Why Starting a Business Online Is So Hard

Why Starting a Business Online Is So Hard

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It’s an interesting day today. There are so many people who want to start a business online, and they struggle. They’ll create a website. They’ll buy all the books. They’ll do all this stuff and continue to struggle. There’s a reason that it is so hard. Many people are not grounded in business principles. I mean it is hard.

You’ll hear these words. “What’s going on with Facebook ads?”

Let’s talk about the business principles that you need. Sales is key for success. I’ve been saying this for nine years. So many people don’t want to do it. If you learn how to sell, you will change your life. Many people are just avoiding doing that. They don’t want to do it.

The first thing you have to do before you sell anything to anybody is to get attention. The second thing is you have to get them to believe in you. The third thing you have got to do is get them to trust you. It is becoming harder and harder to do that.

I think everybody should start an offline business first to start getting skill sets that will help online. Let’s get back to the whole parallel. If you suck in real life endeavors, why in the hell do you think you’re going to become a beast online?

The same skills sets are used. What putting your business online does is allow you to scale your business much faster and more efficiently. The real core skills don’t disappear. You’ve still got to get them.

In 2009, I started a YouTube channel and I didn’t know what I was doing. I started a blog and I didn’t know what I was doing. But, I knew how to sell.

There is so much discussion about Amazon and eBay. Many people start with those platforms. What Amazon and eBay does to you is create this situation where you feel you can’t do anything else. You become co-dependent on them. It gets really, really crazy. Start that business. Get those skills. You have to do it.

Going back to the example of me. I did not know what I was doing on YouTube and my blog. I was learning “on the fly.” What did I have to help me? I had business experience. I knew how to sell. I knew how to market.

When I say offline business, let’s talk about Mack Daddy Media. It’s a consulting firm. I use YouTube to bring people in and I do a lot of work offline.

You can have a website. This is one of the situations that will be solved very soon. When we hire people and they want to go to the website, Mack Daddy Media doesn’t really have one. People aren’t sure what to think about that.

Sure, I could throw some bullshit up there. But, I have a vision for that website. You know what? I got clients for that business without a website. So, in my mind; I need a website, but it’s not a top priority. What’s a top priority – getting sales and making money.

I have pulled back from what everyone else is doing. I went to this really good video marketing conference. It was all week long. It was really good.

After sitting down with myself, I realized I was trying to create something I didn’t really want to do. I realized I was trying to create something I wasn’t really good at while ignoring what I know how to do, which is what a lot of people do.

With those business skills I have, I can make a lot of money without YouTube. I could make a lot of money going out and selling stuff on Craigslist and build a resale business. Do I want to do that? No. I don’t want to do it. It doesn’t fit with the long-range vision I have for myself of how I want to remembered when I’m dead.

I have a list of shit I want people to know, like he wrote this book. He created this. He created that. When you have a resale business, when you’re gone nobody notices it.

I didn’t know any of this stuff and I had to learn it. I knew how to sell. I knew how to setup a sales process. Now, where did this come from? Selling office furniture and Craigslist. I don’t know how many ads I’ve written for Craigslist. I had 8000 plus sales.

I advise you to start a business locally in your circle. You will still get the experience. Just do that. So many people are trying to skip over this step.

In the beginning, I made so many mistakes. Even so, I made money because I knew how to market. I know so many people that have the best websites. They know all the stuff about Twitter. They’re good on Facebook. Yet, they’re still living with Mom and Dad.

I can sit down and talk with someone who started a business and get a feel whether they will make it or not. If you start an offline business and spend 90 % of your time on sales, you will make money. Typically, people spend 90% of their time on the vision and the mission statement. They fantasize about what they will do once they make money. Remarkably, a small amount of time is given to sales and marketing. People act like this stuff is just going to happen.

Starting small is starting with your inner circle of people you know. When you make your mistakes, your mistakes will be smaller. It will be a smaller pool of risks, because you’re not that big.

When you are an online person it gets wild because in your mind, you know how this works. Everybody is not real comfortable with this online thing just yet. It’s really, really crazy when you think about it. That’s why there is so much room to grow, because so many people look at this as a joke.

If you go through these trials and tribulations about how to sell and how to start a business, then you’re going to put yourself so far ahead of everyone else. I’m talking about people with money. Just because you have money and want to start a business does not mean it is going to be a success.

If you want to make it as an online person, you need to learn how to sale. You need to immerse yourself in the sales process.

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