The Dollars You Throw Away – How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities

The Dollars You Throw Away – How To Take Advantage Of Opportunities

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I tell you. Life is a strange, strange animal. In this episode, we’re going to talk about how to spot and work opportunities. For some reason, there are many people that think the American Dream is dead. They think that things have gone to shit, etc… Let’s chop it up, shall we.

As we jump into this, I want you to think about some stuff. What exactly is opportunity? There are many people who become immediately upset if opportunity isn’t easy. Let’s focus on that word, “easy.” Many people have been conditioned to believe that they should get great things at a great price.

Part of that mix is opportunity. I remember when I was working on my first book. I was talking to a friend. I told him that I was working 10and 12 hours a day. The person I was talking to could not understand. They were like.. ”Why don’t you start the storage auction business again? Get back in that. That’s something you know.”

It was one of those moments I felt constricted because someone was trying to stuff me in a box that made them feel more comfortable.

I get on YouTube all the time and it’s … “You are a storage auction guy. You’re supposed to do this.”

I am supposed to be true to myself. If that means making a pivot or chasing a dream, that’s what I’m going to do. My friend and I went back and forth and I could tell that they were frowning on me for having the audacity, for having the clarity to say… “I want to write a book.”

I didn’t really think it was that big of a deal because it’s something I always wanted to do. I knew many people who had done it. I have a lot of friends who are writers and I was like…. “I can do this.”

What I failed to understand on that day was how people are afraid of change. You would think, this is my life, how does that impact other people? I’m making change in my life, that really shouldn’t be a problem for them.

Something happens when you make personal changes in your life. These changes scare people. They move people from their comfort center. I didn’t realize that me saying.. “I’m not going to do the storage auction business again and I’m going to write a book” would be so threatening to someone. The narrative is: you should do what people expect you to do.

There are folks who are living a life that was designed by others. They’re living their life for other people and they’re miserable.

You are probably saying to yourself, “What does this have to do with opportunity?”

It has everything to do with opportunity. Opportunity is a choice. It’s not supposed to be easy. Sometimes opportunity is easy. I was walking down the street one day as a kid and saw a corner of some paper money on the ground and picked it up. It was a $20 bill covered in mud. I found a little puddle and washed that bad boy off and I had myself a great weekend.

It was opportunity. It wasn’t clean, but it was still money.

It’s taken me some time to understand this journey. Because I do YouTube videos and train people, I meet a lot of people and see certain patterns emerging. Sometimes I see my former self in people.

In 1997, 1998, 1999, those were some really, really rough years for me. I was dating this girl. I was working in this lab in a hospital. This drug representative comes in. OMG! She was gorgeous. She had to have some blood work done. I was totally 100% unprofessional. After I drew her blood, I ask her out. She said. “Ok.”

So, we’re going out and my life takes a few turns and I actually end up where I don’t have a car. My loser mindset thoughts were… This is my girl and we’re dating and she knows I don’t have a car, and she’s got two. She should let me drive the other one, right?

Now, let’s really look at this. She has a job. She bought the car. She had a company car. It had nothing to do with me That’s where my loser mindset was. I got mad at her and broke up with her because she would not allow me to use her car. She paid for that car with her own money before she ever met my sorry ass and I totally ignored the fact that she was dating me.

I made maybe one-fourth or what she did, because she made over six figures. She never said anything. Now looking back, I remember her as a beautiful woman, great spirit, hard worker, established and cool as shit. Because I was a loser mentally, I fucked it up. She was an opportunity. She was the type of chick you marry. Because I was hung up on some entitlement bullshit, I let her go. It took me many years to realize that I was stupid as fuck.

I tell you this story of my misgivings of my bad mindset because I was in a horrible place back then.

No one owes you anything!

Opportunity isn’t always going to be dressed in a nice suit and tie with shiny shoes. Sometimes the best opportunity is going to come into your life covered in shit, mud, blood, sweat and tears. They’re going to be scary.

When I first got into the storage auction business, it took me two weeks to recognize the opportunity. I was a little arrogant back then. I was in a corporate sales job before that, selling $50K and $100K deals. So, I get out there and I see these rag, tag Deliverance-looking people and I thought, this is going to be easy.

Those motherfuckers ate my ass alive for the first three months. But, I stuck it out. After two weeks, I realized the opportunity. It came to me when I was cleaning out this unit that Rodney the Rat had shit all over. There was all of this crap. I got the unit for $5. It was horrible. It stunk. I’d filled up several huge trash bags just 5 feet into the unit. I was ready to throw in the towel. Then, I just manned up. Then, when we got six feet into the unit, we went from ashy to classy. It was like two different units.

There was a beautiful bedroom set, a nice dining room table and some jewelry. The unit was so good, it made the month. At that point, it clicked. “Oh…this is how this works.”

When you are looking at an opportunity, you’ve got to ask yourself… “What is the worst thing that can happen?”

Then, you have to asked yourself, “What do I want?”

The third question you have to asked yourself is… “What price am I willing to pay?”

Another question you want to ask yourself is… “How long can I wait?”

You’ve got to pick something and work for it for a few months, six months or even a year. You have to learn that opportunity is not always nice.

I can tell you that with a plan, hard work, and timelines; you can do more in a year than many people do in a lifetime.

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