How to Stop Trading Time for Dollars – It Is a Process

How to Stop Trading Time for Dollars - It Is a Process

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I don’t want to trade time for money. Here’s the problem with that. For most people on this planet, they are going to trade time for money. For those who don’t, they’re going to trade time for money to get the skills to someday not trade time for money.

It is hard. It’s not something you can do with a low skill set. That’s the problem. If you have a high skill set or you are creative – you can live that life of making money off of something you did once.

I know you don’t want to trade time for money. I’m going to go ahead use me as an example. I traded time for money so I could learn how to not to live like that.

Currently, one of my income streams is resulting from trading time for money as a consultant. There was the question. I’m an employee, so I don’t know where you are going to go out and create this thing and not have to work anymore.

There was this question in Quorum about this very thing. “I’m 20 years old and how do I get a bunch of money so I don’t have to work anymore?” Let me be real clear with you guys. Not wanting to waste time is fundamentally different than being lazy. It’s not about being efficient. It’s not about saving time. It’s because you’re fucking lazy and you don’t want to work.

Until you develop a good work ethic, you’re not going to create a piece of art. You’re not going to create a blog. You’re not going to create a YouTube channel. You’re not going to create anything that will allow you to have passive income. It’s not going to happen.

Let’s go ahead and talk about how you can actually build something where you are not trading time for money. I’m going to start off with the things I’ve done and know how to do. Here are the reasons I want to be a creator. I wanted to be a writer. If you create something stunning and amazing, one piece of good work can provide you with money for the rest of your life. It’s possible.

I tried to be a writer in 1991. It didn’t work out. I wanted to write and I had a little skill with the pen. I didn’t have the discipline.

Then I tried writing again when I was living in the boarding room. By my third time, I had over a decade of experience. I was used to working 10 to 12 hours a day.

I have a writer friend who lost her writing contract because she couldn’t finish the book. They gave this chick a $150K advance and she had to return it. All she had to do was write the book.

You’ve got to go to work. You’ll hear about this kid who built an app. But you will not hear about the 2000 to 20,000 hours of being in that niche playing those video games or tweaking that code. It looks like they just snapped their fingers and they had money.

What you have to do is to get busy on something. You need to pick something. You need to make a commitment. The commitment does not have to be for life. It could be for 30 days. It could be for 60 days or 90 days. As you move forward, you will start to figure some things out.

The second step is to become good at whatever you committed to. You want to seek out excellence. You must strive to be the best. You want to be so good that people take notice.

A lot of people say, “I don’t know what I want to do.” You not what the fuck you don’t want to do. So how do we use these two truths.

Many people say, “Glendon, tell me what to do.”

I reply, “I’m not your Daddy or your Mama.

You need to figure some stuff out. As carbon-based life forms, you won’t put out for something you don’t want to do.

A lot of people say they don’t know what to do. The truth is you always seem to know what you don’t want to do. First of all, you will create a lot of experiments. Pick some stuff you are mildly interested in for a 30, 60 or 90-day lab. Very quickly you will realize, “I can’t do this for a year.”

You have to take some chances. You have to experiment. You have to focus.

To escape the paradigm of trading time for money, the best thing you can do is start a business. In the beginning, you will be trading time for money, but you’ll be trading your time for more money.

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