’re going to put another dollar in. Just keep doing that. You’ll be amazed how that will start attracting money in your life. Look at the billionaires in the world like Bill Gates, the Zuckerbergs, and Steve Jobs. They have one thing in common. They have all created businesses that serve a lot of people. You cannot make a lot of money ethically, without serving a lot of people. When I did my course, 30 Days to $2500, it was for free at first on YouTube. The only thing you had to do was to show up between 4 and 5pm every day for 30 days. It went over very well.

It’s a course that helps people make money. It’s about creation and upping your activity. Typically, if you have a business and you’re not making enough money, you have two problems.

  1. Your service level is poor
  2. Your activity level is poor

30 Days to $2500 teaches you how to “up” that.

My activity level is bananas right now. I’m putting out products like crazy. I’m not even close to where I want to be. I’m in product creation mode, which means I am increasing my service. I have products that you’re not going to buy and she’s not going to buy. But this person or that person will. I’m totally changing my business model, which was more of a high-end model. Who am I going to serve? Am I going to serve one segment that makes $300K to $1 million. I can. That’s a small segment. There’s only going to be so many people. Then there’s this other broad spectrum of folks that are about to get fucked. That is the working man, because jobs as we know it are over.

In five years, 50 % of you are going to be doing what I am doing. You’re going to be a freelancer or self-employed. 30 Days to $2500 is a course to teach you how to do that.

About saving money, always say I am saving for a sunny day, not a rainy day. You talk to yourself all the time and 80 % of it is negative. This is a cool thing. If you can reduce that negative self-talk by 5 or 10 percent, that could yield billions of dollars. Start meditating. Start introducing positive self-talk into your subconscious. That will change the whole game for you. In your mind, see money as a candle. Money is the fire in the candle. When somebody wants some of your fire, what can they do? They light their candle with your fire. You still have fire and now they have fire too.

When you look at money that way, you see that you can give and still have. Playing it safe is another way to keep your ass broke. You have to walk in faith.If this post turned you on be sure to get on my email list for updates, announcements, special offers and more.


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