How to Start a Business When You Have a Job

How to Start a Business When You Have a Job

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I want you to listen to me. The first thing you have to do is focus. You need to get all those ideas of multiple streams of income out of your head. You have your job, right? That’s your income.

Your first primary focus should be getting one business up and running. We’re going to make an assumption that you have selected a business model. We’re not going to get into the discovery process about what business you should do since I don’t know you. I don’t know your strengths and weaknesses. I don’t know your resources.

Let’s get into the process. What I want you to do if you’re married is to sit down with your spouse and tell them you want to start that business. But, hey, you’ve got that family thing going on, right? You need to explain to your spouse that you need an hour a day, seven days a week. There are no days off because you have a job and a family.

You want to get this thing started. So, the hour a day that you use to start the business is the “hour of power.” What you’re going to do after you have this discussion with your spouse is set up a home office. It’s not required, but it is helpful.

Then each day for an hour, you shut the door and work on your business free from distractions. People struggle because when you’re home, people don’t think you’re working. Get that cleared up upfront and be firm. This is the reason you have the family conversation.

The next thing you have to figure out is the angle for your market. There’s nothing new under the sun, right? Everything is done. There are a few innovations, but everything is what it is. Uber didn’t invent taxicabs; they just made hailing a taxi better.

You have to look at what you can do in your industry to make things better. How can you make your service or product an improvement on what is already out there? You need to answer this question, “How can I make it personal.”

You need to spend time crafting your offer. Before you go online, you need to test it locally. If your offer doesn’t work locally, it’s not going to convert online. So, if you can’t sell anyone in your town, your office, or on your friend’s list; it’s not going to work online.

You’re not going to spend weeks and months doing this. You’re going to get together your service or product offer and in that first week during your hour of power, you will send that out. You will ask someone for money by the end of the first week. If you have a product or service that is not that complex, that’s what you’re going to do.

What many people are doing wrong is they’re going online to get money without authority. When you go online offering to help people, the trolls, the haters and the doubters are going to question you and wonder whether you can really help them.

If you use what I call the “Pump Up to Authority” method, you’re going to run out of content really soon. Then you will have to jump to some other way to make money online. People will be paying attention.

If you have something complex, it might take you months to do the research before taking it to market. You may need to bring in partners. You will also use your hour of power to get ready. The first week you start calling people. Once you get through your first “to do” list, then you start all over again.

The “hour of power” idea works for both simple and complex business ideas. The system will not work if you don’t work. That typically is the problem. Now, you’ve got your marching orders.

What kind of containers can you use to keep up with this stuff? You can use paper like I do. You can use your Google calendar. You can use your iPhone calendar. It doesn’t really matter how you track this stuff, as long as you are actively tracking it. Many people get caught up with tools and tactics. The thing is, they all work.

Where most people go wrong is they never went to the beginning and asked themselves what they wanted to do. They never asked, “What do I want to put all my energy into?” You can make money doing anything. You can make money selling anything. The big question is does it align with what you want to do with your life.

Many people turn to online businesses because they think it looks good. But, it may not be for them. The only time you can work on your business is the weekends. What does that look like? That looks like no trips. That looks like no hanging out wasting time. You might have to go to a funeral or a good friend’s wedding, but that’s it.

So, if you go ahead and invest in this golden “hour of power,” you start to build something durable. You start to gain real experience. You start to gain real authority. It might take you five, six or seven years to get where you want.

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