No Ebay, No Amazon – Recorded Sessions

No Ebay, No Amazon – Recorded Sessions

I was once in love with eBay. I also liked Amazon a lot and had my books published there.

It was a short love affair that ended after eBay tied up my money in PayPal and deleted my listings for no good reason that I had any control over.

I suffered financially over an unpredictable eBay concern that I was never privy to until it happened.

  • I had not broken any rules.
  • I had taken good care of my customers.

For weeks, I could not touch my money. I had to fight to get it released. It was STRESSFUL.

eBay wasn’t the only cause of my frustration. Amazon made a large payment error that did not benefit me, and I was forced to uncover it and get it corrected.

Then I realized that by depending on eBay and Amazon:

  • I had no control over my money.
  • I had no control over my listings.
  • I was a “sitting duck”  for policy changes or new rules that eBay or Amazon concocted.
  • I had no peace of mind.

After eBay screwed me once again and held my hard-earned money in PayPal, I said, “No More!”

It was a “Do or Die” situation. I had thousands of dollars of my operating capital stuck in PayPal for no logical reason.

Business owners often rely on eBay and Amazon as a crutch because:

  • They do not respect the vast opportunities available outside of the Amazon and eBay arena
  • They do not respect their own ability to create a fully functioning business of their own
  • They do not recognize the technology available to help them build their own business

Once you realize that eBay and Amazon are companies promoting only their agenda and not yours, that’s when you know that it is time for you to establish your own sales channels and payment vehicles.

Until you control your sales and your payments, you are vulnerable to the whims of those who do. Third party platforms take away your leverage as a businessperson to control your destiny and income.

By taking the plunge and creating a business that is truly yours,

You will never have to worry about:

  • Arbitrary policy changes that dramatically impact your earnings
  • Confusing algorithm changes that stop your sales and traffic
  • Your account being closed due to bogus customer complaints or accusations

Seize the moment and start your own business. You do not need eBay or Amazon.

Take control today and regain your control and peace of mind.

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