Who Is Your Perfect Customer? Why You Should Know

Who Is Your Perfect Customer- Why You Should Know

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I got another one of those questions. I was asked, “Who is you customer?” I admit that is a pretty good question. I answered, “My customer is typically a white male between the ages of 25 and 45. He’s educated formally and informally. He has anywhere from two to six years of formal education and makes between $50K and $75 a year. He is married and desperately wants to carve out his own financial freedom. That is my typical customer.

Now the secondary customer which are business customers usually are making $250K and are looking to scale. That’s the average customer and the business customer. Just like I know my stats, you should know your stats.

Let’s talk about why that is my customer. It’s background. When I was at Rentacrate selling business furniture, that’s who was in the environment. I was the business casual dude wearing the button-down shirt and khakis. We didn’t wear ties very often. Typically, that’s my customer.

Who is your customer? Who is your perfect customer? You don’t know? That’s a problem. You have to know who your customer is in order to sell to them.

The other day I put up a video saying this channel is for men. That is usually who watches this channel. When I started in 2009, and due to the wonderful information YouTube gives you, I learned who watched my channel. Seriously if you are on YouTube and you haven’t looked at the analytics, you are doing yourself a disservice because it guides you.

By 2012, it was 68% men and 38% women watching. As of this year, it’s gone back to 82% men and 18% women. When I started off, it was 90% men and 10% women.

Essentially you have to know who your customer is. This is where we’re going. Jobs are disappearing. If you have not mastered the ability to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation, you’re going to be in trouble. These things that are so organic to humanity, you’re going to have to learn how to do.

The people that I am closest to online, are frequently people that I have met in real life. You’re going to have to learn how to build relationships with people. That’s why in my course, 30 Days to $2500, I have an exercise where you go out and meet people. It’s surprising, but some people can’t do it. They just can’t do it.

I want you to ask yourself. Have you met 10 new people this month. I don’t want to hear you’re in Bumfuck, Iowa. I don’t really care. I’m not talking to you.

Meet new people. Create new energy. Do different stuff. If you do these things, you’ll see improvement in your life. We’re going to delve into this stuff.

I like to use dating analogies when I talk about selling and knowing your customer. Everyone dates or has been married or some shit like that, right? So, fellows, you go to the club, right? Typically, this is why you fail. You go in and look for the women who aren’t looking for you and completely ignore the women who have checked you out and decided they like you. Once you learn how to identify and isolate the women who have already made that decision, you will be winning like Charlie Sheen. That’s the same type of situation that you go through when you’re finding your perfect customer.

Once you realize that whatever you’re selling, whether it’s you or your cologne and the people out there who are already predisposed to buy what you’re selling, it’s a much easier and smoother transaction. That’s why you need to know who your customer is and get a handle on that other 66.6% of business, versus just the 33.3% of business.

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