Making Money in the New Economy – Young Gifted and Broke

Making Money in the New Economy - Young Gifted and Broke

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I’ve noticed this trend and it’s growing larger and larger. There are so many people who have a four-year degree or even a Master’s degree, who are working in Starbucks, or the grocery store or some bar. This isn’t to say that this work is bad. That’s not the point. The fact is that you prepared yourself for something bigger, but you’re working a job that a person with only a high school education can do.

Society is changing. It’s really, really changing. There’s massive change every 20 to 30 years. It’s been going like that since Day one. I wonder, what really happened.

I stand as a witness; if you’re smart, hardworking, and willing to go through some bullshit that we call life, you’re going to be successful, regardless of your ethnicity. That’s the American Dream baby. It’s real and it happens. The problem is people are looking at other people’s experiences without really knowing the backstory.

I’ll give you an example. Rush Limbaugh didn’t graduate from college. He’s a college dropout. He mastered one thing, the English language. It made him wealthy.

If you can master the English language and write well, you can become quite successful in the USA whether you have a degree or not. It’s the truth. There are many people that prove that.

Some YouTube videos claim that a college degree is a scam. I don’t think they are a scam per se. I think they are overpriced. I also believe college degrees are a rapidly depreciating asset. The time and period when a degree was enough to support you and yours for decades is long gone.

Information is coming so fast, that companies will create a new product or service and within five to eight years, there’s something better on the market. It’s not like the people at the company are stupid. It was good at the time when it was created, but things change so quickly that there is always a better product or service around the corner.

If you get a degree without understanding that the information may be obsolete the minute you walk across the stage to get your sheepskin, you’re in trouble. I do a lot of research and that is why I’m doing this video. There’s this outcry from people who get their degrees and go in to deep debt to pay for it, then they realize their life is no better than a high school graduates with no degree. In some cases, college graduates are even worse off because a person who started a business with no degree is doing better than them.

Understand, business is a risky proposition. It is. But, in the new economy, so is a job. This is the first time in history, that this is the truth. For a long time, you worked for a company for thirty years and got the gold watch, retiring with your house paid for to live the good life. That economy has gone. It’s never coming back.

The new economy is all about learning. You learn something and then you unlearn it, over and over again. That’s the new economy. It’s going to get worse. If you don’t like to read, you’re in trouble. If you don’t like to learn new stuff, you’re in trouble. If your comprehension skills are piss poor, you’re in trouble.

The old paradigm shift is work, work, work, work, work, then when you are old and decrepit you retire. That’s when you have some freedom to travel. That’s never been my plan. Now if you do two things, educate yourself, formally or informally and stay the hell out of debt, then you can start a whole bunch of things.  I read this blog that this guy created on how to travel cheap. He travels 20 countries a year. Essentially, the new economy can give you the things you want now, but it may not be exactly what you expected.

By taking a few chances early in life, you’re going to be better off the rest of your life. You need to get an education, either formally when it makes sense or by reading books and watching YouTube as a practical approach to gaining specific knowledge. If you commit to 20 hours a week watching YouTube videos and reading on a certain subject, then in six months you will become an expert. Seriously.

If you’re young, talented, educated and broke, you have some totally different decisions to make. This is something else you need to do, open up a Roth IRA and put away money in it every month. It’s going to help you long-term and teach you how to handle money.

Poor money skills are killing people. You have to learn how to save money. You have to look at the world differently. A lot of the stuff your parents believe in no longer works.

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