The First Step to Scaling a Business – You Will Fail if You Don’t Do This

The First Step to Scaling a Business – You Will Fail if You Don’t Do This

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If you aren’t on the mail Chimp list below, you want to get on it. If you want to scale your business, the first thing you must do is design your business to scale. If you don’t put systems in to allow you to scale, you get stuck. That’s very common.

So this client built his business and it was built for a size 36 inch waist. No matter what you do, all you get is a 36-inch waist. You can get something smaller, but you can’t get anything bigger, right? That’s where the problem was. So, we had to rip apart the business and put in things that did not exist in the beginning to enable it to grow. That’s a really painful process.

To some degree, I’m going through this too with things that I am doing. There’s Hustler’s Kung Fu. There’s Mack Daddy Media. I’m bringing people in to do stuff I’ve pretty much done myself or with the assistance of virtual assistants.

Let’s stick with Mack Daddy Media. One of the things I have to do to scale for the future is to train people now. I have to slow things down and create a daily training schedule.

In video marketing, it changes every month. There’s a few principles that don’t change. 1. You have to create video. 2) You need to know where to deploy it. 3) You need to learn certain video techniques. 40 You need to learn SEO techniques. You need to learn about tags, keywords and more.



Today’s special is the Never Broker Action Pack. What I am going to do is a $450 coupon, for those who want to get into the business school for hustlers. You can use that coupon for that. That’s the deal that is $249.99 and it’s going to save you way more than it costs you. But we’re going to do a different level of training.


To grow Mack Daddy Media, I have to build a good foundation. That includes creating an employee handbook. The Employee handbook forces you to think about your company in a certain manner. You put in your job description and your company philosophy. You put in what we’re going to do and how you’re going to do it.

Question: Will the local meetings be at your office?

Answer: I have a place where we can do training. It probably will not be at my office. There will be another office. I’m looking. I’ve got one spot picked out. Here’s the thing, the original plan for this was to get two co-hosts and do the original show here. For one, I know what the acoustics are here. There’s a good tone in here. That’s why I want to do the show here.

Due to some other things, I’m going to hire some other people and they need a place to go. I’m going to have a training facility too. There’s going to be three places where Hustler’s Kung Fu people will be doing their thing.

I have to make some huge capital investments before the money comes in to get to the point where we can scale and grow. You’ve got to play to scale your business from Day 1. Planning to grow your business is asking what people and facilities do I need to get from here to here.

Creating the infrastructure to execute that business plan can take a week, to three months to a year to create the strategy and pull all of these pieces.

For you guys who do YouTube, You need to do live streams. It will refocus your channel. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, they’re all about the live streaming.

Only eight to nine percent of all commerce is done online.  Half of that’s Amazon. 90% of all business is still out here. That’s why I created Mack Daddy Media. I feel I have 7, maybe 10 years before everybody catches on.

While I’m going back to old school methodology, everybody is running to the internet. No game plan. No plan to scale. No plan to build anything.

To build your business, the first thing you’ve go to do is work out a business plan for growth. In the beginning, you should do everything in your company. Once you get to a certain size, that wil be impractical.

When deciding on how to meet sales goals, you figure out what the average salesperson can sell. Then, if your sales goal is $5 million for example. The you can divide the average sales person’s figures into your goal to find out how many salespeople you need to meet your goal. That is a process for growth and scale.

I’m building out Mack Daddy Media to make my other consulting business really grow. I know I’m going to need more people. Mack Daddy Media is the consulting arm, teaching other people to do what I did for myself. The goal for the end of the year is 10 people.

Question: What’s your take on vlogging? Is it too saturated on YouTube?

Answer: Nope. Here’s the thing. Nothing is saturated with quality. Nothing is saturated with “you take.” Essentially, doing you and staying in your love, you will bring something to the platform that other people are not bringing.

Question: What’s your take on Ecommerce stores?

Answer: Build one. Let’s go back to the whole thing about scale. Let’s say you build an ecommerce store today and you keep it going for 20 years. Let’s say you don’t have a big market share, but you do have a large repeat customer base. Guess what? You’re a millionaire.

Question: What’s the best advice for writers who want to monetize their work?

Answer: Put the work out. Write every day.

In terms of growing your business, I see this all the time. People ask, how can I hire this rock star employee that needs no training? I knew I wasn’t going to go out there and find somebody to do what I wanted them to do. It wasn’t going to happen.

So, I knew I had to find someone with a good personality and a good work ethic and train them. That’s the reality. The thing is this investment takes time to build, but once you build it, it flies.

Question: What’s a good laptop brand?

Answer: Start your YouTube channel on your phone.

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