The Weed Business and More – The New Hustler’s Kung Fu

The Weed Business and More – The New Hustler’s Kung Fu

This a summary of the live stream, if you want to watch it go here.

Things are about to be very different. Next week we will start doing more interviews with business people. I know someone who knows someone who is legitimately in the weed business. They may come on and do a phone interview and give you some insights into the business.I am building a new business platform. I got bored and am going back to the roots about building a business. The new is going to be a little different. There are going to be a lot of things about starting a business and putting together things you can make some money on and move forward with this year.

We’re going to have some co-hosts and topics with a bigger focus on starting businesses and making money. Many people are ill-prepared to start an online business. There’s a lot that comes with that. Let’s talk about EBay and Amazon. I have several videos out recommending No EBay and No Amazon. Watch them. Everything I said in the videos came to pass. Recently, in the last six months, Amazon started charging a long-term storage fee that knocked people out of the ballgame. There will be more of this. Amazon is getting rid of people costing them money.


Question from the audience: What is your opinion on Network Marketing?

Answer: I’ve never done it. Can’t say whether it is good or bad. Anything can work if you work it really hard. Your chance of success is higher if you work hard.


The phone number is coming back. For everyone that buys the Never Broke Action Pack, someone is going to call you or you can call them after the purchase to decide what you need to do to be successful in the course.

We will create an offer, you’ll sign up, someone will call you about the course.

There will be more interaction and more live trainings.

There will be no free trials. You’ll sign up. There will be someone for you to call with questions and you’ll have someone to talk about if you have any problems with the course.

This will be interactive and responsive online training.

I am going to make Hustler’s Kung Fu more formal. It’s about eight years old now. You will get to see me start a new company. Mack Daddy Media. I just bought the domain name for five years. I committee to it.

The site’s not up yet. I’m going to show the buildup of that company. The nitty gritty stuff is going to be in the course.

There’s going to be a podcast. There might be two podcasts.

You’ll see the behind the scene work. You’ll see how I get clients.

Hustler’s Kung Fu is going through changes. It’s getting a website. There’s also going to be swag. There will be special t-shirts for every course, plus other things.

There will be a lot of events, probably in September. We are set up for 50 to 150 people depending on demand, to discuss video marketing and some other stuff. It will be advanced level training. It’s already set up.

Question from the audience: Are there going to be new books?

Answer: There will be three new books this year. One will be on the Inbound Life and another will be a Hustler Mindset book.


The phone number is going back on the channel. You can call in and ask questions after you purchase.

You buy in and we will walk you through the process. They’ll be a lot of insider stuff for paying members.

I’m going to start interviewing a wide variety of entrepreneurs – local people here in Atlanta.

I’ll be trying to integrate streams with business.

I’ll be building out a lot of stuff. It’s the birth of a company, Mack Daddy Media. The company will teach people how to make videos to create inbound marketing.

I don’t come across many people who do what I do. I’ve never met a lot of my clients. When I meet them, they say they are blown away.

Inbound Content Marketing – That’s what I’ve been doing for eight years. This is a really big opportunity.

I’m looking at a team of ten by the end of the year. Two to three salespeople or co-hosts, two writers, cameraman, script writer, a video editor or two. That’s just for Mack Daddy Media.


Weed is coming! It will be legal in all 50 states in the next few years, all across the country. The money is there! The money is sick! The work is hard.


Here’s where I am with my online company.

From 2009 to 2013 I am working by myself. The I started getting virtual assistants (VAs). Now the majority of my team will be local. I’m sick and tired of explaining everything. I want to sit down face-to-face. How many folks have a phone number and a staff in Internet Marketing? I will separate myself from the rest.

I am moving away from reselling. It is hard to scale. The minute you stop working, the income stops. We are going to teach people how to start a business.


Question from the audience: Is the transition to have employees hard after flying solo?

Answer: The big transition has been dealing with people. Many companies have big issues with getting past this point. I spent $1500 on Craigslist ads. I’ve done it before. You have to understand this environment.


You need to get on the email list. People on the list will get an offer. It will be one of the best I’ve ever done.

I’ve tried working remotely. I want to build something. I’ve had the laptop lifestyle. I didn’t have to leave the house. I got bored.

I’m doing this for fun. I also know a lot of this online stuff is not working. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.

To distinguish myself from the herd, training is important. If you train people to succeed, they will succeed.

Experimentation can make you rich!

People look for templates.


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