How to Sell Your Products for Top Dollar to Anyone Anytime

How to Sell Your Products for Top Dollar to Anyone Anytime

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I’m going to teach you how to sell your products for top dollar to anyone anytime. Now this is going to sound very, very strange. You don’t need a product or service. That’s not the first thing you need. What you need is a customer who has a need. Too many people try to sell something to the wrong person. When you’re trying to sell something to the wrong person, you are left wondering why selling is so hard.

Selling should not be a struggle. Selling should be a process of elimination. Let me explain.

Let’s start off with a car. It’s an Audi S4. It’s a 14-year old car. There’s a lot of people who would not want this car. There are a number of people who do want this car. My job is not to talk to people who do not want the car. My job is to find people who want the car and will pay me $12K to $14K for it used.

This is the biggest secret to selling. You have to have a customer who wants what you are selling. You have to have a customer who trusts you to sell it to them. Trust is a big part of this.

Let’s say someone watches a video in my course, Hustle Camp. Then they say, “I don’t like this guy.” They might say, “He seems sketchy. I don’t really know about that Glendon Cameron.” They’re not going to buy.

It can sound good. It can look good. But, they’re not going to buy. Now what I have to do is create an environment of trust. I have to put out content and display through lifestyle evidence that I am living well. That is called subconscious selling.

When I tell you I have a chef and a maid, it is on purpose. When I tell you I live in a very nice neighborhood with millionaires, it reinforces the subconscious selling. Many people don’t know this, but many times when someone is trying to sell you something, it is a “No” based on the salesperson and not the sales presentation or the product.

Years ago, I used to sell cars at Union City Chrysler Plymouth. There was this guy by the name of Ron Valentine. Ron looked the part. He had the gold Rolex. He looked put together. He would go in and he wouldn’t be very salesy. He would go in and say, “My name is Ron.” He’d spend 15 minutes just talking to people.

He would not talk about the car or the features. He’d ask, “What are you looking for?” Then he’d say, “Let’s go look at this.” He had a step by step process.

First, no matter what they said, he’d take them to the lowest price bare bones model. He’d say “First let’s look at this, and if you want something nicer, I will show it to you later.”

This is one of the things that Ron Valentine knew. If you sell someone on the upper line vehicle and they can’t get financed, the deal would be a “No Go.” He would gently insert them into the basic model and look for their reaction.

Ron was a master salesperson. He learned how to relate to customers. Instead of taking them to the high-end models because he wanted to get more commission, it worked better to form a bond of trust like Ron did. He looked the part. He was easy going. He never actually pushed for the sale, until it became time to be a salesperson.

One of the important things you must know in sales is when to chill, when to sell and when to push the customer. It’s like a dance.

Let’s go back to Union City Chrysler Plymouth. You have this van, the Chrysler Caravan. There is this family that comes in and they need a van, but you don’t know what their pockets look like. You can’t assume incorrectly that their pockets are fat because what they will do is go to another dealership and buy what they could have bought from you. That’s something I learned from Ron.

So, the first thing is, have a customer who wants what you have to sell and who needs it and is willing to pay. Second, you must create an atmosphere of trust. You must befriend the customer.

The third part to selling anything to anybody at any time is closing the deal. This is an extremely important skill set to learn. You must know the appropriate time to close the deal. This is the part where it gets a little tricky.

These windows that open can close and open at any time. Let’s go back to my car. We’re selling the Audi and the guy comes in. His eyes are wide and he’s looking at it. He wants it. I said, “Here’s the keys, give me $12,500 and it’s yours.” He said, “Ok.” He’s ready to buy. There is no dance to be done. There’s no point in discussing features and benefits. He’s ready to buy. You can see it.

Let’s say another guy comes here to buy the Audi, but he’s like, “I don’t know.” He kicks the tires. He looks at it. He looks at the mileage. He’s kind of laying back and says he doesn’t really know about this. He points out some negatives about the car. “There are some problems with the paint. It looks like there is some curbing on the wheels.” He is so ready to buy, but he has to buy in his own good time.

The more negatives that they bring up, the more they want it. They are trying to get to a certain price point. This is what I’d say to that guy. “It’s clear that you want the car. Where do you need to be?” If he says, “I need to be at $12K.” I’d say, “For $12,200, it’s yours.”

So, you can sell anybody anything at any time, but you must do your homework. You must know you are selling to the right person.

Let’s go with Hustle Camp. It’s not for everybody. It’s not for everyone who reads this blog. I know this. Certain people are going to come along and buy Hustle Camp. So, my job is to present, to provide trust and to provide proof.

It’s not that complicated. This is where most people go wrong. They want to make the sales process super complicated. They want to build out all of these funnels.

How do you get sales experience? You must start selling something. It’s just that simple. You can’t hack it or fake it. You must go out and try to sell something to someone. In the beginning, like it was for me, it’s going to be hard and challenging and you will make many mistakes. But, that’s where you learn.

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