The Mental Side of Hustling and Why You Should Do It

The Mental Side of Hustling and Why You Should Do It

What is hustling and why should you do it – even if you have a good job? Read the summary and watch the video.For the last two years, I’ve been talking about the “New Economy.” Some people are very resistant to change.The “New Economy” is about a shift in society at large. It’s a big change financially and economically. It’s not just me. Two guys recently wrote a book about this. These two guys are from MIT, one of the top 5 educational institutions in the world.  They are saying what I’ve been saying for years.

The essentials of life are going up in price and things you don’t need are plummeting in price. This fact can be awesome in some ways because it means more opportunities for people who are prepared. Being prepared does not mean having a college degree. Being prepared is being in possession of highly desired skill sets.This thing that is coming will be so crazy. It will be like the caveman days…kill or be killed. The world is moving towards two classes of people. It’s different than the “haves” and “have-nots.” It’s darker than that.

You think technology is moving fast right now? We’re going to hit a point where it will look like we were coasting.

Let’s define hustling. Hustling is exploiting opportunity. If you’re walking down the street and you see a guy selling a cord of wood for $5 on a chilly day. Then you walk around the corner and see a guy with a sign saying we will pay $10 for a cord of wood and we need it really bad, you’re going to walk your ass back to the $5 guy. You’ll say, I’ll take all you have, and then you sell it for 100 percent profit. That is hustling.

Hustling is observation and knowledge base. Many folks look at hustling as taking advantage of people. Let’s say you’re at a garage sale and you see an item for $30 that you know is worth $1000. If you’re a true hustler, you say, here’s $30, have a nice day. That is hustling.

Now let’s talk about why you should do it. Right now, you might have a great job, money in the bank. Your bills are all paid. Due to technology, in five years that might not be the case. You did all the right things, went to the right school. Then one day, they lay you off.

You didn’t see it coming. The company is growing and showing record profits. Yet, you are still laid off. Why? They don’t need you. New technology or your job is being outsourced. This is going to be a common story!

For the first time in history, we have a very large educated underclass. This is a huge, huge group of people. We have people with two or three college degrees making under 30K a year. That’s all they have the skill sets to do.

I’m in Atlanta. When I go out, I can instantly tell when I’m talking to one of these people by the way they carry themselves, their conversation, diction and so forth. The crux of the issue is that when they were in school, the world kept spinning. By the time curriculum is developed, it may be obsolete. But they’ll teach it for a few years, or even a decade. And it’s obsolete. So, you have this person that worked hard and had a high GPA, which explains the resentment of these people. I totally get it. They can only find jobs they could have gotten without a degree. It is an incredible mind fuck, the source of a lot of misery.

I tell you something else that is happening. A lot of 25 and 30-year-old adults can’t leave home. They may leave for a minute but they come back, or they are forced to get a roommate.Your money doesn’t go as far. Fuel, food, and healthcare are extremely pricey.  You have this paradox. People are pissed off and confused. It is a growing segment of the population. It’s true college graduates have a higher level of employment than high school graduates. If I’m an employer, and I can hire a college graduate for the same price I could hire a person without a degree, then I’m going to say…” Come on in Mr. BA or MBA.” This trend is not going to reverse anytime soon. The number of premium jobs between 90K and 500K is shrinking, due to technology and displacement.

This is why you should hustle even if you have a great job. I promise you in five to ten years, your situation will change. I’ll bet money on it. Unless you’re preparing for it, it can be an ugly event. You should hustle to gain skills. Hustle knowledge is different that knowledge that helps you get a job and maintain a job.  There is nothing like the experience of running your own business that will prepare you to run your own business.

You need to get started now.

How do you change your mindset to take action now?

You have to create a sense of urgency. I’ve noticed with my students that without a sense of urgency, some people don’t perform.I’ve been in a number of Facebook groups. I’ve noticed that someone will join the group and get better results in two or three months than others in the group for two years. They had a sense of urgency.

Another reason to start hustling now is due to technology. If you get in the hustler game after losing a job or when you are about to lose a job, there’s high anxiety and a lot of fear. If you get in the hustle game now while you have a job, then you can build your hustle muscles in a peaceful environment, you can take some losses and learn from them.I’ve actually turned some away in that desperate mode. If something goes wrong, I get the blame, even when they don’t do what I say. It happened in the storage auction game. It got really, really ugly. Bad things happened. He got divorced. He had to move back with his parents. He wrote me a letter later and apologized. Now I won’t take you on in a firestorm.

This is why you want to start hustling asap.There’s plenty of people hustling part-time, making 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 6K per month. Another reason you should hustle is to open yourself up to some tax benefits.  Tax code is written for business owners. You should start hustling now and you will beat the masses who will move in that direction out of necessity. Don’t wait until you are in a desperate place. You need to hustle from a more stable mindset.

44 to 55-year-old people are sitting ducks in the scheme of things. You are expensive to the company in two ways; salary and healthcare benefits.

Ageism is real.

Everybody needs to learn to hustle as a survivorship skill. If you want to be part of the live streams special offers and deals be sure to get on my email list today!


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