Money Monday – How To Increase Your Income As Fast As Possible

Money Monday – How To Increase Your Income As Fast As Possible

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I’m about to tell you how I made a lot of money really fast in a bad situation. Years ago, I overbought at the storage auctions and I ran out of money. I just went crazy. It was so much fun.

We had warehouse rent coming up. My partner was losing it because some of the money that should have gone into certain operating accounts didn’t go in. This is why we were broke.

It was bad; really, really bad. We had people to pay. I needed to come up with about 28K pretty quickly.

This has happened before. When you push the envelope, and take your business to the net level, you break some eggs. In the course of breaking some eggs, you create new recipes.

I needed 28K. I put everything on eBay on sale. Everything on Craigslist went on sale. Then, I got on the phone and called a lot of people, because I had a client log. I needed $28K in four days.

Then I started thinking and I said to myself, “Wait. Why don’t I do this all the time?” So, it became a part of the business plan that elevated us above other storage auction people. There’s some serious lessons to be learned in a crisis if you don’t lose your head, and you take action.

There’s a lot of people who look at money as the big thing. They look at money as the endpoint when money is just a byproduct of the journey. Does that make sense?

That poverty mindset comes from a lack of action. If you take fast action, you will have a turnaround.

If you keep pushing – you will create a new norm in your life.

It’s like when you go to the gym that first day and it’s really hard. But, if you keep at it, then a year later it’s like child’s play. You do it with ease.

That’s what happens when you take action and do multiple things as fast as possible. It becomes a new norm.

Most people are fundamentally broke, even if they have a high income. They can’t withstand the blows of life, right? One thing can knock them out. So, you’ve got to increase your income. Watch the stream, The Fake Ass American Middle Class. The reason so many people are so angry and disillusioned is because they were living under a false narrative. Anytime someone says…”Hey, let’s change that false narrative,” they want to cling to the dream versus becoming active.

This YouTube channel has made over $4 million since I started it. My first four months, I didn’t make a damn thing. Nothing. I was working 12, 14 hours a day for four months. I didn’t have a job. I had money in the bank. I want to put that out there with proper context. I had money in the bank, so I was able to devote months to this without worrying. I know that’s not the situation with most people.

That’s why a service business is better for you in the short-term. Let’s just say you live at home with your parents. You’ve got a $40K-$50K job. You need that job to pay your student loan debts, your car, other bills and taxes. Maybe, you can take a trip to Cancun occasionally. But, you can’t really move the needle of your life that much.

This is what you do. You go ahead and keep that job, and then you start a service business. You start a business whether you like it or not because your ass is broke. You have no fucking choices. That’s the thing that cracks me up…broke people who think they have choices. No, you don’t.

A service business is a delivery business. It’s a repair business. It’s about helping people buy back their time. It’s cutting grass. A service business is the quickest way to get paid without waiting for months. You need some kind of service business in conjunction with your job. That’s what you’ve got to do to move the needle and to get a lot more money much faster.

A lot of these higher-level internet marketers don’t get their money from an email list or a YouTube channel. They get their money from what’s called joint venture partnerships. It’s a good business practice. Fortune 500 companies do this stuff all the time. What they’ll do is partner with someone who has a better situation than they do. That’s how they’re making their money.

I’ll give you the blueprint of how I started this YouTube channel. I took my 11 years of experience on how to make money selling stuff online in various capacities. I took that information and created content. I created products. I worked on YouTube, and in Facebook groups. That’s how I made a lot of money. I didn’t know anybody. At the time, I had no competition.

The fantasy of quitting your job while you go do this business to live the laptop lifestyle and hang out with silicon chested bimbos is not in the cards for most people. It’s just a dream.

The best skill set you can get as a business owner is learning how to sell. It is important to remember that everything is negotiable.

Now, we’re going to talk about the scarcity mindset. The scarcity mindset is not so much that there is no money out there. That’s not it. It’s more about… “I can’t do this because of this.” I don’t know how many times that I have pulled off some stuff that shouldn’t have happened because I simply believed I could do it.


Buy the Never Broke Action Pack. You start doing the stuff. For the people who do the work, who follow the steps, and who do the most action, I’m going to mentor you on that stuff. Part of the deal is, you have to buy the Action Pack. Then, you have to create a daily journal of activities. There can’t be big gaps in there. For the next 30 days, there needs to be 24 days where you’ve done something.

The reason I’m doing this is that if you get the Money Action Pack and start doing the work, your life will improve in 30 days. Your money will improve in 30 days. Your credit will improve in 30 days. But, if you buy the course and don’t do shit, nothing is going to happen. That’s where a lot of people are.

The Action Pack is under the video. I’m going to destroy my old email list. There’s only going to be one list for all the new stuff. Hustler Kung Fu live is the list you need to subscribe to.  

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