The New Rules No Permission Required

The New Rules No Permission Required

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I read a lot of papers and watch a lot of documentaries and we are in one of the most innovative periods in history. It’s never been this good, yet it’s never been this bad. There are a lot of people that are ass out and losing hope by the day.

I sit back and wonder what makes me so optimistic compared to other people. It’s definitely the new deal. I’m not talking about FDR’s New Deal. I’m talking about the new deal that technology and the internet has ushered into the world.

The internet did not level the playing field. The internet is a new playing field. It’s a completely different playing field with a new set of opportunities. I know people who have made eight figures strictly online. There are groups and fan bases online that you don’t even know about that are creating people money.

Why aren’t people accessing information? Why aren’t more people as happy as I am about the future? I ask myself, do these people even know the right questions to ask. We live in a society that teaches people to be permission based opportunists which means someone must give you permission before you take advantage of an opportunity.

If you don’t have permission, you feel like maybe the opportunity’s not yours or it is somehow shady. We’re taught that value is something we must have permission to get. With this permission based society, many people are waiting on approval to be successful. If that approval does not come, then they won’t be successful. And the approval is not coming.

Working on the internet does not require approval, it requires initiative. It requires radical thinking. It requires hustle. It requires a different mindset. But it does not require approval. Many, many people are missing this.

I love watching young internet entrepreneurs. I’m talking about this kid that started putting up stuff on a website he created and bought himself a Ferrari at the age of 20 with the money he earned. The young people have leveraged doing stuff and thinking differently. They don’t know they must ask permission to be successful.

What I want you to understand is that these kids don’t have years of experience. I’ve literally seen people start companies from nothing and get to seven or eight figures in four years strictly using internet protocols. That’s crazy exciting.

The promise of the internet is this; every day something new is coming up. There are new technologies and new platforms. Many of these things are going to fail, and that’s cool. There will be some that will succeed.

There’s this guy who learned the “ins and outs” of LinkedIn and wrote a book about it. He gave webinars and talks. He created a seven-figure business in six or seven years. He did that from home.

You can take a platform and learn the “ins and outs” of it and become an expert or authority on that platform rapidly in a matter of weeks or months. That’s exciting. When I train people, I see a lot of people seeking approval and validation. That is 90% of their problem in terms of being successful.

It is eerie when I see this. There are times that I will do a consult with someone. I will talk to that person for forty-five minutes. In the last fifteen minutes are when the jewels will start dropping. That’s when the magic jellybeans start raining all over the place. What I am learning as a consultant is that I must ask better questions to get better answers.

Many people don’t realize they don’t know the right question to ask. That is functional ignorance. You’re not going to get there unless you ask a bunch of wrong questions.

In this new economy, you have to take advantage of the opportunity versus waiting for someone to say, “Hey there is an opportunity over there. It’s got your name on it.” That’s why so many people are disenfranchised. They are still looking for permission. They’re waiting for validation from friends and family.

Let me give you some advice. When you have a new product or service, go to strangers first and friends second. Learn to introduce yourself to strangers. Learn to pitch people.

You’ve got to learn how to pitch. When you are a guy and you see this gorgeous girl and you walk over there to her, you are pitching. When you are a girl and you see this girl and you want to part of her committee, you are pitching.

Everyone needs to learn how to pitch. When I do a video and I put something in there or mention something, I am pitching. It’s a constant thing. You need to learn how to ingratiate yourself to people as fast as possible.

When you get past the permission and validation thing, you change people’s perception of you. There are many people on YouTube who can’t stand my black ass. Fuck you. That’s not going to stop me. It’s not going to stop me from pitching. There are a bunch of people who love my black ass. I’m crafting my message for those people.

You have to learn how to get past these words, validation, permission and approval. You approve your own damn self.

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