I Lost My Job Now What Do I Do How to Start a Business the Right Way

I Lost My Job Now What Do I Do How to Start a Business the Right Way

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This is one of the questions I get in my inbox all the time. Hey Glendon, I lost my job. Do you have any tips for me?

So, you lost your job and you need income. The first thing you need to do is get another job. People don’t want to hear that. They tell me they want to start a business and they want to build something and they don’t want another job.

It isn’t feasible and this is why. When you don’t prepare yourself to run a business or you don’t have a solid side hustle in place before you lose your job, it’s going to be very challenging for you to instantly start making money.

You need to get a job. You may have to get one, two or three shit jobs. That’s what you need to do. I know that’s not what you want to hear.

This is the thing. Hustling is a long-term proposition. When I say hustling, I am talking about utilizing and taking advantage of an opportunity by taking copious action.

Here’s the pathway of what you should do when you lose your job and you want to start hustling.

Step One – You get another job.

Step Two – Forget about cable. Forget about hanging out. Forget about partying. Forget about taking vacations.

Instead, you dedicate yourself to creating the life that you want.

This is what it’s going to look like. You’re going to get up and go to that job. You’re going to do it to the best of your ability to make sure you keep it.

Then when you come home, you’re not going to play PlayStation. You’re not going to hang out with your friends. You’re not going to get on the phone or hang out with your girlfriend. You’re going to work on your hustle from the minute you get home until you pass out.

That’s what it is going to take for you to transform your life and build your business. After you’re making money from doing your thing, when do you quit that job? You quit that job when it costs you money to go to your job.

If you have been an employee most of your life, the mental transformation that it will take for you to go from an employee mindset to a boss mindset is going to take anywhere from a few weeks, depending on who you are, up to years. That’s a very important journey.  

If you don’t make that journey, you are going to revert back to an employee type mindset and activities which won’t help you build your business long-term. That is one of the things you have to take into consideration.

Typically, when I get these questions, people are looking for a quick hustle that can make money that week. There are quick hustles that will help you out. Let’s look at the whole picture.

What I hear is people want something where they don’t have to work that hard. They may reject Craigslist and yard sales. People don’t want to put in that much effort, yet they need to make a lot of money soon. The program I have that matches that criteria costs $10,000. When I say that, then they get mad and think I’m not trying to help them.

The thing is you need to have some money. Think about this. If there were ways to make a lot of money with no money, there would be no broke people.

You need to realize that money is not scarce. It’s a commodity. What’s a commodity? They are things that are everywhere. Gold is not scare. It’s a commodity. Milk, gas and oil are commodities.

The world is full of opportunity. The world is full of people who will give you money if you give them what they want. They will gladly give you what you want.

Let me tell you my story. Let me tell you how I escaped poverty. I first time I got laid off, I went ahead and got another job. I got laid off three times in 18 months. The decisions I made back then have impacted me today.

When you have a fucked-up life, you will have to start to make decisions that will improve your life. Then there will be a period of your making good decisions. You will benefit marginally at first. You have to continue to make those good decisions. You have to continue to build on those good decisions.

Then I got laid off again and I got another job. Then I got laid off again and I came up with a plan which included a job. This is what I did. I was working at Powertel at the time. It is now T-Mobile. I came on as a “Temp.” I was killing it. I was making sales and I was good with the customers.

When we sat down and he let me go, he said, “I can probably get you another two weeks.”

At that point I said, “I’m going to figure it out.”

I went home that day and I came up with a plan. After being laid off three times, I realized I could not keep doing this shit. I knew it would not get any better unless I made it better.

I contemplated going back to school. I dropped out of college because of a medical issue with my mother. It was crazy what was going on back then.

By the time I got to that point and was thinking about college, I did a cost analysis. Back then to finish up my undergraduate degree and go to graduate school, I was looking at $20K to $36K. At the time, I was living in the boarding house and had no money or no job. I realized that would not work at that point in time.

Then I went to Monster.com to look at jobs. I didn’t want any more shit jobs. I decided I would be my own reference to get a better job. I created resumes for each job. I got called back by Rentacrate.

I went out to Norcross. This is when people used to carry pagers. I went ahead and set up this voice mailbox. I practiced my Indian voice for weeks. That was my reference. His name was Mr. Patel.

I got an interview. Then I got called back and got an offer letter. It was my first time getting an offer letter.

They called my reference. I had to call them back using my Indian accent voice. They asked me two questions. Did he work there and would you hire him again? I answered the questions and accepted the offer and life went on. I increased my income five times with that move.

I stayed at Rentacrate nine months. Once again, I had decided I would never be in the position to be laid off again, which means I was on the hunt. Then I got another job in an office furniture business. I stayed there almost a year, then I went to another company.

My next move was into my own business in a matter of months. I’ve been self-employed ever since. So, it took me a few years to go from jobless to starting my own business. While I was working on my business, I had a job.

I will never say you should quit your job and start a business. You can get to that point, but it is too hard to start a business with no money coming in.

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