How to Make Money without a Job – The Most Important Step

How to Make Money without a Job - The Most Important Step

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The first thing you need to do is pick something you know how to do. This is “hands down” one of the biggest reasons so many people aren’t successful. Many people are completely missing opportunities that may be in their own backyard.

I want to give you an example of someone I used to work for who turned what he knew how to do into a multi-million-dollar business. This is how it got started. I ended up working for them before they made the last jump to actually purchasing a building.

This is how the business was started. The guy that started that business got the idea from something that happened on his job. One of the tasks of his job was to go out and find some cubicles. He was supposed to find some new cubicles, right? He looked at the price and it was a lot higher than the budget he was given, so he started looking at used ones.

One day when he was talking to a guy he was told, “If you take these cubicles out, you can have them.” At this point he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he takes the cubicles. Then he does some research and puts a crew together. He finds a company that paints the stuff. The paint company owner eventually becomes his new business partner.

He saved his company so much money that he realized he need to quit his job. What he saved his company by selling that stuff is more than he made in a year. He realized he needed to check this out, so he quit his job. That’s the short version of what happened.

It is worth mentioning that the guy didn’t start the business without resources. He had money. He had a job. He had connections. He started going around finding cubicles and then his partner joined him. They moved literally six times before I came on board. That’s how fast they were growing.

This is a business he knew about. He had established connections. He had built a team. He got installers. It grew to a point where they were earning $170K to $200K per month.

Let’s discuss that. You want to start a business and you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You should pick something you already know how to do even if you hate it. Remember that your goal here is to make money, not necessarily to be happy in the beginning. If you set the business up right, you won’t have to do the work you hate.

Too many people are chasing the happiness fairy. They want to do something that is fulfilling, but they don’t have any money to get started. I’ll give you a great example. A lot of people are pissed off that Trump won the election and they are losing it.

This is the thing. It’s too late to complain now. You should have been forming a coalition before the election. Only 26% of the country’s population put him in office. Essentially, 26% of the population made a decision for 74%. That’s what happened. The lesson here is that if you want your agenda pushed, you’ve got to take those early steps.

Once you identify what you want to do, you need to approach it with vigor. Let’s go back to the last example. Once the guy saw how much money he could make, he went home and talked to his wife. He informed her he was quitting his job. She freaked out. He said, “Trust me on this.”

From Day 1, he approached it like a business, even though it was hustle at first and he didn’t quit his job immediately. He was going out on his lunch hour looking for panels. Then his partner who owned the painting company actually invested in the guys who did the installation. They built this whole solar system of money. He still had a job while he was doing all of this. He didn’t quit his job until it started costing him money to keep working as an employee. A lot of people don’t want to do that.

You’re going to have to start structuring your hustles into something that can grow into a business later on. That’s what you’re going to have to do. If you don’t do that, you’re going to get stuck at this level where you can’t grow.

There are many people who feel that America is not great. We’re losing our jobs. If you are a company and you have a position, the company owns that job. That job is not owned by America or the people. Whenever I hire someone, that’s me. The trend of automation eating the world is not going to change.

Wait until these driverless semi-trucks hit the road. Truck drivers are going to lose jobs. A lot of dock workers are going to lose jobs. There currently aren’t enough jobs for the people who turn 18 every month. That’s one of the reasons things are so rough.

If you’re a business owner, hear me and hear me now. Things are radically different for you because you are a creator and a hustler. You are putting stuff together. You are the owner of your destiny. You have a better chance of winning. Now, take some time and identify your opportunity. Too many people just want to jump off into something and make some money real fast.

This is the time to reframe and rethink and begin hustling on a different level. Just tell yourself that regardless of who is in office, I’m going to make money.

Find something you already know how to do, even if you hate it. Ride it out for a year or two. If you build it a certain way, you don’t have to do the work.

This is the thing that is messing up a lot of people. Some things will never happen, even if you want them. If you don’t have certain tools or skills, it can’t happen. While everybody is always talking about following your passion, most of them are broke.

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  1. Glendon, I’m glad you’re slowing the pace & changing the structure a bit. I now understand & listen more intensely. You share, explain & engage us in the little details of business with examples along with the main focus, the meat of the subject matter than ever before! GOD BLESS YOU MAN!! I’m broke penis Priscilla on a fixed income, that’s steadfast ready for change. Tried to borrow the money for the $499 Boot Camp Course…must wait ’til payday. That’s ok! It won’t be too long before I will never have to wait monthly for funds to breathe. I’m thankful & blessed for it but I want to live & breathe!!😎

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