Predictably Irrational – How People Make Decisions

Predictably Irrational - How People Make Decisions

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

There’s this book by Dan Ariely that I think would be a good book for you to pick up. It’s called Predictably Irrational and talks about why we do the things we do as human beings. This video is going to be part rant, part educational and part observations.

There are some people that will tell you they are working for your benefit from an altruistic position. I’m here to tell you that’s 100% bullshit. The number 1 reason I say that is because making videos is time consuming. It takes effort unless you are using Google Hangouts where Google handles most of the heavy lifting.

You’ll notice, I don’t use Google Hangouts. The reason I don’t is because it is still going through a lot of changes. I’ve looked at it. It’s great for getting together. But for my purposes, it makes absolutely sense whatsoever.

The reason there are people that are pissed off at me is not because I’ve done anything wrong. They’re pissed off because they can’t figure out why their videos don’t have the reach or influence they desire to bring them the emotional or monetary currency they seek. They are pissed off because people are not paying them as much attention as me.

Referencing the book Predictably Irrational again, everybody wants to shine. Everyone wants acknowledgement. People want compliments.

Each year I’ve been alive, I have substantially increased my knowledge base. There was a statistic that said after people get a degree, many never pick up another book again, ever.

When you are successful, you don’t have time for hate. You don’t have time for crazy stuff, because you are happy. Anytime you see some ongoing fuckery, understand that this is a person who is not happy. Some of the stuff I see is done on Friday or Saturday night and I wonder why aren’t they with their family. Why aren’t they with their girl?

Most people start a business because they don’t want to work for someone else. You have to figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you don’t, the business is going to crash. Most of the YouTube channels you see aren’t going to make it two years.

I study YouTube. YouTube started in 2006. If you look at the early YouTubers, all of the people who maintained and figured out a theme for the channel are making money. At the low-end, they’re making $1000 to $1500 from AdSense. The ones that “killed it” are millionaires from YouTube. That’s one of the benefits of embracing technology.

The resale YouTube community is small compared to other communities. eBay is a powerful keyword because there are so many people into it. Once people see the challenges with resale, they fall out pretty quickly. Resellers can only go so far working from home.

Everything that you do is an emotional decision. Everything is driven by emotion. If you realize that and you recognize which emotions drive you, you can use that information to make yourself more powerful and effective.

Let’s talk about markets. I was asked if I did market research. I said no, because I knew the storage auction market was huge. I didn’t do market research, because I knew there was a market.

When I created Glendon 007, I knew there was a market. I didn’t know it was as big as it was, but I knew there was a market. Based on that knowledge, I designed videos for a market that existed.

What most of the fuckery crew does is design videos to teach people stuff they want to teach them with little regard for whether these people give a shit about it. Essentially, these educated people are making videos on topics most people don’t give a shit about.

There are a lot of ways to research YouTube. There are a lot of ways to figure out what is a good video to put up and what’s not. I’m not doing that because I have the G-verse. I have a 4-year-old channel where I can tag my videos Glendon Cameron. I have my own ecosystem compared to many people who are trying to leverage into an ecosystem. Building your own ecosystem makes sense. This is something I teach you in Hustler’s Mindset.

When creating your own economy or marketplace, you have to read newspapers and look at the economy. I am creating a new course about How to Make a Living without a Job. It is going to benefit me in about two years.

There are a lot of people who have great jobs right now. Due to technology, they’re going to be displaced. Technology is going to knock your ass out of the ballpark. There’s going to be a huge number of people who are going to find themselves without a job. In my course, I am not going to talk about Amazon or eBay. I’ve always made the most money when I created my own stuff.

You’re only going to go so far working garage sales and flea markets. You could make six figures doing that now. But, it’s going to get substantially harder for two reasons. The deals will dry up as more sellers have good information about the value of what they are selling. Technology is the second reason reselling will become harder.

One of the reason I believe the good deals will dry up is because most thrift stores will be selling through eBay and Amazon. This shift should take place in the next five to seven years. Thrift stores will be scanning their items to see where to sell them.

I do a little reselling, but most of my income comes from consulting. I consult a lot in the physical world. I make a lot of money consulting, more than through book sales and Hustler mindset products.

One of the reasons I say YouTube is extremely powerful is it helped me get a YouTube gig in Germany. That’s why I make all those videos and I’m working in the G-verse with all my stuff tagged Glendon Cameron.

If you make videos on YouTube, don’t delete your videos unless it’s really shitty. If it’s getting views, leave it up. A video I made four years ago is how I got the German consulting job. It paid me $2400 for about 20 hours of work. That’s not bad money.

At large, YouTube is a wonderful place. If you study YouTube and you know what you are doing, you can make a lot of money. You can do well.

When you are successful, people come after you. Success brings two types of people to you. First and foremost, it brings people that are good for you. It brings people to you that can make you more successful. The other, smaller group is evil trolls. Now that I have four years on YouTube, I have seen four cycles of people come and go.

When you are sitting there on YouTube and you are getting ready to do your video, I want you to think about why you are doing it. Do you want to make money? Do you want attention? Do you want to share your views with the world? Once you figure that out, the results and success may blow your mind.

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