Why the One Trick Pony Will Not Win Today – Core Skills and Execution

Why the One Trick Pony Will Not Win Today – Core Skills and Execution

This is a summary of this video.We’re going to talk about the birth of a company. I’ve had some really interesting challenges hiring new people. It’s been really, really crazy. I read a lot of articles about millennials, but I didn’t know what people were talking about until I got into the fray. An example of what happened is that I interviewed someone. I thought it went really well. Then, I tried to contact them after they left to get their information, and there was no response. I sent an email, no response. This is very common. There’s a lack of communication and manners.So, today, there are a lot of things I’m going to do to document the birth of a company. There is Hustler’s Kung Fu which needs to be changed up. That’s one of the jobs that’s going to happen. Then, there’s Mack Daddy Media which is the video marketing consulting arm of the business. I can’t do both by myself or with a virtual assistant (VA).

I need more people. It’s very different than most businesses.

So, I’m explaining this to people and we’re having conversations. Then, I realized I had to go back to the “Old Glendon” in terms of hiring people. In my storage auction business, when someone came in the warehouse and they wanted to load trucks, I would have a little test for them. I would ask them; how would you load this truck? Either they could do it or they couldn’t do it. I’d have four people doing the job as a test. I’d pay them. It’s worth it to pay the money to find out if they can do the job now versus later.So that’s what I’m doing. As I am going through this process of using carbon life forms, that’s what I’m going to do. You’ll get to see that.

I’m going to flip the script and build this consulting business the way I want to build it, plus bring in some consulting clients. The challenge of hiring people is what keeps many companies small. This is what keeps companies from growing. This is what keeps your money down.So, we’ll document that journey. Everybody has this thing they want to do. If you work for Mack Daddy Media, you’re going to have to do 3 or 4 different things. If you ever get the opportunity to go to the BMW factory in Greenville, South Carolina, it is worth it from a management standpoint alone. Everybody that works there can do 4 things. They can work on 4 different lines. So, what happens when a new line comes in, you always have people with skill sets you need on hand.

When you are hiring, you definitely have people that don’t want to do that. They want to do their own thing.

Here’s the issue. I had a young lady the other day who said what I was offering was not enough. It kind of blew my mind. Now, I’m going to give you the breakdown. It was $14.95 an hour plus commission. Now, what I am going to have to do is train someone. That means I am going to be working harder than I’m working now. So, I am not going to pay top shelf and also work harder. That makes no sense to me. Plus, if they sell some stuff, they’re going to make way more than their base pay. I have a friend who is a Human Resource Manager and another friend who is a recruiter. They both said the same thing about my situation. They said, applicants don’t see the commission, that they only see the base. That means they only want to come in and do the minimum.

It’s such a great opportunity, and they don’t see it. There aren’t a lot of people locally who can build a YouTube channel and make a million dollars. This is going to be a physical company. What I’m going to do is bring them into the office and train them on how to do video. I’m going to need a staff to do that. There’s a lot of people out there that are hungry. I’ve just got to find them.

I just hired a cleaning lady. She brought her daughter with her and they cleaned my house like it was their own. I am going to aim towards immigrants when hiring from now on. They will put in the work. Whereas, a lot of Americans don’t want to work. They want to go on vacations. They want a 4-hour work week. I think a lot of people are being misled. A lot of people are seriously fucking up their futures.Here’s the thing with web people. You need to have core skills.

I’m a web guy. I make all of my money on the web. A lot of these skills that are so valuable now, will change. Someone’s going to come along with an “app” or some new technology and web workers are not going to be able to get any work if they don’t have other core skills. It is better to have core skills.

I can do video. I can do video editing. I can do script writing. I can do copywriting. I can write books. I know how to sell physical products from cars to million dollar furniture deals. I can do all of these things well enough to make money. Am I the best ever? No… But if I had to make a living from each one, I could.

My new thing is to get people in with good personalities and train them. Video marketing is relatively new. If you become good at video marketing, there is a lot of money in it. There isn’t much competition locally. To create a video that actually makes money is different than simply creating videos for entertainment or other reasons. A lot of people who don’t live in Atlanta check out the jobs here. I’m not going to hire out-of-state. Let me tell you why I am not going to do that. If I hire them and they uproot their family and move here and they turn out to be bad, I’ve got to fire them. I don’t want to deal with that. If I fire someone locally, they’ve got their family and friends close. They have a support system.

Question: Do you observe body language when hiring?

Answer: Big time.

For the folks going to be on YouTube, they have to make a video on their phone. If they can’t do that, then they can’t do this. A lot of people can’t do it. Video is a hard animal. If you can get good in video, you can write your own ticket.

There is so much opportunity in this business. To grow, you’re going to need 4 skills.

Number 1: You need to know how to sell.

Number 2: You need to learn how to market

Number 3: You need to learn how to build content.

Number 4: You need to learn how to build teams.

If it were easy to hire for this, then that would mean the industry was saturated. This field is wide open.Thanks for coming out. I’ll catch you later. If this post turned you on be sure to get on my email list for updates, announcements, special offers and more.

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