Super-Learning The Secret of My Success Magic Jelly Beans

Super-Learning The Secret of My Success Magic Jelly Beans

If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

The secret is Super-Learning. I bought this book in probably 1998. I read this book when I was living in the boarding house. It’s 350 pages of information. I remember going through all of the exercises. I remember doing everything. I didn’t have anything else to do.

Now I just told you something. I was living in the boarding house. I didn’t have any money. I got this from Barnes and Noble; I remember that. The cover just spoke to me. I went through it and did all the exercises when I wasn’t doing anything else. What I was doing was preparing for my future.

There are many of you who are not where you want to be. It’s a long road. You’re not there. Right now, you’ve got time on your hands. You could be reading a book and preparing yourself for your future versus preparing for shortcuts. I know you’re looking for a quick come up. The reality is this is your quick come-up. It’s going to be as quick as possible, but you’ve got to put forth effort.

I put in 14 hours today and I’m doing this video. You can’t get anything done just talking. You must do.

Go on Amazon and get this book. See what you can do with it. It’s weird how things I did years ago help me to this day. Chapter 2 is on Super Memory. I did all the exercises. I absorbed the information.

If you’re broke and struggling and working the bullshit job, and you don’t have a car. Take your ass to university. If you read 12 books like this, it will separate you from a lot of people including college graduates.

I didn’t just read this book. I inhaled it. I went over it five or six times because it was so fascinating. I embodied the principles of this book. This book was written in 1979. This is the stuff that the kids who went to the fancy prep schools were doing. They weren’t doing the same things that you were doing in regular school. No. No. No.

A lot of you are going to have to get over yourself and realize that you are functionally ignorant. If you’re over 40, you’re going to have to get help from somebody and learn this new technology. This new technology does not care how old you are. You have to get with it or you get run over by it. That’s just reality.

I get people who say they don’t know how to use email. Learn. You can do it. Wake up your brain. Become that super person you can become.

Your ability to own the future is going to be predicated on your ability to learn. If you can go through this book two or three times, I guarantee you that you will see more money in your life. You will learn more tricks. You will learn how you work. This is the key to the future.

You need to learn how to learn better. Chapter 2 of this book is the reason I was able to remember all those storage auction stories. Sometimes you will see something and a memory flashes across your mind. That’s called a trigger. That memory was hooked to whatever triggered it.

You can do it intentionally. You can teach yourself how to remember better by hooking things together. That’s what I did. It’s weird because I don’t think of it consciously, I just do it.

If I meet someone and I want to remember them, I’ll say to myself, “Bob big nose.” I say that in my mind, not out loud. I’ll never forget their name if I do something like that. I might say, Barry bushy eyebrows or something similar. You can do those kinds of links.

This book is the secret. This is the inner game. This book cost me $10.95.

If you want to apply yourself, This book with the power of The Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murray are two ways to improve your inner game. Google it. Put yourself in an academic, intellectual mindset. You need to learn some stuff.

If you use Google or eBay, you don’t learn how to build a website. You don’t learn about marketing. There are so many things that you have to learn to be successful online because at any point all this stuff can disappear.

My YouTube channel could disappear tomorrow. It sure could. But you know what, thanks to Super- Learning and other things I’ve got going on, I could rebuild pretty quickly from scratch because I did it the first time. You have to cram good information in your head.

The new class war is about money. It’s not about race, it’s about money and intellectual capital. Money is not just cash or credit or money in the bank. The most valuable asset you can have is intellectual property because that creates money.

You could have no money in the bank right now and your head could be full of intellectual capital and you could be rich in ten years or two or three or four because you have the ingredients of wealth. That’s where we’re going.

I hope you’re listening to me. Get this book. Order it. It’s really cool what this book can do for you. This is my magic jelly bean. Knowledge. Hopefully, you can get some too.

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