How to Make $500 to $3000 in 30 Days Legally

How to Make $500 to $3000 in 30 Days Lega

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A lot of people struggle with finances. There’s usually just not enough money. What if I give you something so you could start making money this weekend. Now I will warn you, it will require effort. It will require hard work. But it’s something that is doable and proven.

Let’s begin transforming your money and your wallet situation. You don’t have to struggle. In my opinion, it is a choice. The information is there for you if you want it.


If you’re broke and you want to make $500 to $3000 in a month, here’s what you need to do. You need to find some stuff that you can sell locally. I know everybody wants to make money online. It’s very doable. I make money online. But you need some experience first.

Selling locally is what I did. That’s how I got where I am. I sold a lot of stuff locally. If you do that, you will learn sales, marketing, customer relations and other business lessons. You can use that experience when you decide to start your online business.

I know you are seeing these young people who are living these fantastic lives from online businesses. They’re driving Lamborghinis and living in mansions. I know you want a piece of that. That level of success for this group of people is driven by demographics. If you’re not in that demographic group, selling to them is going to be challenging.

Let’s get back to what you can do right now. You can start with no money and can spend up to $1000 if you have it. Most people can scratch up some money if they need to. But, it’s not necessary if you can’t.

If you have no money, this is what you need to do. Go around your house and grab everything that you can sell and liquidate. What if you don’t have a house and you don’t have that much stuff. This is when you need to lean on your friends and family for help. Tell them, “I’m trying to raise some money. Do you have anything you don’t want that I can sell?” Be blunt about it. Don’t lie. Don’t beat around the bush.

Then you start making offers. Tell them you will clean out their basement or garage in exchange for selling the stuff they no longer want. If you go ahead and make a commitment to them, they will be more willing to help you by giving you stuff. That’s what you do if you have no money or no house.

If you have a home, the typical person has anywhere from $2000 up to $100K in their house. It just depends on who you are and where you live. What you got from your family also impacts this number. Your grandmother could have given you all her antiques and you don’t know what they’re worth.

The next thing you do is blow it out. You need to have a garage sale. You spend a week or two getting ready. Then you set up this big ass garage sale, or preferably an estate sale which means people will come in the house.

If you don’t have a house, you will have to ask someone to use theirs, or rent one. Many people are surprised these are options. Everyone can do that. It is okay to have from one to three of these sales a year without running into any legal problems.

Then you start to market. You don’t market your garage sale like most people do. You go ahead and take good pictures of your best stuff. You create flyers. You start marketing it on Craigslist two or three weeks before it happens.

There are people on Craigslist who are veteran garage sale hunters. The average person is not going to see this. You will get the veteran’s attention though. Some of them may call you up early to see if they can come by and look at your stuff. If you’re open to that, you can do it.

Then you keep advertising. You put the ad up, then you take it down. You do this over and over again.

Then the day of the sale, you bring out even more pictures and post them on Craigslist. You post them to Facebook Groups the day of the sale. You do not post on Facebook groups before you’re ready to sell the stuff. Then let the money roll in.

That’s a strategy you can use with no money and no experience where you can make $500 to $5K in thirty days. Most folks can do that. If you need help, I have other resources. I have a garage sale book. I have a Craigslist book and a resell course.

Hustle Camp is $99. If you go ahead and use the link below, I am going to put in extra goodies.

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