How to Protect Your YouTube and Gmail Accounts from Hackers

How to Protect Your YouTube and Gmail Accounts from Hackers

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You need to protect your online assets like never before. The first thing we’re going to talk about is protecting your YouTube account and protecting any account that lets you have two-step verification. Passwords really don’t work anymore. I’m going to give you some insights into what’s happening.

Essentially, when something comes up on Facebook like, “What street did you grow up on?” or “What’s your father’s middle name?” this type of activity is trolling for databases. What the hackers are doing is getting so much information about you, that they don’t need your password because they have enough information  to correctly guess the security questions if you have them enabled.

I recommend that you enable two step verifications on your YouTube account and on your Gmail accounts. I think Facebook has it too. Enable it on the accounts you can, because once someone gets into your account, you’re screwed. You should stop this video and do that right now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big channel or a small channel, you are open to being exploited. Even if they have your password, they can’t get into your account, once you have two step verifications. It’s super, super sweet. If you have a growing channel and you have not done this, it is a matter of when you’re going to get hacked, not when you’re going to get hacked. It’s happening because there is so much value associated with online assets.

Another thing I read is people are losing access to their Twitter and Facebook page if they are commingling business and personal. This is something I am guilty of myself. This is something I will stop doing today. If you have a personal Facebook page, leave it personal. Do not post your business stuff on there. If you get sued or something, they may be able to take your personal page. I was blown away by the fact that people are losing their social media accounts in lawsuits.  

Everything has to be separate. For even more protection, you need to incorporate. If you are heavily invested in the online space and you haven’t incorporated, then you are a sitting duck.

Before you do anything, talk to someone. Everyone’s situation is different. I think you should do an incorporation. You have to publicize it, but this is why you should do it. Once you have the corporation, then you should have that corporation form the LLC. Then, you put your online assets in that LLC. That’s double layer protection. It is also good for tax purposes.

There’s another reason I want you to incorporate. Yes, this is expensive and something you should consider, but only if you’re going hard with your online assets. It gives you the ability to completely separate yourself from it. Some LLCs can be penetrated. That is why it is crucial to have the corporation form the LLC. Essentially, you want to be as far away from your LLC as possible. You really need to separate your online business from you. Anything that makes money is a target.

Online opportunities are just going to grow. If you set yourself up legally to protect yourself and take tax benefits, then when your channel takes off, you are prepared.

Another way for you to protect your online business is to treat it like an online business. There are so many entanglements on the horizon, it is stupid. Here are a few other tips.

If you’re on YouTube and you have a following, expect the lawsuits to come. I am not a legal professional. I am simply sharing with you more than likely what is going to happen based on my experiences.

People are going to hack your Twitter account. Twitter is money. If you’ve got a million followers. That’s money. If you’re on Instagram and you have several hundred thousand followers, that’s money. If you’re on YouTube and you have several million views, that’s money. What do we know? People follow the money.

You need to start protecting yourself and your interests today. Don’t wait. Don’t sit on this.

The first time I got hacked I woke up and the shit was gone. It was on Urban Packrat. Fortunately, I was using Just Host at the time and I called them up. I was saving my site every day.  He just restored the site and everything came up in a matter of minutes. That’s when I realized I could suddenly be taken out of the frame by a hacker with no rhyme or reason.

Also, there are a lot of things you can do with your YouTube channels that you couldn’t do in the past. It’s mind blowing. You can create a YouTube channel and not make any money and actually save money. It’s sick. That’s just one of the benefits.

Being hacked woke me up. It happened in 2010. I was just completely caught off guard. I was just blown away at how easy it was. Then a guy told me where they got in and what they did. Then a few months later they came back, but I had my site saved and I just went ahead and uploaded it myself.

You could start a YouTube channel and within ten years, you could be somebody. YouTubers have so much reach. I noticed they can put out a book and have 400 reviews the first day. They can write a poor book and make money because of their reach and their following.

Marketing is about to change. People are becoming desensitized to ads. The only way you’re going to be able to reach people is through telling stories, content marketing and developing a tribe. It’s very, very powerful stuff. If you are set up for that, you can benefit like you would not believe. People will be able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on one video if it goes viral.

With so much money at stake, hackers are going to target accounts to take over. It is easy to go into a YouTube account and change the owner. A hacker can take your YouTube account and then set up a new bank account, robbing you of your AdSense money.

While ownership is important, management and control of your accounts are just as important. That is why it is critical that you take precautions now to get set up and secure your online assets.

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