The Truth – Why You Were Never Going to Do It Anyway – Hustology

The Truth - Why You Were Never Going to Do It Anyway - Hustology

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I’ve run across a lot of people who use these types of phrases often, “When I was” or “I planned on” or “When things get better” or “When the time is right.” To me, that is some of the most insipid bullshit on the planet. You can’t wait and procrastinate for too long.

Even when you are forced to wait on something, you have to be in motion towards that end. You can’t just completely sit back and wait and hope and dream. Action is crucial.

I had an expression in my dating life. I said to myself, I’d rather go down in flames than like a little dog with my tail between my legs. There were times I put myself in situations that were uncomfortable where I didn’t feel very confident. Over time, I became comfortable and confident because I kept putting myself out there. I kept putting myself in these situations.

There’s a lesson there. In the beginning when you start out with something new, it’s not going to be cozy and comfortable. Let that shit go. If you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.

Being uncomfortable and putting yourself in situations that force you to grow and excel is a great way for you to become the person you want to be. It’s not going to happen in your comfort zone. It isn’t.

At one point, I had some very bad internal language that was going on. It was crazy. I was going through a transition period adjusting to leaving the storage auction business.

You have to continue to grow. You have to continue to push. I finally told myself during this career transition, “I am not going to talk about what I used to do and what I used to have.” It’s a new year. It’s a new life.

That’s when I started working on different stuff. That’s when things got better. I would say, “I’m currently working on this.” That’s a better conversation. It’s more refreshing. It’s more gratifying. What I’m telling you is, you can’t keep talking about what you used to do in the past after a certain amount of time has gone by.

Now, let’s just get into it. Let’s talk about why you were never going to do it in the first place. There are many people who have grandiose dreams and ideas. They use protective code words or excuses saying things like, “I don’t have enough education.” “I don’t have enough money.” My answer to that is: “Ok. Get the education. Get the money.”

What these people are really saying when they make these excuses is that it is not really important enough to them to make the personal sacrifices necessary. They are never going to do it. These are code words. If someone has been working on getting something up and going for 20 years, they were never going to do it in the first place.

I love the movie Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. There’s this scene where Jamie is talking to Tom Cruise about starting his own limousine company. Tom Cruise looks at him and says, “You were never going to do it in the first place. What’s a lease on a limo, about $425 a month?” It was stunningly true.

Many Americans don’t realize the gifts and the joy they have as an American citizen. They take it for granted. You have people coming from impoverished circumstances and communist regimes who can’t believe the amount of opportunity here. All they have to do is work. Immigrants work hard and start a lot of businesses.

A lot of people will reply to me when I make this point. They say things like, “Glendon, it’s not that simple. They have special programs. They get special money. They get special tax breaks.” I’m going to call bullshit on all that. Even if what they say is true, it does not take away from the amount of hard work required to get their business started. That’s where the argument runs off the road.

With these notions that “I can’t do it,” or “I’m waiting on the right time,” those are all excuses for hiding your fear of failure or in some cases, your fear of success. Failure hurts and success dictates that you do things differently. A lot of people are definitely afraid of change.

Understand, you were never going to do it anyway if the following things happen.

  1. It’s been about ten years since you first had the idea.
  2. You never came up with any goals.
  3. You never took action.
  4. You talk about it more than you do it.

These four indicators mean you were never going to do it. It just sounds good at a party.

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