Life Is

Life Is

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Life is not fair and that’s a good thing. Many people are expecting life to be fair. In the comments, I see people bring up the issue of fairness over and over again.

Bitching and whining without any solutions is a recipe for insanity, misery and depression. Also, it is the voice of the victim. I don’t feel that I’m a fucking victim. I don’t think any of you are victims unless you’re a victim of assault or some other heinous crime.

The problem is there is a victimhood mentality that is so deep and so imbedded that any time you poke it, you’re being unfair. You’re doing something wrong.

I used to work in the medical profession. I used to talk to the doctors all the time. “How do you cure a disease? You can treat the symptoms, which is not a cure. But, it will make you feel better. Your other option is to go to the root core and cure the disease.

When you have people caught up in the “unfairness” of life, some very interesting things happen. They adopt a position, I can’t do X, Y and Z because I’m a victim. I can’t do this because I’m a victim. These are some really interesting concepts to absorb.

I think complaining is part of the process. Some people who have a victimhood mentality think complaining is the process. That’s the big difference.

Before we jump into that, I’m going to give you some examples of things that are unfair that you don’t seem to mind are like that. If you’re walking down the street and you find $300 cash and you’re the only person on the street and you see nobody, is that unfair? You look around. You see nobody. You go to a few stores and asked, “Has anybody lost any money.” You don’t tell anybody exactly how much money you’re talking about. Nobody says they’ve lost money. You do this for an hour.

So, you go home and you’ve got yourself $300. Is that fair? No, it’s not fair. It happens. It happened to me. When I was a kid, I used to find money all the time.

Is it fair that you can buy a lottery ticket and spend a dollar and end up with millions? Is that fair? No, it’s not fair. I don’t hear anyone bitching about that. See, you bitch about what you perceive to be unfair based upon the benefit.

Women are biased against shorter men. I asked a woman who was 5’2” about why a man that was 5’6” was not tall enough since he was still taller than her. She said she wanted to wear heels. Is that fair? No, it’s not. Maybe it’s biology. You see this all over the world.

When I talk about immigrants I am speaking from a vantage point of someone who has travelled. I’ve seen people who live in abject poverty. We have people who live in the hood who live way better than those people who live in abject poverty. We have East Asians and Indians who come over here who were living in abject poverty. Abject poverty is when you don’t have running water. You don’t have electricity. In some places like the Philippines and Thailand, the grids just go out sometimes for a few days. This happens because the infrastructure is shitty.

If you grew up in America, and you’re 15, 20, 30 or 40, you haven’t experienced that. You haven’t.

Is it fair you live in the USA and you have all of these opportunities, yet some person who comes from abject poverty can come over here and not know the language and within five to ten years be ahead of your ass?

One of the reasons I’m able to do this is I took note of my Hispanic brothers who used to work for me when I had the storage auction business. I looked at their work ethic. I looked at the family structure.

This is how it would go. I would go to Home Depot and pick up two or three Hispanic workers. They would work for me. I’d give them some fliers and told them to pass them out for me. I told them I had great deals. Then they’d come to my warehouse on the weekends and spend the money that I paid them to buy my stuff. That’s the circle of money. Then they would bring their friends and family. They would come in busloads.

I have observed how these people operate. My opinions about immigrants are based on what I have seen. They aren’t based on assumptions. There is a big difference.

I don’t feel I have to make shit up when the reality is so awesome. This is my big problem with victimhood mentality. It robs you of the desire to do better. It robs you of the hope that you can do better. It robs you of the hope of having a life that can be so wonderful due to certain factors (white supremacy) that you can’t do shit.

I just don’t assume that. I don’t live that. One of the reason I talk about this is because I want kids to understand that the fucked-up pathology that some of your parents are trying to give you is not true.

When I was stuck on black folk’s pathology, I had some really jacked up thinking. My mother did this and that’s the reason I think she was ashamed when she died. She had three kids with three different men. She would never tell me who my father was. When I found out, it was so dastardly. It explained a lot.

We were poor, but compared to a lot of people I had a very good upbringing. Then one day when I was in the boarding house, I decided I had to let that shit go.  I realized I had to find my own path.

I couldn’t blame my father. He didn’t even know I existed. That was my mother’s fault. I was about 32, and I just let that shit go. Since that time, my life has been on an upward trajectory.

What I’m saying is, fathers are extremely important. If you don’t have one, go out and find yourself some male mentors. Go out and do it. It will make a difference.

When I finally let go of the victimhood mindset, I replaced it with a success mindset. You can’t have a victimhood mindset and a success mindset at the same time. You can’t change the past. It’s over. It’s done. You must realize that all you can control is your future.

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