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Private Sector Guy

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I had some guy making comments on the channel and made me remember how I hated doing RFPs. If you don’t know what that is, it is a Request for Proposal. A lot of times that’s for the government sector jobs.

I remember one day I was in my office and the owner of the firm comes in. He drops all this stuff on my desks saying, “Hey. Here’s all these government agencies and I want you to start filling out these RFPs. If you’ve never done it, it’s involved. It’s not like you fill out one form and you’re done. You get the opportunity to potentially pitch, but with those types of deals, they go for the lowest bidder many times.

I wasn’t really interested in those jobs because there was not a lot of margin, so you had to work on volume if you could get it. I am 100% a private sector dude. I’m not interested in non-profits. I’m not interested in government jobs. I never have been. I started to think about that because once you get caught up in that, it can mess you up. I know someone who was doing really well with government grants and stuff, then once that money dried up and they had to compete in the real world, they were in trouble. Needless to say, they’re no competing.

They never learned how to compete. They never had a clue about how to make it work. They were very good at writing proposals and getting grants. That’s a specific skillset, but they just couldn’t make it. They ended up closing the firm and went bankrupt.

I’ve never had a business bankruptcy. I have not allowed myself that much risk or exposure. My last few businesses have been organically grown. I spent my own money.

Form me to you, leave that shit alone. Learn how to come out here and compete in the real world. Learn how to compete in the jungle. Learn how to compete so you have skill sets that are transferable anywhere you go in the world. If you learn how to sell, I don’t care what country you’re in, you can make it.

If you learn how to fill out a grant proposal, how many people need that skill set? When you’re putting this stuff together, you’ve got to ask yourself, is this going to serve me well in the future. Because many people are into short-term gain. They’re looking to get a quick lick. They’re looking to make some money really quick. That’s really not a long-term play.

It’s about putting out some effort. It’s about providing value for people. It’s about building something. This YouTube channel didn’t make any money for six months and I was working hard. Every day, I was doing video. When I wasn’t doing video, I was looking at video concepts. I was putting in work.

There’s this movement that says you don’t have to work that hard to be successful. I would say I believe in personal development and an upward mindset, but I also believe that if you take the two and establish a strong belief system and really condition your mind for success, you can’t help but be successful. What I’ve discovered in my life is positive mental attitude is the gateway to opening doors.

The second part is establishing reinforced beliefs. I’ll give you an example. The first time I do a $30K sale is the hardest, then it is easier to do the second $30K sale. Why? It is because I had established the belief I could sell $30K in products. For you to get to the next level, you have to sell $50k or $60K. Then you have to do it again to reestablish the belief.

This is why there are many talented people out there making $20K or $30K or $50K a year, who are never going to make $100K a year because they have not established the idea that they are capable of making that much money. Even with the skill sets and the ability, they do not have the mental toolkit to make that happen.

Money is not scarce. People who will pay you are not scare. They’re not. This week I closed two deals on the phone. One is probably going to be $20K or maybe a $30K contract. The other one, because it is a longer deal, may be $100K. Now I’ve done that before so I didn’t get scared. I knew how to handle their objections because I had been there before.

Your established and reinforced belief patterns are so powerful. This is one of the reasons I don’t mess around with government stuff and charities. That’s not to say they’re not worthy, but that’s not water I want to swim in. I don’t want to mess with it. I remember filling out those RFPs and being angry. I didn’t want to be there.

When you get out there is the rough world of sales and you start making sales, it’s better than an organism. Seriously, when you get those deals that are really tough, you build this mental repository of a belief system. There are just many people who don’t want to put in the work. Just because you do it once doesn’t mean anything.

How many folks that you follow online have been around five years. Just asked yourself that. It doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say that isn’t good.

Right now, I am getting rid of things I don’t want to do. I don’t do affiliate marketing, I don’t know anything about it. I don’t buy niche websites, I don’t know anything about them. I’m not really interested in it.

You’ve got to operate using your strengths versus trying to strengthen up your weaknesses. Your weaknesses may be way weaker than you ever thought.

I would say for you to really get started to start selling something. I’m not talking about selling online, but face to face. A good way to go is to work for a company that sells to businesses. You want to get into something where you have to talk to people and pitch them. If you get the right product, you can make a lot of money.

If you can prove you have sales ability you can get a job at places that will blow your mind. After I left Rentacrate, I did not submit any applications. People came after me. I was wooed and taken out to dinner. That comes from having proven abilities. If you want to build some skill sets, be able to actually do something and repeat the process.

One of the reasons I tell people to build a business from scratch is because you will learn important skill sets.

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