(Scammers Alert) Kick the Can Down the Road Society – Win Big If You Don’t Do This

(Scammers Alert) Kick the Can Down the Road Society – Win Big If You Don’t Do This

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We have become a “kick the can down the road” society. I saw some stuff today and it was about this Amazon affiliate program. Everyone said they signed up for it and it was great. Anyone can become an affiliate of this program, right?

It just hit me that he is making money for real from selling this course. He’s not making the money from Amazon. I see this stuff and wonder what it is. The it hit me, I realized you do not care as long as you get some bread. You don’t really care where it comes from or how it comes as long as you get some. I think morally as a society, we have gone the wrong way.

I’m just saying this because we have so many people that want to experience some success. They want to have a little taste and get some money. I totally get that. But, if you keep kicking that can down the road, there is a little less meat in it. It ends of becoming an empty can. It gets to the point where there is nothing left for anyone else.

I think we are at that point because there are so many people who just can’t really do it. I was looking at some people who started on YouTube when I did. They put up videos and they get like 80 or 100 views. YouTube has officially killed their channels. YouTube will not send a signal to all of their subscribers. It’s really, really bad.

I was looking at how hard it is to get put on. I was wondering, what if I wasn’t in this position. What if I was Broke Dick Danny. What if I was that person who needed some help. Would I have this viewpoint of wanting to do it the right way.

I can answer that yes. This is something I’ve never told anyone. When I was in the boarding house there was an opportunity for me to sell drugs. At that particular time, four out of seven guys in the house were selling drugs. The next thing I know a couple of the guys in the house are selling. They’ve got a little money. They felt good about themselves, right.

They came to me and they were like, “Hey big man, you want to get a little piece of this action?”

I said, “No.”

AT the time, I was hungry. I didn’t have any food. I had like $20 on me until payday which was like four or five days away. I said “No.” I had a feeling that something really jacked up was going to happen and it did. All of them got arrested. One guy ended up dead. Then a new group of people moved into the boarding house and I knew I had to get out of there.

I sat that story because there is this thing of honor that is not really online. You have a lot of people claiming to be reputable and honorable who say they are going to hook you up, right. They are literally just passing on the information or kicking the can down the road, but the can is empty. You have a lot of people that are doing that stuff.

Here’s the thing. The people who are kicking the can down the road are going to win in the short term. They’re going to make a lot of money. Because they got it sleazy, they don’t really have good work ethics. They won’t be successful long-term.

The scammers will make like crazy money. It can make people think they should abandon their principals. Then you realize their success is going to be very short-lived.  

Most of these guys are very young. They’re really smart. They know how internet audiences operate. It’s all about immediate gratification, no building and fast money. It’s all about fast money, fast cars and fast women.

I have actually seen this before. I am actually old enough that I have seen this before. I know how it is going to end up. It’s not going to end up really well for a lot of them. We have some hustler philosophy going on tonight.

It’s sad that this type of thing is going on, but it is an opportunity for those of you who want to do it right.

A lot of people on Amazon are making most of their money on course sales instead of on Amazon sales. They make enough money for some great screenshots, but they make their money off of the courses. I know a lot of these people.

I know people who are doing Amazon and who have done Amazon and they aren’t making these kinds of profits. Yet for some reason, you’ve got people saying they made $20 million, right? I think they may have made $1 million from Amazon and $4 million from course sales.

Since I sell courses, I know how profitable they can be. Let’s say you’re one of those Amazon sellers and you’re doing a million a year gross. So, you’re really bringing home $80K to $150k a year from your million dollars.

Let’s say you add a course to it. All of a sudden, you’re now bringing home $300K a year because you have $100K from teaching and mentoring.  That’s one of the ploys. They are really doing Amazon because they’re really selling stuff. They just aren’t making as much money as you think they are.

Amazon is very, very sketchy because you don’t know what’s happening with Amazon from day to day. As long as you stay under a million dollars, you’ll be fine. Once you get to $2 or $3 or $4 million you start running into problems.

Here’s the thing, we’ve got this kick the can down the road society, right? I see it with young guys mostly. young guys out there mostly. You make the money by any means necessary. If we have to lei a little bit, no problem. If we have to stretch the truth, no problem.  

I have a course out there and I tell people if your financial situation is janky, don’t buy my course. I say, “If you’re going to be put in harm’s way, don’t buy my course.” I tell them, “It’s going to take you time to see the benefits.” If you feel like you have to spend your rent money to buy my course, I’m going to tell you not to buy it. Certain unscrupulous guys will tell you to do that.

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