How I Made $20000 on YouTube this Month – Real Numbers and Tips

How I Made $20000 on YouTube this Month – Real Numbers and Tips

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Let’s talk about the money I made. I made $2352 on YouTube and $18, 512 is the money I made on my courses. Typically, when people talk about the money they made, the don’t get into the details. Some videos make a lot more than other ones.

It only takes a handful of videos to really roll your channel out. We’re going to talk about browser features. Now what are browser features? It’s important to remember that most of the traffic, over 60% is mobile. One of the ways you can get your video to take off is to learn to use browser features correctly. A lot of people don’t talk about that, but that is why I am all up in your grill. I am always up in your grill.

YouTube will move a video that has browser features and that used keywords a certain way. YouTube will take those videos and push them. Here’s the thing. The video doesn’t have to be that good.

If you make a good video, if people get to see it they’ll watch, right? But due to the way YouTube is set up, people may not see the video. If you have subscribers, they will not see it. You would think that all of your subscribers would get notification when your videos are up. Only five to ten percent get notifications.

At some point, you’re going to have to make a decision about whether you want to push your videos or not. What I mean by that is you are going to have to decide whether you are going to pay for traffic.

There is authority. There is ranking, and there are browser features. When you get all those things working really well, then your channel can take off. Another part of my success is about having something to sell.

Whatever you start your YouTube channel off with is what you need to stick with. You can’t change it up. You can’t mix it up. If you start off with comedy, you’re going to have to ride with comedy.

This is my recommendation for anyone starting a YouTube channel. Start off with your phone and make 30 videos. The reason I say this is because if you can’t make 30 videos with your phone, you can’t make 30 videos with all of this other equipment.  

You can still have controversial content on YouTube, but they aren’t going to make money. You remember how old Las Vegas got sanitized and cleaned up. YouTube is going through this process right now.

I can’t overstate how important browser features are because the video has to be pleasing to the eye. If there is a lot of space around you on your YouTube video, people won’t like it as much. If you seem far away from the camera, viewers don’t like that. Part of it is probably because a lot of millennials are using their phones and they have short attention spans.

If you’re going to do a YouTube video, you need to be close and personal with your audience. It’s little weird. When I do it, I feel like I’m about to jump into somebody’s mouth.

Let’s talk about the money the top 20,000 YouTubers make. They make from about $50,000 a month to millions. You’ve got to create your own lane. Just doing what someone else is doing is not going to help you.

Browser features are huge. This is why sometimes you’ll see someone with a low-quality video take off. It’s because of browser features. They’re very important.

Question: Can you talk about live streaming videos versus regular ones.

Answer: I do a lot of live streaming. Part of the reason is because I have so much to put out, and because doing a regular video is so time-consuming. The channel was kind of dead for a while and I just started getting back into it.


In June, the channel was dead. August was when we woke the channel up. It’s taken me about 90 days to wake up the channel. There’s a lot to it because as far as demographics go, I’m an anomaly. I have a YouTube channel and I’m doing well. But, I know why I’m doing well.

The new YouTube algorithm is making it possible to just blow up your channel. This one guy went from like 5000 subscribers to over a million subscribers in one year. It’s getting to the point where getting 100,000 subscribers and getting your gold play button is nothing.

My goal this month was to get 10,000 subscribers. I’ll probably do 9500. My goal next month is probably going to be to do 15,000. It’s very possible that I may be getting a play button this year. I understand how YouTube works and I know what to do.

I use AdWords to promote my videos. I don’t use it to promote my new videos. I use it to promote my old videos. One of the things you should know about this, is I have a huge catalog of videos. It’s pretty interesting how it works for me.

It kind of depends on your audience. I’m in the “How to Make Money Space” and the “How to Start a Business Space.” But, I’m not part of the Hustler Porn crowd where they show the flashy cars and chicks that appeals to the 16 to 27-year-old crowd. That’s not really me. I’m in that demographic, but I have a different message.

I had to figure out a way to get noticed. That’s why I use paid traffic. It’s worked like gangbusters. I have gotten 15,000 subscribers in eight weeks. Of course, if no one is interested in the topic you’re talking about, you’re not going to do well.


Question: Does YouTube pay less now?

Answer: YouTube pay is all over the place. All videos do not get the same ads. That’s one of the big determinants of how much money you will make. Some smaller channels can make more money because of what they talk about. That’s something you should think about.


Question: If you were starting a new YouTube channel, how would you drive traffic to it?

Answer: A lot of ways. The first thing you need to do is build an audience. You need to have something that an audience will come to.


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