Mental Bank

Mental Bank

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We’re going to talk about putting some money in your mental bank. Are you broke? Is your mental bank on NSF? That could be the reason you’re not happy.

This is about your wealth mindset. When I talk about wealth, I’m not talking about money. There are certain things you need to do and a certain currency that needs to be deposited into your mental bank before you can realize money. One of those things is gratitude. There are a lot of people who are miserable and unhappy and they have no gratitude in their life and they wonder why they are fiscally poor.

You must understand, cash is a byproduct of a larger process. It’s usually related to a goal that is bigger than just making money. You have to serve people.

Let me teach you how to fill that bank up. First of all, you have got to understand that you are where you are in life based on all the decisions you’ve made. You’ve got to understand how your mind works. Just saying you want to make a lot of money can make you a lot of money. But the long-term process and the better process is you want to help a lot of people. If you do that, the money is assured to come someday. You have to get away from the immediate gratification monster.

If you’re a person that is miserable because you feel the world has cheated you and you feel people owe you things or you feel God has forgotten you, stop that shit now. Do what you have to do to change your thought process.

The currency that I want you to put in your mental bank is gratitude. I want you to throw some gratitude in there. Here is an exercise you need to do. Find ten things today that you are grateful for. That is currency that goes into your mental bank. When you are grateful for the things you have, you get more things.

When you are ungrateful for the things you have, you tend to lose them. Find those things and write them down. You will feel better. Trust me on this.

Now the second thing on filling up your mental bank, you have to replace misery and despondency with hope. I’m talking about hope married to a plan of action. You can hope all day long but if you don’t put any action into that plan it’s just bullshit most of the time.

I will tell you that if you write down your goals, that increases the chances of those things happening tenfold. But the thing is, it’s action. You actually wrote some stuff down to create your plan.

Say you’re living with your mom and you can’t stand that. Put this on your action plan, I’m going to move out of my mother’s house and I’m going to move into a place I want to move into. This is where people mess up. They’ll go ahead and create a goal, like I’m going to get the fuck out of my mother’s house. That kind of thinking can land you in jail. Your goal should not be to get out of the house, your goal should be to move to a place you like. You have to be very specific with your intent to get what you want.

In this process, place everything on the list that is making you sad or miserable and say I am releasing you. You’re letting it go. You’re done with it. If you’ve got misery in your mental bank, there is no joy that can come in. You’ve got to clear out all that negative stuff so you can put some fresh positive currency in your bank.

The next thing you need to do is create an action plan for becoming the person you want to be. If you’re broke, how do you become unbroke. Create a service or a product. You have to do something.

This is one of the sad things about having NSF status in your mental bank. It robs you of physical energy, which means you don’t have the energy necessary to create and facilitate change. That’s why you have to get rid of that stuff.

The path to change is an interesting one and an individual one. Everyone will get different results because everyone is in a different place. So, take your list and start filling up your mental bank.

Another way to put positive currency in your mental bank is to go around your house and find some shit that you love. Take five, ten or fifteen of those things. Now take one of the things that you really love and give it to somebody. It can be a friend. It can be a homeless person. Why you’re doing that is to demonstrate a positive expectation. You expect to have the money to get that back or something even better.

If you don’t have love in your life, it is because you’re not putting love out. It’s that simple. That’s how it works with this currency.

I want you to think of a friend, a stranger or a relative in need. I want you to go out and do one good deed for that person. What you’re doing is putting positive experiences in your mental bank.

I want you to ask yourself, when was the last time you helped someone out you didn’t know. One of the biggest things I notice on YouTube is a lot of people want help, but they will not help anyone else. It cracks me up.

When you really give of yourself, people will want to give back to you. They will want to help you achieve your goals. They do.

Another way to put currency in your mental bank is to stop thinking negatively. This is something I struggled with myself for many years. I’m that guy that expects the very worst and makes a contingency plan for it. I’m not saying don’t do that, but don’t dwell on it. That has saved my bacon many times.

Focus on the good side of the situation. That will draw energy to the good stuff. That will give you a better chance for a positive outcome.

Understand if you want more money in your mental bank, it is a job. It is something you have to do. You have to be mentally wealthy before you can be physically wealthy.

If you come into some money before you become mentally wealthy, you are screwed. You’re going to do something to lose that money. You’re going fuck it up.

It is incumbent upon you to get your mental bank together as soon as possible. It’s a daily process. When you take full ownership of the deposits in your mental bank, you become mentally wealthy.

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