The Secret Recipe to Making a Million Dollars Online

The Secret Recipe to Making a Million Dollars Online

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All great recipes have to have the right ingredients in the right proportions. The first secret ingredient is you have to have something that people want, whatever that may be. It’s got to be something valuable.

When I was a storage auction person and I was out there on the storage auction trail, I knew there were many people who needed a “How To” guide because when the newbies would come out, we would fuck with them. They had no idea what they were doing. They didn’t know what was in the units. They didn’t know how to evaluate the unit.

So, I knew a book to teach them what they needed to know would be valuable. I knew there would be people that wanted it. I just didn’t know how many people that would be.

The second thing that you need is determination. You need an enormous amount of determination to get you over the hump. Making a million dollars online is not easy. There are people who will tell you that if you buy their $29.99 course, then in six months you’ll be making a million dollars.

That’s not going to happen. It’s just not.

I’ll give you an example of determination versus passion. I believe determination is more valuable than passion. I have some haters, right? One hater I had didn’t like something I said on one of my videos and waged a campaign against me. I researched his YouTube channel and he had three videos on his channel and two of them were about me. That wasn’t passion; that was hate.

That fool is still watching this channel and that fool is still hating versus taking his energy and building himself up.

So, Number 1 – you need something that people want. Number 2 – you need determination. Now Number three, which is probably more important than one and two is: you need a system. You’ve got to have a system.

This is one of the reasons that reselling is so hard. You can only do so much in systemizing reselling. When I had my resale business, we struggled with the systems and it took a lot of work to put the systems in place. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I’m a great believer in systems. I actually hacked my dating life. I’m in a relationship now, so I don’t need that. But, when I was out there in the game, I sat down and created this system for dating. I was not a club type dude or a bar type dude. I used a website and in the beginning, it didn’t work.

I sat down and figured out why the model wasn’t working. Three months later I had a model that was giving me leads of women to date. I got anywhere from three to twenty leads a week.

This is why dating is so hard. It is a huge consumer of energy, time and money. Going out on dates is sourcing. Talking to people is presenting. Explaining your intentions and desires, that’s closing the deal. The more you go out, the more successful you will be. That takes a lot of time and commitment.

I didn’t want to do that, so I created a system I used for about seven years. It worked very, very well. That’s the power of systems. They are incredibly helpful in becoming successful in any area of your life.

The fourth secret ingredient is scalability. Scalability is the single most important element for making a million dollars online. Let’s say you have ingredients one, two, and three, but you can’t scale it. This is what happens with a lot of resellers. If you don’t have the infrastructure, you can only get so big. Scalability is huge. Those are the four elements you need to make a million dollars.

People are saying, No. That can’t be all there is to it. I’m telling you, that is how I did it. That’s it, for real.

What I just told you has to be processed in your analytical brain. But before it gets there, it has to go through the hind brain or the primal mind. Typically, it won’t make it.

Let’s just say you’re Broke Dick Danny and you take this to heart. What would your life be like if in five years you were making $150k a year? It’s going to take a few years. What would your life be like? Seriously, think about that.

If you’re making $12,500 a month, how would your life be different? We’re still in the kitchen breaking down this recipe. I want you to think about that.

I want you to get this book, Pitch Anything, by Oren Klaff. It was funny because I was doing a lot of the right things, but I didn’t know it. So, I stopped doing some of those things. That’s the importance of feedback.

Part of the reason you won’t accept this information about these four things being the steps to making a million dollars online is because your hind brain isn’t believing it. You can read about it in the book. Essentially, the hind brain has only four responses.

There’s fear, interest, eat or fuck.  That’s it. Your hind brain is like, me like or me no like. Now if I were to show you my pool and my house surrounded by million-dollar homes with photos of my trip to Dubai, that’s the stuff that touches your hind brain.

Money is not rare. Good ideas are rare. Money is a tool. It’s a commodity. What’s rare is execution.

When you want to put together a business, understand that you can do it.

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