What to Do When Your Sales Are Slow

What to Do When Your Sales Are Slow

Watch the video or read the summary. During the summer the sales of “some” businesses plummet! This is what you can do about it.Right now. The time is to buy. All the links are below the video with some goodies and deals for the holidays.

Number 1 – You need to have a plan. The work that you do today may not pay off until a month later, the following month or maybe not until next year. Stop chasing immediate gratification. People get discouraged when things slow down and they stop doing what they’re supposed to do. When I got a sinus infection and could not speak, I wrote 43,000 words for a planned project to keep busy.Have goals for your business. If you’re only reacting as a “get money” hustler, it’s a recipe for being one of those people with no retirement. Let’s discuss slow moving inventory. Is your inventory what the marketplace wants now or later? Go to EBay and check listings and sales numbers in summer and fall.

Let’s talk about that. There’s going to be a $10 webinar, that is really free since it comes with a $10 coupon that can be used for anything later on. July, August, and September are roughly 8 ½ weeks. When kids go back to school, your income goes up. You need to focus on what’s happening now. It’s a short window. If you’re too preoccupied on what’s happening now, and not focusing on buying cheap inventory available, then you will run out of items and have to pay higher prices in the fall. You need to have storage to set aside inventory. You need a plan and need to be good selling a few items knowing them backward and forward. I was good with furniture, good at art, and really good at watches. I could sell in any market. Knowledge is king.

Go through all your inventory. Take the word slow out of the picture to decide why it is not selling. Is it in the proper selling channel?

You could have what you think is a slow seller in the wrong place. For example, EBay pricing at a garage sale won’t work. The first wave of people are ardent deal hunters and resellers. You should place those items on EBay to sell. EBay is a necessary evil. It is the best place to sell certain items. Some things will sell better on Amazon than on EBay. You must know the proper selling channel for your items.Do some research on your inventory items. Google it. If it is not name stuff, it will sell cheaper. I believe in having groups of activities. Take one day and go through all your inventory. Research it and make some decisions. Make piles into booty stuff, middle-of-the-road stuff and the cream of the cream stuff that might not sell until the fall for top price. Hold onto the best items.If you’re not managing your time correctly, you’re losing out. Everybody needs to have a plan. Time is finite – the most valuable resource you have. Organize. Make the best of it. You never get this day back. Maximize all of your time.

Let’s talk about your investor. Sometimes, you’re going to take a loss. Sometimes, you make an improper buying decision. It happens to everyone. Sometimes you’re going to lose money. Get rid of those items. If you are properly paying your taxes, you can donate it to offset earned income.Two – Really take your business plan to next level. Say, where do I want to be in 2018, 2019, 2020. By asking yourself this question, you’ll come up with a better plan because you won’t be operating as a “get money” hustler. They jump from thing to thing. Do you have long-term goals, short-term goals and daily task lists?  Build something that is consistent that will work in any economy.Let’s talk about this summer and getting ready for fall. Right now, a ton of inventory is dirt cheap. This is what you do. Flip what you can flip fast. Buy quality for yourself. This goes back to a video I did. The best way to become a good reseller is to buy quality for yourself. When you buy quality, you’ll recognize quality. There is a movement back to quality. If you believe in what you’re selling, it is easier to sell.

You need to be on top of your numbers. You need to increase your operating expenses if you are worried about paying your living expenses. Have a garage sale and sell everything to raise operating capital. Go through the closets and the whole house. When rent is due, it should not impact your business. Get my book, How to Get $1000 and $2000 at your next garage sale. There’s a special link and deal for this weekend, just to help people out. Let’s talk about space. You want to be at 5K, 6K, 7K or 10K per month in gross sales? You’re going to need some space. If you’re in a three or four-bedroom home, you may be okay. If you live in an apartment, you’re going to need to rent a storage unit. If you don’t have the space, you’ll pass up good deals. Plan.Have a sale. Make some goals. Put them in a place so you see them constantly. Either you’re growing or you’re dying.

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