Money Is Everywhere – Open Your Eyes

Money Is Everywhere – Open Your Eyes

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The first thing you need to know about making money is it’s all mental. That is one of the truest things I’ve ever said. One of the things I’ve noticed is there is a lot of chatter. It’s part of that entitlement mentality. You hear people say with a heavy sign, “Damn. The good days are gone. I can’t get that $1 unit and make $2000 on it anymore.”

No. The good days are not gone. What’s messed up is your expectations. You expect this to be easy. When it’s not easy, then people are quick to claim they were tricked. They were led astray. They say they were lied to.

No. That’s not true. No one lied to you. Understand. There’s still opportunity out there. Money is everywhere. It’s a matter of you reformatting that mental space of yours to actually accept the situation the way it is versus the way that you want it to be, which is easy.

It never was easy. It’s very easy to get caught up in a home run mentality. You expect to buy one unit and make $10K, $20K, $30K or $40K and you’re set. It doesn’t work that way.

I have bought many garbage units. I have bought many units that were horrible. You have to pay your dues and a lot of people don’t want to. They feel cheated because it’s not easy. If that’s your mentality, you’re never going to win. You’re never going to make it.

I want to address an email that I got that was about my book. You know what. Don’t buy my book. Stop bitching about the price because I’ll go down the list. You have blown more money chasing a chick you never got a chance to fuck than what you spent on my book. You wasted more on clothes you’ve worn once or never at all and it’s still hanging in your closet. You’ve wasted more money piddling around on the weekend, yet a book that teaches you how to make money is supposed to only cost “X” amount.

Now understand. There’s a lesson coming here. If that is your mentality, you’re already blind to the things that are out there. You only see what is that small box right in front of you.

Money is everywhere. You can make money on Craigslist without spending a dime. Is it easy? No. It takes time, effort and consistency. But people don’t want to do that. I sell on Craigslist and there has been chatter that things aren’t moving. I’ve been selling stuff on Craigslist the last two years and until I took a break. I was selling something every week.

The more you list, the more you have to sell and the more you will sell. There are people out there with 6 items posted and they keep posting them and nothing happens. They are disillusioned. You must increase your scale.

The question becomes about whether you can recognize what money is. There have been times I have bought units and the money was right in front and they’d say, “Hey, you’re crazy for buying that.” You have to have a certain knowledgebase. You need to educate yourself.

I’m going to say this as gently as I can. If you send me a question like where can I find the units or how do I get in the business, I’m going to point you to the free playlist because 99.9% of those questions are in the free playlist. All you have to do is watch. The only cost is your time.

The reason I’m being such an ass in this video is because you’ve got to stop being so damn lazy. That is killing you. It’s not going to be easy.

The world is reverting back to the way it used to be…”survival of the fittest.” That’s where we are. If your life isn’t moving the way you want or things are not panning out, you really have to check your fitness level. It’s not going to get any easier.

If your economy is not moving, you’re doing something wrong. Take ownership of your economy. That’s right. It’s your economy to create. You need to promise yourself that you are going out and making some money today. Then you need to go out the next day and set a goal to make more money.

Then you start defining it. This week, I’m going to make $500. The next week I’m going to make $600. One of the things about creating goals is you can’t go from $500 to $10,000 a month. You can go from $500 to $600. Then, you can go from $600 to $700. There’s a certain realistic progression. If you continue to progress, you’ll get to $10,000.

These are very exciting times. There’s a lot of stuff going on. There’s plenty of meat and fat on the bone. Storage auctions, picking, flea markets and the resale market is on fire. I get emails every day about goals that are good, but the timelines are ridiculously compressed. It ain’t happening players, if you don’t have the time or experience yet.

Understand, money is everywhere. Open your mind. Stop saying things like, “I can’t.” “It’s too hard.” “It wasn’t in the cards. ”That’s loser mentality.

If you are a Christian, I am about to say something that you’re going to consider blasphemy. That excuse that people make about “God didn’t want me to have it,” doesn’t work for me. I believe in God. The God I believe in is about abundance. This is not some prosperity ministry. The excuse that some people use about God not wanting you to have it reminds me of an old joke.

The joke goes like this. This guy was sitting on the roof as the water was rising. A guy comes by on a leg and says, “Hop on.” The guy on the roof answers, “No. I’m waiting on Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.” Then the water rises a little bit more. A guy comes by in a boat and says, “Hop in.” The guy on the roof answers him. “No. I’m waiting on Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.” Later, the water is up to his neck and a helicopter hovers overhead and drops him a rope to rescue him. They say, “Climb in.” The guy on the roof says, “No. I’m waiting on Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior.” As you know, the guy perished. He drowned.

When he gets to the Pearly Gates, he asks St. Peter, “How come Jesus didn’t send me some help?” Then Jesus peaks around the gate and says, “I sent you a guy on a log, a guy in a boat and a helicopter. What else did you want?”

Realize that God has sent you stuff that you’re not even checking for because you’re over here looking at something else.  I’m telling you, you have to open your mind. Just say it. Money is everywhere. When you tell yourself that there are opportunities everywhere, you will start to see it. As long as your mind is closed, you’re going to miss opportunities.

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