Do You Really Want to Be Successful? Killing Your Inner Sheep

Do You Really Want to Be Successful? Killing Your Inner Sheep

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Do you really want to be successful? I was having a conversation with someone about a situation. I am a fighter. I don’t just lay down and take shit.

Sometimes it takes me a little time to get the results I want, but usually I get them. I don’t give up. I was talking to a friend and I was called crazy because I was fighting for what I wanted. I was fully vested. I was like, “What the hell?”

This situation just made me think about a lot of things. I remembered that I heard similar things when I wrote my first book. Essentially the advice I was given was to calm down and that things would eventually work out. I am not geared that way. I am the type of guy that will blow shit up. Fortunately, in my life, there’s only been four times where I’ve had to do such things and the results were pretty devastating all four times.

I am asking you a question. “Do you really want to be successful?” People say they want success. The hard work of success is usually done late at night or early in the morning. That’s where success happens. It doesn’t happen after the check is cashed. The success happened long before then. Many people say they want success and they act like it. But, when it comes to doing the work and developing the strategy or going the extra mile, they don’t always show up.

At one point, I was taking some bad advice from a person. I asked the person a very specific question. He gave me an answer that I later found out to be false. There was no malice in it. That information was a game changer. I got all mad at myself because I didn’t do all my due diligence. When you operate on the wrong information, you get the wrong outcomes.

In some cases, you have to be maniacal to get what you want. When I realized what was happening, I had to use my sheep brain. Then, I had to go back and imagine myself in the pasture. I had to see myself with the flock again. I had to use my sheep brain to understand how people were trying to interpret my actions, because I thought I want this result.

I knew this result is going to require this action. No, that’s not working. We’re going to do this. No, that didn’t work. We’re going to do this. No, that didn’t work. So, now we’re going to try this. Now we got a result. It wasn’t the exact result we wanted, but we’re moving in the right direction. So, now we’re going to do this and this. When I look at that type of trial and error problem solving method from my unicorn brain, that’s appropriate action. But, when I look at it with my sheep brain, I say, “Oh Mother Fucker, you’re crazy. Why in the world would you put that much time and effort into something like that. It’s just not worth it. You’re wasting your time. You’re crazy. You’re obsessed.”

Then, it hit me. When you go to the pasture, what are the sheep doing? They all look down and eat grass. That’s why they don’t see the predators that come to get them, because they are all looking down. When the flock starts to move, they all move because they feel something bad is happening. So, looking at problems or challenges with my sheep brain is fucking crazy. Who would be up until 4am doing research.? Only crazy people do that.

At one point, I was a fucked up human being. I thought people owed me certain things just out of obligation, as a benefit of my humanity. That was my sheep brain working. The sheep brain is very dangerous. The sheep brain is lazy. The sheep brain seeks to do the very minimum, but for some reason it expects results all out of proportion with their effort. That’s how sheep think.

As you develop yourself as a person, you will expose people who are not developed. You will bring them out and it’s going to get ugly. It will be painful because they’re going to come at you with vigor and utter contempt.

I was talking to a new friend and I didn’t really know much about his walk of life. We were just talking about people and I brought up this situation. He said, “Dude. When I started my business three years ago I struggled. I lost my car. I lost my home. Everybody told me I was crazy. People didn’t want to hang out with me. People I thought were my friends disappeared. People that I did not know were my friends got down in the mud with me. They supported me. They brought me water when I was thirsty.”

“That seventh year when the business took off and I bought the mansion and the Porsche, all of a sudden people wanted to come back and hang out. Then I had one of those people shame me for not helping him.” Sheep have no memory.

One of the reasons I had so much trouble going from sheep to unicorn was the drugs that they give you in the pasture. You have certain benefits as sheep. You are comfortable. You are with the flock. Then when you get old, they take you to the barn. The other sheep know you’re not coming back. What they don’t know is that some of the sheep get away. They find a hole and they escape. They get out of the barn and pasture and realize, “It’s a whole new world out here.”

The indoctrination of sheep theory is part of the grand design to keep people in check. The Matrix is only a movie. So many of the parallels are so deep and so on point, it’s scary. What happens in the Matrix? Anyone can become an agent and kill your ass. That’s what these people are doing. People say things like, “You need to calm down.” You need to be a good little sheep.

Understand, when you begin to grow out of that sheep cover and realize your potential, you will know you weren’t working as hard as you could. You were coasting. When you’re dealing with sheep, you’re dealing with a powerful force. It’s a force that keeps you doing things to keep you where you are. The more unicorns that are out there, the more disruption there is. A lot of folks have left the pasture and gone online. The more people who find liberty and freedom, the more the system will be disrupted.

A lot of you want to be successful. A lot of you will face sheep who will try and dissuade you from doing the things that will make you successful such as working hard consistently and doing the things sheep won’t do. If you do sheep things, you get sheep results.

I was told I was crazy for doing eBay. I was told I was crazy for doing the storage auction business and YouTube. When I wrote my first book, they told me I was crazy. I take it as a positive sign when people come at me like that. I know I’m on the right path. When I’ve pushed through the resistance, it was just beautiful.

The more hell that you catch, the greater the reward, if you endure.

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