What Separates the Strong from the Weak

What Separates the Strong from the Weak

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The reality is when you have a business and you are trying to put stuff out, things are going to go wrong. I’ve been having issues with live streaming. I’m probably not going to do anymore live streams for a while and I’ll just make videos the regular way. What I had planned is going to take longer because I’ve got to shoot it and set it up. Life streaming is faster and easier.

Even with all of these hassles, under no circumstances will the party not go on. Also, I am wondering if this is YouTube trying to force people to work off their phone. Maybe that system is better, I don’t know. If you’re a business person and you’re hustling, you have to understand, things are going to go wrong. People are going to want stuff from you. Things are just going to fall apart sometimes.

Some people fall apart when things go wrong. That’s a problem, because success is a long-term game. I’ve had issues with the live streaming before and I figured it out. This will be solved at some point. I had the same problem at home and at the office. Last time I had the live streaming problem, it didn’t matter what I used. It was a YouTube issue.

All of these YouTube channels are on different servers. My YouTube channel is going on nine years old. Unless they’ve moved this channel to another server, I don’t really know what they’ve done. That could be a lot of issues, so who knows. The whole point is, I don’t really think it’s me per se.

This is one of the big things with getting your business started. You’ve got your idea. You’ve got your products. You know your audience. You’re ready to go. Then you inevitably run into problems that keep you from going forward. So many people who started multi-million-dollar business, the first two years they experienced one setback after another.

People quit on them. Folks didn’t show up. People stole inventory. People with experience know that is part of business. Starting a business takes mental toughness. You have to have the intestinal fortitude to keep going.

I mean you’ve got people out here who are fighting for their lives, battling cancer or some debilitating disease. I’ll tell you one of the reasons it’s easier for me to have a positive attitude in the face of adversity. A patient I used to take care of a long time ago, he was one of those holocaust victims. He had those tattoos up on his arms and stuff.

He had massive issues of cancer. He had two types of cancer. His torso was riddle with painful tumors, right. I would go in his room, and this dude would smile. I knew he was in pain. He had a certain grace about him. He was funny and he was a kind dude.

When I have a bad day, he is one of the people I think about. In comparison, my problems are not so big. You have to take your problems and put them in the right perspective and move on and do something else because this is life. It’s not going to get any easier. You have to make it better. Things just happen.

I see that starting businesses the correct way is getting harder. From a legal structural framework, they are getting stricter with LLCs. It’s very intriguing because in my opinion, the only way out if you’re born poor, is entrepreneurship. Going to college isn’t the path anymore. That whole ship has sailed.

Education is changing. In China, they are rearranging their education system. Their education has always been Stem based and tracked. They have a huge group of people who can’t think. They can conform. They can follow rules, but they can’t think creatively. In the future, societies who do not have independent thinkers or creators are going to be left behind.

In the USA, we are heading in that direction. We’re taking art and certain things out of the school systems, we’re creating partial people. We’re creating people who don’t have all the skill sets they need to be competent human beings.

I see a lot of people born into good situations that still struggle because they can’t handle or manage adversity. Little stuff can have people losing it. Things like when your cell phone stops working or the gate to your community is not working properly. Those types of little things can stop some people in their tracks. The problem is that people are not allowed to fail as much as they need to while growing up.

Consequences shape you as an adult. I’ll give you a really good example. When I was a kid, boys would get in fights. That was normal. When I say fights, I’m not talking about gang banging. Back then, nobody would go home to get a gun. So, you’d get in a fight and usually it would last two minutes, if that. Once you get tired, it’s over. You wither won or you got your ass kicked. That was it.

As dudes we learned, it’s not a good idea to punch that guy that’s a foot taller than you and about 50 pounds heavier. Let’s go to girls. Girls don’t get that. They don’t usually have consequences.

The problem is we have a group of people who don’t think deplorable behavior should be met with deplorable behavior. Somehow, they think they’re special. These people don’t know how to deal with diversity.

Look for the book, How Children Succeed. There are colored pencils on the cover. It’s on Amazon. It’s there. It talks about how when children have adversity early in life, it makes them stronger for the future. For the parents out there who are trying to keep their kids from failing or who are helicoptering, you could be creating an underperforming adult.

What I see with people is a very low threshold for frustration. People quit very quickly. Then they say stuff like God didn’t want me to have this. God was not really involved in that. That was a person decision you made.

Businesses are failing faster than ever before. Typically, in the past when a business was well established, it would fail at the 30, 40 or 50-year mark because of new innovations or the people who started it weren’t around anymore. It would be stuff like that.

Now businesses are failing much faster and I know why. We have created disposable businesses. We have people out there who have created a business so they can sell it, which means there is no long-range planning. The business plan is about attracting attention and getting the business to a certain level so it is positioned to be sold. It is not about serving people. It is not about building something to leave their kids. It’s none of that.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to prepare yourself mentally for the rigors of success. The more successful you are and the more money you make, the more challenges you are going to have to endure. The idea of the more money you have, the more problems is true. As an entrepreneur, at least the drama is your choosing versus drama that is thrust on you by somebody else. You have to be strong. It’s all about your mindset.

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