Video Inbound Marketing – How to Make Money with YouTube

Video Inbound Marketing – How to Make Money with YouTube


This was a live stream and a little whiteboard action for you! Check out the stream here or read the summary.

We do video inbound marketing.

There is Content Marketing

There is Influencer Marketing

There is Direct Response Marketing

This is what we do.

Content marketing is blogs, video, and tweets. How can all these people with so many followers not make any money?

It may be content marketing, but typically it has no purpose. This is where most people go wrong. Also, it doesn’t have an audience.

Influencer marketing has an audience and a demographic. A lot of influencers become unintentional marketers. If you get big in that market, like a famous skateboarder in the skateboard culture, you become an influencer.

Direct Response marketing is finding an audience and asking them to do something. This is the fastest and most expensive way to make money.

Let’s say you’re a skateboarder and an influencer. You’re going to spend money on Facebook or YouTube ads to grow your income.

Other people see what you’re doing since online is transparent. People will find out your keywords and start competing with you.

Why video marketing kicks all that in the ass…

YouTube is the King of video right now, with How To videos, cartoons, movies and porn

Facebook is the king of current events, drama and storefront preachers or people with an agenda.

YouTube wins with ranked videos. I’ve got videos that are 5, 6 and 7 years old that still make money. In Facebook, once you stop spending money, the income goes away.

What we do is use ranked videos and storytelling content. When I wrote my first book, I sold it by talking about my life as a storage auction person which prompted sales and created the channel. That’s it in a nutshell.

There are two companies.

  1. Hustler’s Kung Fu – Business Education
  2. Mack Daddy Media – Consulting Business

Hustler’s Kung FU is how to start a business, how to hustle…those kinds of things.


Valencia takes over for a minute at the whiteboard.

We talked about bridging the gap. It blows my mind how they some companies or people have a big following but they make no money.

I want to show the whole process of trial and error – the process.

I struggled with finding the type of content to start a business.  People don’t always go into the struggles. People don’t go into production and buyers.

Those are things I wanted to touch on. Cameron’s back. I’m back.


Cameron takes over again at the whiteboard.

One of the things we’re going to do that is really different than before is to really train people.

I am going to create marketing courses and I am going to teach you guys exactly what I do.

We are going to do business education. We are going to really educate people. We have a nice space with training rooms. There’s going to be a live event, probably in September.

There’s Mack Daddy Media. There’s going to be a physical product and two more things I’m waiting for information on.

You will see results.

I haven’t been a reseller in a long time.  We are going to do a course on How to take a YouTube Channel to increase EBay or Shopify sales. We are doing that for a client right now.

Question from audience: Any tips on how to get good employees?

Answer: Practical Hiring. I asked Valencia to introduce herself on film for 30 seconds. She did it. How many people do you think I asked to do the same thing? I asked 50 and 2 did it. One got scared.

I said I’d hire in two’s in case people disappear.

50/2…that’s terrible. My total hiring costs were $900 to $1200

Here is what I do…

Practical Hiring

  1. I have a task for them to do
  2. Then I interview
  3. You also want a co-interviewer with experience. I hired a recruiter.

Why I’m not using Virtual Assistants?

They’re awesome, but not physically present. There is also a language barrier and often the grid goes down.

I want to do weekly classes and I can have local employees help me. I can do much more with local employees.

I can build an agency from $3,000,000 to $ 10,000,000 in three years.

I went to events and talked to a lot of internet people with names you’d recognize, people who are teaching. I found out I was making more than most of them.

I’ll tell you how they make money. It’s called Joint Ventures (JV)

They leverage each other’s audience, which is smart. They don’t make pure internet money though.

When I launched Hustler’s Kung Fu the first time, I did $300K in six weeks, pure internet money. There was no paid traffic, no affiliates, and no joint ventures. It was pure internet and came from inbound internet marketing. Nothing but YouTube.

That’s the stuff we’re going to talk about in future courses.

Question/Comment from audience: I notice the resume does not seem like a real factor for you.

Answer: Resumes are good. Resumes are real. Let’s go with people. People come in all flavors. So, you have someone with this resume and it is great. Then they get the job and they are terrible. I’ve learned there is a big disconnect.

The disconnect can be a personality issue. There are many factors.

What happens is: Jobs are systematic. They aren’t designed for various personalities of people.

Part of the reason people are terrible is this: NO REAL TRAINING!

When I worked for Rent a Crate years ago, they spent about $30,000 training me. We spent the whole week learning how to use Gold Mine. The President of the company sat in on my sales calls. This went on for a few months. He was a Mother Fucker. I got scared. They flew us up to Massachusetts to a nice lake home. The President would say, “You don’t give a fuck,” or “you’re lazy.” He was fair. Afterwards, we’d drive around Boston Commons in a limo.

The Practical Task knocks out 70 to 90 percent of candidates.


Cameron turns to floor over to Valencia. She goes to the whiteboard to explain her retail Gucci experience.

When I worked for Gucci which is a luxury retail niche with lower foot traffic, I had to build my clientele. The reason I was so good is because I figured out a way to sell to people with PowerPoint. I liked visuals and graphics. I was selling $1 million to $2 million per year. These people weren’t just my clients, they were my friends. That’s how I made my numbers.


Cameron takes the floor again.

Direct Response Marketing. That’s what she did.

Nobody wants to train. Everybody is looking for a rock star, an A+ employee. If you take someone with a good personality and some drive and train them, you can turn them into an A++ employee.

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