The Secret Element to Becoming a Millionaire – Hire, Hire, Hire

The Secret Element to Becoming a Millionaire – Hire, Hire, Hire


If you don’t want to read it, you can watch this video.

How do you hire your first employee? Everybody seems to have a problem with hiring and how to do it. Who should I hire? Who shouldn’t I hire? So, we’re going to start with employees first.

This isn’t some Bernie Sanders, rah rah stuff. Since it’s incumbent on organic capital, it’s going to top out pretty quick.

Alright. Let’s hire that first employee. This is something I’m going through with five clients right now and it’s a struggle because people are afraid. I, myself have an ad up on Craigslist looking for an employee. I’ll probably do a brief video and share what it looks like.

But, essentially, you have to forget about “you.” When you’re motivated by pain and motivated by hustle and by being broke, that’s a lot of energy and it can take you far. But, you’re not going to maintain it or keep it with that same mindset.

You’re going to have to go from ignition to manager and that’s a hard journey that most people won’t make.

You’re going to have to hire somebody. It is cool, because you own the asset. Don’t worry about it. You have to think of the employee first and this is why. Your employees are your bridge between your customers and you. Now I have one really good employee who is a bridge for me to a certain segment of customers and she does a good job. Now I am looking for three more people to do something similar.

Now I am going to take you through my hiring process on the surface here on YouTube. For those in premium sellers, I’m going to show you exactly what I’m doing. You’ll get to see the interviews. I’m letting people know that part of the process is you’ve got to be on camera. I had that strange email from someone who didn’t even read the instructions and was like…” I don’t want to be on camera.

That’s part of the job just to show you what comprehension skills are like these days.

Hiring is rough. It’s also a skill set. I’ll admit I’m rusty because I haven’t had to do it in a long time. The longer you avoid it, the longer you’re going to have to stay in a suck ass state. We’re going to give you Ed. Ed has a company. Ed has a job. Ed wants to leave his job and work for his company. That’s the dream.

You are going to be better off working for the man until you become the man. What I mean by that is, if you can stick it out with your job while you build your asset, that is the way to go. You should not leave your job until you your job is costing you money because you’re not there at the business. I would say that is the only time you should leave your job voluntarily.

With that said, you have a job to support you and yours and pay your bills. You keep that job to fund your lifestyle. Then as soon as you have cash flow to hire someone, that’s when you do it.

We made our first hire in the storage auction business in the second year. Looking back, we should have hired somebody the second or third month. But once again, I was a little shell shocked.

Hiring somebody is really important and a big part of scaling up your business, of building something durable.

Even though Ed wants to leave his job, he is being shortsighted.

In that second year when we hired employees in our second year, it immediately lightened up the load. We were able to make more money because we were able to leverage time. Instead of two people doing tasks, we had 12 people doing tasks.

Employees buy you more time. You can’t buy it any other way. Except, maybe for using automation. You want to get in the habit of leveraging your time as soon as possible.  

What happens to a lot of solopreneurs is they don’t want to hire anyone. They get stuck. They get trapped in their job they created for themselves. They have customers that only want to work with them personally. They can’t take a vacation or the minute they stop working, the money stops. They’re building traps. It looks good and it feels good because there is a level of emancipation. But the situation leads to burnout, disillusionment and a lot of bad things.

You have to hire someone. The sooner you hire someone and learn how to hire and learn how to teach SOPs and protocols, the stronger and more powerful your business will be.

I will show you when I make that hire. The folks that go through the Income Sandbox and Hustler’s Kung Fu DOJO, they’re going to get an account manager. People will pay a premium to pay for a real person. They’ll pay a premium to have someone pick up the phone and call them back.

That’s going to be the reason I am hiring. I already know where the pain points are. I was never going to get back to this position because I was in a different spot. I was never going to do this stuff again, but life changed. I got a brand-new bag so to speak and decided to go back into it to make it happen and to build an agency.

When you hire someone, you have to commit to the process. The money is in solving problems. When you hire somebody you solve your problem and their problem. The more people you hire, the more problems you solve. The more problems you solve, the more money you make.

I know I might have to make two or three hires to get the person I want.

Once you get people, your business is going to explode if you continue to push. You need to get into the hiring and training mode as soon as possible.

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