Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

Why B-C Students Rule the World and A+ Students Beg Them for a Job

By Glendon Cameron

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School doesn’t have anything to do with your success.

For those of you who never want to be broke, get the Never Broke Action Pack. Go below the video to get it. It will make you more money than you will spend.The fact you weren’t programmed has made you a success.

Let’s talk about the A students we all know about. Bill Gates was studying pancake flipping which has something to do with your DNA. Jobs was no lightweight either. Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg have displayed some serious mental bandwidth. So, what people think is I’m not smart so I can’t be successful. Right now, there is a kid in the ghetto or somewhere in Chile or Chicago with the capacity to do the same thing, but they don’t have the family support. Another thing that happens with Gates, Zuckerberg and Barack Obama is they come from very stable family situations. You can be a B or C student and leap over someone who is brilliant.

There are many people who won’t start a business because they don’t think they’re smart enough. People are comparing themselves with elite people from elite backgrounds, wondering how do I overcome that? You have to understand the environment. The A+ students are begging B and C student for jobs. How do you do this if you’re poor? As soon as possible, you must become autonomous. When I was a kid I was in special education. I was not challenged, so I changed schools. Even as a kid, I knew I need to do this. I went and got a job and got into Catholic school with the nuns.

I started making big decisions for my life very early.

Sometimes the kid is smarter than the parents. I had a neighbor who was supportive that I talked to. If you can’t get the support at home, you have to outsource it. Someone is having this situation right now.If you are an adult, become very self-directed. There are jobless 50 year olds with a degree living with their mother. You have a bunch of fake ass educated people. They don’t have the experience to make the money. Smell the reality.I was an A+ student in some courses. If I cared about the subject. In other courses, I did just enough not to flunk. If you know how to think and become self-actualized, you’ll be fine. The correlation between education and wealth is somewhat parsed. Dennis Campbell was a mentor of mine. He was a pharmacist. He was a big game hunter and had trophies hanging all over the place. He owned the pharmacy. I would come over and talk to him. He talked about hard work. He did not grow up with money. My grandmother taught me to read before I started school. That was an asset. There are different types of assets besides money.

It makes a big difference.

Only in America, if you do something marginally criminal and you win big, we celebrate you. Society is twisted. Don’t hate the player. Don’t hate the game. Learn the rules. Hitler was a genius. Stalin was a genius. Just because you do something morally bankrupt, it does not change the fact you are a genius. Genius is a tool. Some people use it for good and some use it for bad. Hate is not necessarily a bad thing. I want to open your mind up to question stuff. Let’s take Mr. grab them by the pussy. Look at what he’s said and done. But he’s been elected President. From a linear perspective, it makes no sense. From a hindbrain perspective, it makes tons of sense. Here’s a billion-dollar secret. Most billion dollar conglomerates that pass from generation to generation are boring as fuck. We’re talking about oil, gas, commodities, corn, potatoes, rice. The stuff is very boring.Even Charles Manson has to be a genius in order to exert that much influence over other people.

When Trump won the Presidency, I woke up the next morning and said, how can I make money from this, instead of going this is bad.

If you stay smart, Trump won’t impact your life. If you understand humans, there’s a lot you can do. I learned sales techniques. I learned the assumptive close, the Ben Franklin close. I took my sales training and applied it to daily situations. I tried a social experiment. I used the 5 Yes close.This doesn’t work with someone unless they are interested in you. It works with a dude and a girl. You get them to say yes to five questions and touch them every time they say yes. Every time they say yes, they are giving you permission to touch them.Get it out of your head that you can’t win being a B, C or D student. There is a strong correlation between being a strong salesperson and a good date. When I sold furniture, I was going to dinner and we got to a hallway where you had to go single file. I put my hands on her waist and guided her. She giggled. She was the decision maker. When I knew, there was some level of attraction, I’d do shit. For the people who feel less than brilliant, ask yourself how many people have you worked for that were idiots but they made 2 to 4 times more than you.  This shows that you don’t have to be the smartest person to make the most money. You don’t have to be smart to rise and make money.

What you have to do to make money is to make a commitment. You have to say I am going to commit to this 30, 60 or 90 days.

I used to be a medical technologist. I worked with this Indian doctor. He was very cool.  I asked him if he had an arranged marriage. He said, “yes.”He said he knew he would have to learn how to love her. That whole thing stuck with me. Love was a choice for some people. Marrying for love is relatively new. He and his wife were cool. They had kids. Typically, today, people don’t commit. When I commit, I am there.When dating, I realized I was not the most handsome dude. Instead of hoping she’d like my personality or see I was a good guy, I got big as fuck. Then when I walked in a room, people noticed me. Love is something you earn, it is not something you can take.Elite people are going to marry elite people. I found it a challenge to date because I made money in a weird way. Women were weirded out that I made money on the Internet. If you feel you’re not smart enough, test it out.

I recommend you start a service business to learn how to sell and how to handle customers. These skills are transferable to other businesses. I got all my bigger clients from YouTube, my 15K or 20K clients. I wasn’t getting them on Facebook. On Facebook, you’re pushing out your marketing. I am not fucking with Facebook right now. They unpublished my page twice. I wasn’t posting enough. I’m not playing in the Facebook sandbox anymore. Before I bounce, one last thing, be sure to share this video with someone you like.

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