Personal Development – Success in the Struggle – Sheep Theory

Personal Development – Success in the Struggle – Sheep Theory

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One of the reasons that so many people are not successful and don’t have the life that they want is because they are looking for someone to make it easy for them. I call it sheep theory. It’s called conventional theory.

This is what you should do. You hear so many messages in our society about how everyone should chart their own way. You hear you should conform or you should not conform. People tell you, you should be different, but don’t be too different. Fuck that noise.

I have eschewed conventional thinking for many years because it didn’t work for me. It kept me in a certain place that I didn’t like. There were many people who were using conventional thinking in terms of this YouTube channel.

I’ve heard it before. “Don’t curse.” I’ve also heard people say, “Don’t tell people how hard the storage auction business is. They’ll find out. Don’t tell them.”

I also received other advice that I rejected. You can’t be all things to all people. It’s just not possible. I gave up a long time ago. The level of happiness I have experienced since that point has been crazy over the top.

The meat of the video with sheep theory is there are a lot of bad things happening. I don’t care if I came to your house and bitch slapped you in the head and strung you up by your toes and then cursed you out, that is nothing compared to what the current economic meltdown is going to do to you, your family, your American way of living and the lifestyle of your offspring. We’re in for a totally different lifestyle.

The price of everything is going up. The price of necessities is going up. Anything that is a “want” shows prices stabilizing or declining. That’s where we are in the world and a lot of people aren’t paying attention because they are sheep.

One day the sheep are going to wake up and not notice that they are shivering because their wool has been shaved off and someone else is using it. They’re not going to notice they are on a conveyor belt. Then when their nostrils fill with the smell of blood from their fellow sheep, they will tell themselves, it’s not so bad. But, when they are strung up and see the butcher come up to their throat with the knife to cut their throat, they realize that it I that bad.

That’s what’s happening. Nothing I can say and nothing I can do is going to be as bad as what’s happening economically to your lifestyle right now. I want you to think about the people you know who are well educated and struggling. I put out the video about the education myth and how the recent recession exposed the education myth.

When you look at the numbers, it’s like college educated people are more employable and their unemployment levels are lower, it’s true. But when you pull back the curtain, you have a large number of college educated people who are working at Starbucks. I’m not criticizing Starbucks. A job is a job. But, if you have a degree that costs $60K or $80K and you’re working at Starbucks, you’re behind the eight ball.

Essentially what I’m saying is, yes college graduates are employed. The problem is they aren’t employed in jobs that pay a decent wage. People are discouraged from looking behind the curtain as it relates to those pricey degrees.

Sheep theory is about sheep grazing in the meadow. They keep giving you grass. You keep munching on the grass, but you never look up. By the time you do look up, it’s too late. I hear all of this stuff about being really harsh and saying you’re lazy as fuck and that’s why you’re not successful, but some of you need to hear that.

The reality is there are many of you who are very talented. There are many of you who can contribute to society and do great things. But, because you have subscribed to sheep theory and conventional thinking, you don’t really look at the way the world is. The world is a cold, cold bitch. Life is harsh. Life is not a happy ending all the time.

If you are sheep, you are part of a growing number of people who are disposable. I’m going to let that marinade for a minute. You’re disposable and you don’t contribute anything to society.

At some point, someone is going to punch your ticket. At some point, all these social programs are going to take a big hit. It’s going to happen. The money is not there. If you have no purpose and if you don’t contribute, you’re in a world of fucking trouble.

One of the things I look at on YouTube is the number of college graduates and people who have been out of school a few years who are all saying the same thing about college. There was this one guy, an Asian dude who says he feels cheated. He said it’s a scam. There are more and more videos like his that are popping up.

Make yourself indispensable to society. Become a contributor, because what’s going to happen in the next few years is going to be pivotal in your life for the next 20 or 40 years. We’re in this big, big digital revolution.

Everything’s moving toward information and how you handle it, and how you learn and train. That is what our society is becoming. You need to embrace technology with gusto. Technology is going to be a way of life. If you are one of those people who are staunchly unwilling to adopt technology, you are going to the head of the sheep line.

So, how does one stop being a sheep? Number 1 – Look at your life and be extremely harsh on the bad decisions you’ve made. As long as you blame it on other people or circumstances, you’ll never solve that problem.

There’s a saying that the level of thinking that created the problem is not going to be the same level of thinking that will solve the problem. So, pull your head out of your ass and get real. Become 100% real.

Change your mentality. Change your life. Change your results. That’s what you have to do to stop being a sheep.

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One thought on “Personal Development – Success in the Struggle – Sheep Theory”

  1. I love reading your blog posts! They really resonate with me. It’s hard to look at yourself and all the things you’ve done to mess up your own life, but it has to be done.

    Keep putting that message out there. Those who hear it and apply it have a shot. Those that don’t, well, it’s going to suck for them.

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