How to Turn Your Expertise into Income

How to Turn Your Expertise into Income

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I spent the first six months of this year revamping my process, asking people questions, getting on the phone with over 400 people. I realize I made some mistakes. I built this thing wrong.

I was under the silly, silly assumption that most people want to build a business to create a life they want. Wrong. I was wrong. Most people want more money. If people can make $90K to $150K in their job, they are willing to deal with all those unpleasant things going on so that when they leave that job they can go home to a nicer house, in a nicer car and take trips and leave the job behind. My research showed that most people are willing to do whatever it takes, if the money is guaranteed by a regular paycheck and a job.

So essentially, my understanding is that even having a job that sucks your soul out of your eye sockets is okay and worthy of committing to if the money is there. People will stay for the money and make that change. I’ve been screaming, “Hey. You don’t have to live like that!” People tell me, “I just want more money Glendon.” They also tell me, “People don’t want all that other shit you’re talking about.” I’ve listened to you.

Let’s say right now you’re Brilliant Barry or Brilliant Brenda, right? You have this amazing talent and this amazing information in your head. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you have to offer will help people change their life. The problem is when you go out there and create your YouTube video, no one watches it.

It happens all the time. You create a video on YouTube and you show it to your friends and family and they love it. So, you move forward confident that people will love what you’re doing. Then, to your surprise, the public is not as interested in what you’re saying as you expect.

I’m going to help you with that. Even though your information may be brilliant and life-changing, if you can’t get your intended audiences’s attention to introduce who you are and what you’re offering, you can’t succeed. You have to open that door. YouTube marketing is one of the best ways to do that.

I have some tips and tactics that very few people use, because they don’t know about them. If you haven’t built a YouTube channel, there is no way you’d know about them. They don’t know how to rank and recommend a video. There are ways you can manipulate that and I don’t see anyone else talking about it. Maybe if they know how to do it, they’d be foolish to give that million-dollar information away for free. That could be the case.

Anyone online who is trying to sell you is not doing it out of the goodness of their heart. They are trying to sell you something. It is the reality. I am one of the few people who is honest about it. I don’t think I have to trick you. I don’t think I have to manipulate you. I don’t think I have to beat around the bush.

When you go to the gas station to get some gas, the attendant doesn’t come out and say, “Hey. How are you doing John? Let’s talk about five minutes before you pump that gas.” No. That’s not how it works. If your ass needs gas and he’s got gas at the right price, then you buy it and go about your life.

What people need is sales training. I know my course, 30 Days to $2500 has helped a lot of people. But the course is hard. It requires you to be a self-starter. It requires you to be self-motivated. The education system doesn’t reward that kind of thing. You get in trouble for being too creative. You get in trouble for coloring outside the lines.

Video is yesterday. Video is today. Video is tomorrow. As a YouTuber who has been approached with many opportunities, I can tell you that YouTube videos will open doors to other opportunities. My video marketing got me a $100K contract with a reality TV production company. That would have never happened if I didn’t have the YouTube channel.

I had two book deals offered to me, but they didn’t offer me enough money. I was making more money on my own. I have speaking engagements out the ass if I want them. I just don’t. I also get approached by sponsors.

A lot of things have changed with writing. I have made more money selling my own books through my channels than my friends who have publishing deals. It’s just weird because when we sit down and talk, they are shocked when they learn how much I am earning. I think anyone who is serious about it can write a book. They can write a really good book and make money, depending on the subject matter and marketing.

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