Udemy Courses Pin Up Girls and Traffic Business Advice

Udemy Courses Pin Up Girls and Traffic Business Advice

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Question: Any advice for me as an internet marketer with pin up girls and public domain right book copyright issues?

Answer: Because of the items you’re marketing, more than likely, you’re not going to get the AdSense money. So, let that go. Number 2 – About your Pin Up girls and public domain books, right now in copyright law, if someone thinks that they own that information and they file against YouTube, YouTube has an automated process for handling that problem. One of the first things you should do is try to appeal if you can. If you appeal and it gets squashed, more than likely they looked at it and decided they weren’t going to screw with it.

The only way you can get that stuff restored is to go to court. I don’t see it being worth that for the $117 they owe you. You have to decide what to do in cases like this on a case by case basis. This is one of the reasons I don’t use pictures from the Internet for my thumbnails. I pay for my pictures.

I’m going to tell you a quick story about music. I went out and bought music and paid for it two or three years ago and now I’m getting soft copyright strikes. What that means is if the video is monetized, the holder of the copyright will get the money. What I think is happening is all of these songs are being purchased because people know they can make some money off the copyright claims when people use them. Millions of pennies add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That’s why I don’t use popular songs. You can use the songs in the Apple iMovie screen. You can use those with no problem. But, be careful. Like I said, they’re soft copyright strikes. It’s not a strike against your channel. Nothing is being pulled down.

Fortunately, I stopped using music and other things on my video before it got to be a problem. Now, it’s all my stuff. You’ve got to go ahead and make your stuff.

To make money online, you have to start where you’re strong. Look at all your skill sets and what you know how to do. Think about what you can bring to the table that can bring you some money. That’s going to take some time and exploration on your part.


Question: What sort of tricks did you use to establish the good habits of honing your craft when it came to writing and other content creation? What kind of tricks did you use to kick the bad habits?

Answer: With creating content, it’s all about environment. I’ve always had a home office. When I sit down, I can immediately go to work. I have a work environment that is conducive for me to do what I need to do. Some people think going out and getting office furniture and a real office chair is overkill. Trust me, it goes a long way towards helping your productivity.

You have to eliminate distractions. Turn Facebook off. Turn your phone notifications off. If you can, devote an hour a day where you are unplugged from the internet, you should. No Facebook. No YouTube. You are going to focus on the task at hand. Two hours are even better. If you can do three hours, you will kill it.

This is the thing. Many people don’t work. They want to work. They want to produce stuff. This is what happens. They sit at their desk and they work for 15 minutes, then they check Facebook and the next thing you know, an hour has gone by.

So, eliminate distractions and operate from a list. Forget winging it. Create a “To Do” list every day. Then make a list of things that come up. Keep your main list and your hot list. Then knock out your items.


Question: I have a real estate website and I’d like to know how to generate traffic to the site.

Answer: You have to ask yourself why would someone go to your website. If I asked you that question and you hear it and you pause, that’s problem #1. And problem #2 – People go to real estate websites when they have a need. Sometimes people go to luxury real estate websites to look at beautiful homes. If you’re going to do luxury real estate, get the best pictures and the best properties.


Question: I saw your video 25 Ways to Make Money Without a Job. I want to put some stuff on Udemy, do you have anybody who can help me do that? I want to make some money on it, but I don’t want to do the work that it takes to get everything on there.

Answer: This is the thing with doing Udemy courses. There are many of you who want to automate or outsource your course creation. As someone who has been creating courses for six years, let me tell you why that is implausible for most people unless you already have an assistant or you already have a system or a team in place.

It’s going to require a lot of hours with high-priced consultants to complete the project. You’re looking at 150 hours to 200 hours. The price will be exorbitant.

The Udemy platform doesn’t make it easy to put courses up there. My suggestion to you is to take an hour a day and do a little every day. Will it get done fast? No. But you won’t kill yourself. You won’t become overwhelmed and eventually it will get done.


Question: I need some direction on my internet business.

Answer: Find something that you really like and something you do well and create a product or service or a website around that.


Question: I’m an independent claims adjuster. I want to discuss strategy. I make six figures. I work 11 hours a day, six days a week. I have kids I’d like to spend time with. I’m currently a toastmaster and want to pursue my public speaking career, which is where my hiccup comes in because I have so many other things I am good at that it is hard for me to decide. I do have a life coaching business. But again, I am interested in public speaking. I’ve done everything from radio to makeup. I’d like to talk to you and get a little more direction.

Answer: Number 1 – You’ve got way too much going on. You’re going to have to get rid of most of that stuff. You already have a gig that gives you six figures. You’ve got income coming in and you can take care of the family. I have a friend who does public speaking and it took him five years to get where he wanted to be.

My suggestion is you get rid of the speaking and life coaching. Why don’t you start a firm that does what you do? Repeat yourself. Create a training program and then outsource your services at a larger level. What you’re doing as an individual, you can do as a boss.

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