How to Make Your Dreams Come True #Hustler’s Mindset Philosophy

How to Make Your Dreams Come True #Hustler’s Mindset Philosophy

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How do you make your dreams come true? There is a lot of talk about dreams. It’s really interesting how when you have a dream, it’s not really put into proper context most of the time. When you are trying to do that thing, many people have these whims and hopes and desires that aren’t really dreams.

What is a dream? You have this urge to do something, but without the proper context and caretaking, it’s a whim or a want. If you have a dream, it has texture. It has shape. It has context. If you have this thing you’re calling a dream for ten years and you’ve done no work and made no goals, it’s a whim.

When you really force yourself, and push yourself to be accountable, dreams can happen. The reason my dream of being a writer was sputtering earlier in my life was I had no container for it. I was out there saying, “I want to be a writer.” At least I was writing. I will give myself credit for that. But, I didn’t have a container. I didn’t have a compass. I didn’t have direction.

So, the first thing that’s true if you’ve got a dream, it has definition. Definition includes a timetable. Definition includes guidelines. Definition includes accountability. If these things aren’t present, then you don’t have a dream. You’re just talking to talk. I see this a lot.

Now, I’m not a member of the passion movement. You’ve heard it before, people say follow your passion and the money will come. I don’t believe in that. I think some people have skillsets that they followed and the money came.

YouTube is a passion of mine now, but in the beginning, I hated this shit. I’m learning that many people just can’t do it and they have issues with YouTube. They’re afraid of being mocked. People who would do well are terrified. They think many, many bad things are going to happen. Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t.

If you’re going to launch your dream into reality, you’re going to have to be something. You’re going to have to do something. If there’s no action with your dream, you’re bullshitting yourself.

Let’s talk about the reality of dreams. They’re hard. They’re terrifying. Even when you accomplish them, they still require responsibility and caretaking. Your level of responsibility will go up, up, up. I believe one of the reasons people are not with that is because that level of responsibility is too great.

If you push forward with a dream, you will become a different person. You will build yourself. You will develop skill sets. You may not have everything you need for whatever it is you want to do, but you can pick it up on your journey.

It’s okay to fuck up. You’ve got the container that contains your deadlines. You have texture. You go out and tell people. Fucking up is going to give you more skill sets. It will help you enhance your dreams.

As you go through life, you realize that many things that you thought mattered, really didn’t. They just simply don’t matter. They aren’t relevant. It’s bullshit.

I’ve had my “Near Death” experience. No. I didn’t see the light and angels. I did see my life flowing away as I laid on that floor bleeding out from four bleeding ulcers. I had to get 2+ units of blood. If it weren’t for that booty call, I wouldn’t be here.

When you’re working on these dreams and building your life, you have to have courage. There’s responsibility. There’s the container. There’s the respect of the dream. There’s the hustle of the dream. People often say things like, “I want my success now and if I can’t get it now, then it’s a scam.”

There’s something else about dreams. I first published in 2001. Then my book was published in 2009. There was an 8 year gap. Many people will give up at the slightest hiccup.

Dreams are for the strong. They are for the determined. Now that I have gotten to a certain point, I see my dream enhanced.

Dreams require goals. I will never write another book without a guideline or an outline. I got into a book and it was going in so many different directions, I got confused, and I was writing it. I told myself, “I’ll never do that again.”

Now how do you pursue a dream? #1 Be realistic. If you don’t make $100K now and you’re making $25K, maybe you should aim for $50K first before you aim for a million dollars.

First you must define your dream. The you have to take a high level of action. The action will come long before the results. You’ll work very hard at first with few results. Then one day your results will be huge if you stick with it. It might take six months. It might take 10 years. It might even take 20 years.

Having a dream takes courage. If you want to make your dreams come true, you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You have to have goals. You have to have structure and a process.

You’re going to work your ass off and then one day you will wake up and realize it’s done. I suggest that you enjoy the journey. The dream is the journey, not the results or the destination.

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